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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — The Common Core curriculum standards that dictate what’s taught in classrooms across much of the United States are on their way out of North Carolina.

Today, the North Carolina House approved a compromise bill to rewrite the statewide curriculum. Gov. Pat McCrory says he will sign it.

The bill allows the state to potentially use some materials from the Common Core program that are effective.

A new Standards Advisory Commission would be formed to make recommendations to the NC Board of Education.

Common Core would remain in place until the new standards are completed.

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  • Dan Kinney
  • Erlkoenig

    Thus demonstrating Republicans have to ability to learn from their mistakes. Unlike Commucrats who still think socialism works.

  • 10101

    Yep, whenever I’m looking for an unbiased opinion, the first person I would think of consulting would be Rachel Maddow.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? She’s just as extreme as that mad dog from the other side of the isle, Rush Limbaugh. Neither of these extremist freaks (and there are others as well) are even capable of putting forth an opinion without foaming at the mouth.

  • Guest000000

    Erlkoenig, a Child who was definitely Left Behind.

  • Erlkoenig

    Another tolerant, diversity-celebrating lib.

  • Guest2020

    Don’t you know that to get an honest assessment of a republican, you go to the mainstream media that hates republicans? You can’t even get an honest assessment of democrats from them.


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