UNCW bronze seahawk stolen

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Submitted: Mon, 07/07/2014 - 7:19pm
Updated: Tue, 07/08/2014 - 12:25pm

WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The University of North Carolina Wilmington Police Department is currently investigating the theft of the bronze Seahawk statue located at the entrance of the Warwick Center on UNCW’s main campus.

It was first reported missing on the morning of Saturday, July 5. Police believe the statue was removed sometime between late Friday evening and early Saturday morning.

The bronze Seahawk was mounted on a granite base and was broken off near the bird’s talons. The commissioned statue was valued at $70,000 in 2003.

The UNCW Police Department is reviewing video feed from an outdoor camera located in the vicinity. Anyone with information regarding this theft is asked to call the UNCW University Police Department at 910.962.2222, or anonymously at 910-962-TIPS.


  • Guest2020 says:

    Nothing says pride like “I had an abortion” t-shirts.
    Nothing says pride like celebrating late-term abortions.
    Nothing says pride like the “Vagina Monologues”.
    Nothing says pride like a workshop to teach students how to appreciate their orgasms.
    Nothing says pride like exhibiting nude pictures of underage girls.
    Nothing says pride like religious discrimination against one of your own professors.
    Nothing says pride like discriminating against groups that are Christian, conservative or even libertarian.

    Yep, I can see how “UNCW should be looked at as something with pride for our area and not be seen as the “butt-end” of jokes to those who seem to want to think of this that way”.

  • kingstonman says:

    Not only is it a sad event the statue of the sea hawk was stolen but to read the flippant comments by many. This is why the things are going downhill in our society now. People do not want to look at something that was a criminal activity but seeing how “cute” they can address it to get a laugh. Wonder what they would say if someone broke in their home and took some of their belongings. Would they want to get a cute belly laugh from others then?
    Why not have nice things on a beautiful campus? It helps students who tour the campuses possibly a factor for their decisions along with the academics of the school’s programs. UNCW has a beautiful campus going for it and the student enrollment is growing by leaps and bounds. Now when they tour the campus they’ll see the ugly stumps of the feet of what once was a beautiful piece of art.
    One thing I wonder though. Shouldn’t some of the activity it took to remove this statuary be on film? As I want to recall there are cameras posted all over the campus to help keep it safe. I don’t think anyone could have broken the bronze statue loose from it’s pedestal without some heavy duty work. And at least the licenses plate number on the vehicle that was seen hurriedly leaving the scene may be recorded? So what do the criminals have now but a broken statue on their hands. Maybe if try to sell it for junk the dealer will be honest enough to step forward and report them.
    UNCW should be looked at as something with pride for our area and not be seen as the “butt-end” of jokes to those who seem to want to think of this that way. Shame on you! Grow up already!

  • Vog46 says:

    UNCW looked at with pride? What planet are you from?
    The revolving door at Chancellor
    Poor showing by UNCW basketball team while being coached by the Million dollar man.
    An athletic department that STILL loses money

    Any you think our comments are “flippant”? Over a $37K statue of a bird?
    UNCW IS the butt of many jokes and deservedly so. They have brought this on themselves………


  • justin says:

    Not the first time this stature was snatched from its perch and stolen…. back in 2003 it was stolen, but “found” by a local television reporter in the parking lot of her North Kerr Ave apartment complex.

  • suspicious 1 says:

    $70,000 for a statue. That money could have gone to much better use, as could the quarter million spent for the coronation of past UNCW boss, Molly Broad.

  • zenobia says:

    $70,000!!!I wonder how much they will get when they sell it for scrap?

  • justin says:

    The piece was commissioned and donated to the university in 2003 for $35,000…the university now says the piece is worth $70,000. Sounds like delusions of grandeur.

  • Jo says:

    It cost 37K to commission, I think that’s a fair price for a decently made mascot statue to represent the school for years to come (if someone hadn’t defaced and stolen it that is). Don’t be such a money-grubbing philistine.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Maybe someone should clip its wings!

  • Vog46 says:

    The “Seahawk” has ‘flown the coop’.
    Rumor has it the thieves were really “flying” when they left the campus.

    What an embarrassment to the UNCW police force – I just hope the statue doesn’t get damaged, which can happen when someone ‘flips the bird’ at the cops. Talk about running “afowl” of the law !!!!

    These robbers really had some brass cajones’ didn’t they? (Well, the bird did)

    (Did I leave anything out?)


  • ChefnSurf says:

    Two UNCW students were walking on campus when a Seahawk crapped right on one of their heads.

    “Don’t worry” said the other one, “I’ll get you some toilet paper.”

    “What’s the point” said the first student, “by the time you get back, that bird will be miles from here.”

    (Maybe it was an inside job)

  • Jo says:

    This was pre-planned by some hater. They damaged it; wasn’t stolen to sell. What thug has an axe to grind against UNCW?

  • xwalmart worker says:

    i hope its in bottom of the cape fear river

  • kingstonman says:

    You sound like a very unhappy person. Wonder if you had a bad experience at UNCW like maybe not being able to pass a subject and/or get your degree because you are too busy running around finding fault with everything that is not up to your liking?

  • 1492 says:

    By the UNCW Administration? Oh say it isn’t so!

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