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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY)– The Surprise Squad made a trip out to Pleasure Island to pay some water bills. We found one of the most emotional stories so far as we continue to celebrate our 50th anniversary by giving back to the community.

On this trip we met guys who knew about the Surprise Squad but were always in the wrong place when we were on the move. Well, they were in the right place this time!
We also met a woman who has lost quite a bit in her lifetime. Our meeting was meant to be!
It was truly an emotional day.

A special thank you to Alan Perry and Perry’s Emporium for helping us make this experience of giving back one that has a special impact every time we head out the door.

Who knows where we will show up next????

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  1. Taxpayer$$$

    These stories must be even more fun to record than they are to watch. Thanks to you and Mr. Perry for reminding us that small kindnesses can brighten someone’s day, even our own.

    Several years later, I still remember the kind anonymous person ahead of me in line at a drive through who randomly decided to pay for my lunch. As I have done in the past, tomorrow someone behind me will be getting lunch paid by me. Try it! It is as much fun for the giver as it is a surprise for the recipient.

  2. guest123123

    Why go to Carolina Beach where four out of the five that you gave free money to did not even need it. You would think you would always try to help the ones who really need it. Heck one of the retirees you gave the money to owns a restaurant and a nice house on the island. His water bill is the least of his problems.

  3. Guesteasy

    I think you miss the point. It the SURPRISE SQUAD not the charity squad. Why don’t you go pay some poor folks bills if you are so worried about it.

  4. DP101

    Quit bitching and be positive!

  5. Beth

    That lady clearly needed a break and if they hadn’t gone to CB she wouldn’t have received it. God knows and God sends! Alan Perry is a stand-up guy in business and life!

  6. Wanda

    I would like to think that the people in her home town will see the troubles she is having with her home from the water leak for 3 months and her sick son and step up and help her…… What a blessing that would be to pay it forward for this sweet lady..

  7. enough already

    This is really sad, are we using this elderly woman as a form of news entertainment to make some rich guy look good??? If anyone had any respect for this woman they would not have paraded her hardships on television for all to see. It is so sad to see this woman cry and brought this low. Good people would never have done this to her, this is outrageous.

  8. 1492

    Bad people would have given her nothing.

  9. Wanda

    Please people..step up and help this sweet lady with some home repairs for her home of the 3 month water leak and her sick son…. Pay it forward for her… she clearly needs a blessing :)

  10. don wrong

    I don’t see anything wrong with showing this lovely ladies emotions, I see my mother right there and I am so glad to see they were able to help her out. I know she is appreciative and she is so sweet. Love it when good things happen to good people. Good Job WWAY and Perry’s Emporium!!

  11. enough already

    I see this woman being striped of human dignity. If you are going to help someone, do it quietly, and get out of the spot light, leave the camera team home.

  12. Guestomfg

    You are a blithering idiot. She was a random customer she also knew the camera was rolling, she is just the type of person who speaks freely. Get a life!

  13. enough already

    Well, you sound like a really nice person, thanks for proving my point!

  14. Guest2020

    Guest was just trying to point out that no one was taking advantage of the lady’s situation. She knew she was on camera. She knew she was talking to a news station. She made the decision to tell her story.

  15. Brenda/Danny mclean

    We were moved by WWAY and Perry’s Emporium paying this lady’s water bill. She truly needed a rainbow through her tears…I do hope others come forward to help her….

  16. terrylewis

    Thank you WWAY TV3 and Perry’s Emporium for paying this lady’s water bill. So glad to see someone who truly needed it receive such a blessing. Would love for others to find out the needs of this lady’s water damage in her home and help her get it fixed. There are several churches in town who help the elderly and widows in this town and I would like to see someone step up to the plate. Come on Wilmington, be different and set apart from the others. Let’s be known as a town that helps its own. Bless you.

  17. guest123123

    I just would have said give it to the next person that needs it. That’s all I’m saying. You can tell the other folks besides the old woman don’t even know how to react or what to say.

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