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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY)– Ocean Rescue reports an extremely low number of rescues after hurricane Arthur.

Thousands of people made plans to head down to the beaches to celebrate this weekend, but many were concerned about the hurricane.

Ocean Rescue kept people from the water Thursday when the storm rolled in, but their main concern was when everyone returned to the water on Friday.

“I was kind of scared,” Hannah Bradshaw said.

She has been coming to southeastern North Carolina beaches with her family for 6 years now. She was nervous their vacation might be ruined by hurricane Arthur this year.

“Just because I love vacation and I love coming and we’ve come here for so long,” she said. “I wanted to make sure that everything was going to go smoothly and everything was going to be okay.”

She had good reason, because after hurricanes there is a high risk for rip currents.

“We’ve had days after storms where we’ve done over 100 rescues in one day, Ocean rescue captain of Wrightsville Beach, Jeremy Owens, explained. “We were fortunate not to have to do that on the Fourth of July this year.”

He said they were lucky they only had 13 rescues on Friday. He attributed that to the great job of getting the warnings out before the storm.

“I think with that message getting across, a lot of the people that came out here were cautious going into the water,” he said.

Jan Bradshaw agrees that awareness really made a big difference for their safety.

“I think they’re paying attention to it more, which causes us to pay attention to it more,” she explained.

Ocean rescue says they were fortunate that the storm came and left with little problems and beach goers like the Bradshaw’s are glad they took precautions.

“Yes, we did, but luckily we didn’t have to use it. It has been perfect,” Jan Bradshaw said.

The Bradshaw’s said they even decided to get insurance on their beach house this year, which was a great decision. Vacationers and lifeguards alike are happy they were left with a sunny, but safe weekend once Arthur left.

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