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BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Animal Protective Services rescued more than 100 farm animals from a neighborhood in Belville today.

They received a complaint about the conditions at the home owned by Mary Stoltz on Hidden Branches Drive. The case was so large they brought in the Humane Society of the United States for help.

Investigators said the situation was unbearable.

“Pretty bad conditions,” Animal Protective Services Lt. Thomas Tolley said. “Feces. The ammonia smell. It really burns. It burns our eyes just from being in there for 15 minutes. I couldn’t imagine what it’s doing to those animals that are in there 24/7.”

Stoltz is charged with animal cruelty.

The animals will be taken to Brunswick County Animal Protective Services for recovery.

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1 Comment on "More than 100 farm animals rescued from Belville home"

2015 years 10 months ago

I believe New Hanover County needs stricter animal laws!! My neighbor has 6 outside dogs, 20 chickens-two of those roosters! And a pot belly pig-also outside!! I called the animal control unit and the county zoning department. The animal control unit says too bad-nothing they can do since it is the county. County zoning says too bed-they start to monitor animal populations on a propery when: 1- there are stables and 2- the owner has at least 1 horse- so unfair and noisy 24/7!! Did I mention my neighbor has 10 chickens inside too?


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