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Hit-and-run victim dies, police search for SUV that hit him


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington man is dead and police are looking for the driver of the SUV they say hit and killed him last night on Market Street.

The crash happened at 5200 Market Street near Autozone around 9 p.m. Police say Roy Ellwyn Moore, 68, man was crossing the street leaving Walmart when a red or burgundy Ford Explorer hit him. Moore was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police say the suspect in the SUV, which is an early 2000 model, drove away from the scene toward Walmart after the crash. They say the Explorer they are looking for likely has one headlight with major front end damage.

If you have information about this accident, contact the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3609 or send your tip to Text-A-Tip at (CRIMES) 274637, then start your message with Tip708 then type your tip.

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Has there been any update on

Has there been any update on this?? My husband and I were there at the scene seconds after this happened, and waited until ambulance got there. The man's walker was in a million pieces, and the person driving KNEW they hit someone...jumped the median and took off. SO SO sad...they left him laying in the middle of the road dying. He passed away before he even got to the hospital. So tragic. I just hope they keep looking for this vehicle.

Crossing the street at an

Crossing the street at an intersection with no cross?? Sucks he died but maybe he should of been following the law. He had to of been crossing street illegally or pulled out in front of someone...People on mopeds down give a damn about the laws on the road around here. More would be alive if they did. Maybe they ran because they were scared or may not even know they hit someone. Could be drugs or alcohol. Doesnt matter how sober you are if someone pulls in front of you.

Maybe you should never walk

Maybe you should never walk anywhere that was an old man and he was trying to cross the street... How rude of you he's got family that can see your ridiculous comments!!!!


Have any one of you considered the rain factor? Between rain and foggy windows he may not know that he hit person. Hopefully, he will turn himself in when he realizes it was his vehicle that police e are looking for.
My goodness we are to quick to think the worse. Accidents happen.
Old or young crossing market st in good weather is hazardous to one's well being.

I kind of think they

I kind of think they knew/know....there's some other reason they didn't stop!!!


Anyone with any sense would know if they hit something hard enough to break the light and do damage to their vehicle. A large amount of the public is so calloused they just don't care and didn't want to get in trouble. If you can't tell when you've hit something do not put your butt in the driver's seat of anything with four wheels. God help us.


What ever happened to the girl who killed the guy on his bike on Wrightsville Ave (near the Harris Teeter) last year in a hit and run? Can we get an update, please? Has she not gone to court yet?

Thank you.

It takes a sorry, low-life individual to do that!

Hit an old man with your truck like that and leave him there die without helping. When they catch him or her, which they will, I hope they put them in prison and throw away the key!

I agree with you that when

I agree with you that when they catch this creep they should serve jail time and a lot of it because more than likely alcohol or some illegal substance was involved otherwise they probably wouldn't have left the scene or maybe it was someone talking on a cell phone or someone who just couldn't wait to pull over and send that text message. But the bottom line is it will all depend on who the suspect is....some high profile person, a college kid whose parents is somewhat wealthy or just an ordinary citizen will determine the sentence because the DA and the court system here will make sure no high profile person or college kid goes to jail, maybe a small fine or eight hours community service, something like that. Trust me on this one folks, you know the drill you've seen it play out too many times before.


Sad - that someone could hit a person and then just drive away. Hope the person that did lost alot of sleep last night - just waiting for the cops to show up. Man up or woman up - come forward and admit to what you did. Period - no excuses. When all is said and done, you will probably find that alcohol was involved

30+ Years ago I was a victim

30+ Years ago I was a victim of a hit & run where a Cadillac hit my motorcycle and left me in the middle of the road.. I hope his mind STILL torments him wondering if I died or was otherwise severely injured. It was all the worse in that my fiancee of the time was a couple cars back and saw the bike go airborne, the car flee, me in the road on my back; thankfully nothing worse than a bleeder in my leg that now occas. bothers me in certain weather conditions after it healed.