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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County’s school superintendent says the coming school year will be his last.

Dr. Edward Pruden told the school board about his decision last night. This announcement came right after Pruden’s annual evaluation.

“We did an evaluation and came out with a resignation in the conclusion,” Brunswick County School Board Chair John Thompson said.

The school board said Pruden received a rating that is one level lower than it was last year, but it is hard to compare, because they did the evaluation much differently.

“I don’t think it necessarily has to reflect poorly,” Thompson said. “I think it reflects that the board sees continued improvement, and I think the superintendent would have to agree with that.”

Pruden had two years left on his contract, but he says he is the one cutting it short.

“The board has asked me to stay another year,” Pruden said. “I actually had a two-year extension, and it was my request that they consider my resignation for June 30 of 2015.”

He says his decision has nothing to do with the evaluation. It is a family decision.

“We have a grandchild coming in October; our second,” Pruden said. “All three of our children live in the Richmond area, and it’s time for us to go home and be with family.”

Thompson said Pruden had a good run in the public schools.

“He’s been at it 40 years. That’s a long time,” Thompson said. “Nobody walks out of school being a great teacher. But certainly with the right nurturing and the right support, great teachers emerge. So that’s one of the things I would say is a legacy.”

The school board says it has plenty of time to find a replacement. They will start the process in January.

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  • Diane Ward

    During last school year, I was the grandparent of four school-age children. I disagreed with Dr. Pruden on his opinion of some reading material for high school age. My main complaint overall was the fact that he brought up (and settled, I might add) the problem with the resignation of the West Brunswick Principal during graduation. In my opinion, graduation was about those students walking that stage and the business of the resigning principal was a classic example of “wrong time and place.” It was handled in very poor taste.

  • Guest2020

    My daughter graduated from West Brunswick last year. There was no mention from the principal about the students’ hard work and accomplishments. He did stress that they should all thank their teachers for getting them to graduation. Each teacher is in a student’s life for a fraction of their time in school. The students each put in thirteen years of work to achieve their goals. It’s ridiculous.

  • Guest000000

    Well, if they’re searching for someone who’s into banning books, changing their mind every time some parent complains because their schedule is inconvenienced, and basically kissing the feet of Catherine Cooke, then they’re in for a long search.

  • Guest000000

    Yeah…I guess handing out their diplomas and recognizing valedictorian, salutatorian as well as other awards such as National Honor Society, Presidential Scholar, etc. is not enough recognition. It’s a graduation. The entire ceremony is about the graduating seniors. Heaven forbid someone mention those awful money-grubbing, non-caring, left wing teachers for a brief moment.

  • Guest2020

    I am talking about the principal. When principals give out speeches at graduations, they acknowledge the students and their accomplishments. Ahrens didn’t do that. He didn’t address the students and acknowledge their hard work. He didn’t give them any encouragement in moving on to the next step in their lives. He didn’t try to give them inspiration in their new endeavors. He didn’t do anything but tell the students that they should acknowledge all the hard work that their teachers did. Not only is he the only principal I have ever seen at a graduation who did not acknowledge the students, he is the only speaker I have ever seen at a graduation who didn’t acknowledge the students.


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