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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Housing Authority is under new leadership. Katrina Redmond starts as CEO August 4th.

Houston Moore Residents treasurer Phyllis Gibson says her community is welcoming Wilmington Housing Authority’s new leadership. “We need this. We do,” Gibson said.

Katrina Redmond says she’s excited to start.
“I’m coming in with a clean slate. I think what we need to do is come in with fresh ideas, find out where we are and let’s go from here,” Redmond said.

Redmond is looking to move forward in every aspect especially when it comes to crime.

“When you look at redevelopment or developing new, crime has to be a part of your design,” Redmond said.

Gibson has lived in the Houston Moore community for 14 years. She says Wilmington police have done a good job and significantly reduced crime in her neighborhood.

“I’m a late night person, I go out to play the lottery at night and I don’t mind walking out my door,” Gibson said.

But one area she hopes improves is maintenance. “it’s our turn,” Gibson said. “Houston Moore is one of the old apartments that’s been around and we got a lot of stuff that needs to be done in our apartments.”

Redmond says she plans on increasing communication with the community and maintaining total transparency.

“Everybody needs to know what we are doing with tax payer dollars and how we are serving the individuals and families that we’re charged to serve,” Redmond said.

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3 Comments on "New Housing Authority CEO wants to be clear about what she’s doing with your tax dollars"

2015 years 9 months ago

The incoming CEO mentions crime and its impact. There are current rules in place and one must wonder if they will be agressively applied. Will evictions be aggressively pursued for those convicted of crimes or found with unapproved residents in place?

Public Housing was never intended to be a permanent housing choice. Yet the lady interviewed has been in residence 14 years. Will the CEO require housing staff to work with such residents to develop an action plan which will lead to a transition to private housing and get them off the long term public dole? If not, why not?

She then has the temerity to state there are a lot of issues which require fixing in “our apartments”. Have she and the other tenants considered doing minor repairs themselves? After all, they are living on tax dollars paid by employed taxpayers. Don’t she and the other tenants feel they owe something back for free housing?

There were a significant number of young gentlemen in view. Do they belong there? As they all appeared healthy, is there some reason they can not perform some ground work, landscaping, lawn mowing, and so forth? Every dollar which can be saved by their labor is a dollar available for building maintenance and improvement.

Studies, including those performed before the lottery was approved in NC, have shown that lottery programs are not good for the lower income and entitlement receiving segment of our populace. Yet this lady notes she feels safe when going out to play lottery. She’s living free of charge; may well receive food stamps and free healthcare as well as a free Obama cell phone; yet she seems to have the available resources to play lottery. It would seem a social worker should be visiting her to discuss budget. And the Housing Authority should be visiting to determine just who resides in her unit.

2015 years 9 months ago

I hope you do a better job than our previous CEO did.
I am disappointed by her comments, which seem full of double speak and obscurities. On other media outlets she says all the PC things like work with local law enforcement, develop relationships with City Council and County Commission. The when she talks about crime she says better lighting and site layout – she says nothing about eviction of criminals or their residents that “allow” for such activity.
There is no doubt in my mind that he VAST majority of housing residents want clean crime free projects and there’s so many waiting for housing that we should be able to evict those that commit or hosiue people that commit crimes and refill those units with good law abiding citizens that are down on their luck.

I will not judge her yet – but she is taking a safe, milquetoast approach when what we really want is a tough, outspoken person who will clean these projects up…..

We shall see


2015 years 9 months ago

I hope Wilmington residents give the new Housing CEO a chance. We loved her in Winston-Salem. Not many people will hit the ground threatening local gangs, drug dealers and drug users that may be residing in public housing with family and friends. It is also interesting that people want one leader to do what they collectively can do themselves…turn in those people and hold your local neighbors accountable for harboring people that are a menace to our communities. Also, housing authority leaders need a concerned citizens group that has a no-tolerance process for ridding their neighborhoods of bad elements. Don’t just sit the problem at the leader’s feet, get involved and assist them in doing the job wherever possible. Be a part of a collaborative with the police, housing authority and your education system. No one person can do it all. Katrina is smart, energetic and willing to do all that she can but it is ultimately up to the community to create a collaborative process that WORKS!


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