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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A project to extend the Carolina Beach Boardwalk northward has some homeowners upset. They say extending it will ruin the serenity of a home they’ve had in their family for more than 80 years.

Peace, quiet and privacy. All things the Averette family says they will lose if Carolina Beach extends the Boardwalk north just a few feet from the family’s deck.

“We would have the public in our front yard all times of day and night,” Susan Pierce said. “There would be noise. There would be a lot of lights. It would be trash everywhere.”

Pierce and the rest of the Averette family have been vacationing at their beachfront home since their grandparents bought it back in the 1930s.

“It’s just the joy of being able to get up in the mornings, sit on the deck, have your cup of coffee, look at the ocean,” Pierce’s sister Renee Lewis said. “That’s going to be gone, because now we’re going to have this road so to speak in front of our property.”

Mark Richard owns an ocean front condo. He says the boardwalk extension would ruin his privacy, too.

“I am presently on the first floor of the Cabana, and people on the boardwalk could just look right into our unit and see what we’re doing,” Richard said.

Carolina Beach Town Manager Michael Cramer says the extension would allow for improved beach access and a one-mile walk or bike loop.

“You’ll be able to walk from one end to the other,” Cramer said. “Get from the harbor and the marina all the way down to the businesses downtown. So I really think it will add a pedestrian flavor to the area that’s sort of been constrained up until now.”

The project must be approved by the Ccoastal Resources Commission before any extension can be built. Developers expect construction to begin in September.

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  • Tammy Hanson

    I don’t see the need for it other than to cater to new hotel and whatever commercial venture is on down the road. Don’t destroy the beautiful dunes with a structure. Fix oor sidewalks and roads. Maybe some over walls across the main roads for tourist safety and local anger management over the traffic. A parking deck so people can park and walk. Wow the list of what is actually needed just goes on and on. V

  • Guest-o-matic

    The owners of those junky Cabana condos and a few run down beach cottages want to stand in the way of positive progress for Carolina Beach. The boardwalk proposal is very nicely done and will be a tremendous improvement to what already exists. All of these complaints of “traffic”, “lighting” and “trash” are nothing other than excuses by those that just don’t want change. Too bad! Carolina Beach IS changing, changing for the better and is becoming a lovely environment for family vacations. We’re getting rid of the riff-raff, the trashy and dangerous nightlife that used to lurk there in the wee hours of the night. The fighting, yelling, drinking, urinating, empty beer cans, vandalism, police activity and the such is nearly non-existent.
    Bottom line is that the new boardwalk and extension is a very positive picture for Carolina Beach and brings it up another notch to entertain quality tourism to our area. We simply do not need a bunch of negative nay-sayers running down a great program to save those residual, run down beach residences. Nobody’s hurting anything they have, taking anything away from them or restricting any access to the beach. They just don’t want “change”…

  • RealityBites

    Read some of your posts in the past. Seems like you never have an opinion that doesn’t involve you putting someone else down.

    Calling fellow property owners whiners; referring to their properties as junky, run down or simply residual is just rude. Those people have the same right to care and comment about what they own as does anyone else and in this case even more right because they’re the ones who’s properties will be effected. To say that some of these changes wouldn’t hurt what they own is unrealistic and inaccurate. To refer to a Carolina Beach property as simply “residual” after it has been owned by the same family for about 80 some years is truly disrespectful.

    Agreeing to disagree is fine. Gratuitously dumping on others is not.

    How ironic to portray such an elitist attitude when you seem to be the one who’s constantly dumping trash on others. If you’re as smart as you seem to think you are, you should be able to make your point without always including a giant helping of mean-spirited nastiness.

    Just saying …

  • Strange

    One would wonder if YOU OWN any beach front property that is in question. “We simply do not need a bunch of negative nay-sayers running down a great program to save those residual, run down beach residences… We’re getting rid of the riff-raff, the trashy and dangerous nightlife that used to lurk there in the wee hours of the night.” Please identify the “WE” in your statements. Who are they? Perhaps you would consider purchasing one or more of “those junky Cabana condos and a few run down beach cottages” to help this project along. You can afford to purchase and maintain beach front property, can’t you? Do you personally have a ‘dog in the fight’ over this issue or are you just about “Hope and Change” at the expense of others?

  • Beth

    Different issue, but same deal. I am one of those whose property and peace of mind would be devastated by the proposed Skyway Bridge project. You say change is good. Sure change is good, but only for a select few. Meanwhile, change for the rest of us, the so called rif-raf would be devastating with little chance of recourse. No one will be buying my property, I already checked into it. For some reason us little people out in Independence South don’t qualify. But hey, I will have a huge on-ramp going alongside my property. To the beach property owners I say give them hell!

  • John

    You best believe if I was a property owner I would sue the town for diminution in value. If the county is going to take my property for the town’s benefit then I should be compensated just like the DOT compensates property owners when they take their land for new roadways.

    If you don’t think this boardwalk will have a negative effect on value you have your head in that beach sand.


  • Guest-o-matic

    No “dumping” intended and I’m not removing anyone’s “rights”. Neither is the intended boardwalk or implementation of such. Nobody’s taking anything from anyone. Go look at the properties in question, they’re not very well taken care of. If anything, the boardwalk may instill a little pride in the complaining property owners and provide motivation for them to make a few improvements.

    There’s always a few whiners to sour the pot when efforts to improve an area like Carolina Beach gains motion. As I stated, Carolina Beach is in a fully upward direction of improvement for the areas attraction of quality tourism. The boardwalk is a really nice concept and it’s highly unlikely to cause these imaginary problems of “dune erosion”, “human highway”, “excessive trash” or “diminished property values”. I’m not disrespectful, I’m honest and I put out facts, but thanks for your “opinion”.

  • John

    Simple question,
    Would you rather purchase a home with or without a public boardwalk in front???

    The majority would say without and therefore you have diminution in value!!


  • Go Canes

    Rif Raf, I was with you until you people of the Independence South. Still fighting the Civil War??? Last time I looked the city counsel members of Carolina Beach were your neighbors. Carolina Beach has come a long way from the Beach of the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Ok General Thomas Brown I would vote for a one lane Carolina Beach Ave N. with a nice middle lane planter border for walkers and bikers. But people love there cars and on Carolina Beach they don’t want slower traffic or round-abouts.

  • Guest2020

    I took Independence South to mean the geographical area of the proposed bridge, not anything else.

  • boofaloo

    You do realize that “Independence South” refers to the southern end of Independence Blvd in Wilmington don’t you?

    (And by the way, it’s love “their” cars)

  • Beth

    Please reread my comment. I wasn’t calling the people of Carolina Beach rif-raf, far from it. I was just saying we’re in a similar situation, people with all the money calling the shots, not caring about the consequences for those in the world down below.

  • Beth

    To Go Canes, that is the name of the development I live in. No inference to the Civil War intended.

  • samsung

    Really, not needed? How can anyone say it wouldn’t be an improvement to Carolina Beach? How many memories do you think are made on the boardwalks in other beach towns? Just walking with your family enjoying the view, taking in the sights, getting fresh air, exercise??? Come on.

    And Im pretty sure the areas in question are owned by the town, they are not taking anyones land.


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