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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY)– The installation of two new cameras is causing some traffic on the Wrightsville Beach Bridge.

“I just think the more eyes the better on the water,” Charter Boat Captain Trevor Smith said.

The DOT agrees. They are installing two new cameras on the bridge tower. The cameras were part of the Wrightsville bridge rehabilitation project, but they didn’t realize they needed them until after the project was complete. They originally installed 6 cameras, but the bridge technician said these new cameras will cover a blind spot they missed.

“They are allowing the bridge operators to get an overall view of the waterway traffic situation, so that we don’t close the bridge and impact a boat,” John Lange said.

Captain Smith sees many errors on the water and hopes these cameras will make the water safer.

“It will help the bridge operators as intended and also if there is any type of accidents or anything going on in the waterway it might be able to catch it,” Smith said.

The installation is causing some traffic delays, because they are working during the peak hours of the day. The DOT says they normally try to do these kinds of projects at night, but because of the Aerial lifts, they were concerned about safety. Smith says it’s worth it.

“It’s good for everybody,” he said. “Despite any type of closures on the bridge, in the long term, it’s well worth it.”

The DOT also says they are using the original funds from the rehabilitation contract for this new installation. They hope to have this project complete no later than Wednesday.

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