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RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Raleigh police have arrested 19-year-old twin sisters on prostitution charges.

Sarah and Katelyn Lothrop – of Bullock in Granville County – were taken into custody Wednesday on Summit Park Drive – a hotel area behind Crabtree Valley Mall.

Both women are charged with aiding and abetting prostitution. Sarah Lothrop was also charged with simple assault.

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  • copeland

    Once upon a time, there were twin sisters in Wilmington who were also prostitutes. But, alas, they moved away……dang, I miss those girls!

  • guesty

    …where to find them.

  • its true,some girls on the backpage escorts do dirty things for money,but not all girls do. other girls just work off of tips & donations,& do just erotic body rubs,& dances & time/companionship type service. but some cops in Raleigh don’t do anything so w there boredom,they target girls online. u wouldn’t believe the extint these cops go to, to make an arrest. they first contact the girl of their choice,and start asking for sex their self,i mean they talk nastier than the real purves! no joke! an if the girl agrees to see him,even if she didn’t say anything nasty,they will show up posing as a client & as soon as they open the door,they cuff em immediately,even if they have lengerie on, or they will have a regular guy go in first to make sure thres no other person(guy) in the rm,then they come knocking. its sick wut they do! I do bodyrubs on backpage for 8 years,i don’t do sex nor oral.i do everything legal!but ive seen it all to! one time these cops called posing as clients right,some guys r very weirod & always have strange fetishes,this guy (cop)wanted me to show up at his hotel rm with sum others man seimon on my breasts,& he would tip me $500. and get this,it was at a hotel on summit park dr by crabtree mall in ral.the same place where the twins got aressted at! it was an out call appt,where I go to there place/hotel. it was at the lequinta hotel. this guy then said o just go find some guy down the hall, & give him oral sex right quick!but they didn’t say oral sex they said a much vulgar version of it.)then he wanted me to call him back when I was doing it so he coud hear it being done! I couldn’t belive this guy! he gave me his rm #. I was going to put sum egg yoke on my breasts n say it was the other. but as I got closer to the hotel,i told em I was near by,he got all excited sounding,the his requests got crazier,he then wanted me to run thru the hotel lobby toppless,swinging my shirt over my head,he said the front desk guy has already been tipped with money to be cool about it. I said no way,thats breaking the law! then he said well just come to the back door toppless and stand there. I couldn’t believe this guy. he had given me a rm # upfront b4 I said I wud come! I never said I was going to give anyone oral sex n all that! so I was going to go up to his rm and see wut the heck kind of game he trying to play! when I knocked on the door I heard a womans voice say “is she naked?” then a mans voice said “nope” (it sounded like he was looking at me thru the peep hole) then that same woman voice said “does she have ***(im going to call it seimon) on her breasts?” he said ” nope” so no one answered the door. I said pervert cops,and walked away. but I remember that same voice calling me a year b4 that asking that same question. so they have been doing that for years. and this is an upscale hotel.and they getting girls to run in there naked n all with seimon on their breasts to make a fool out of them. there be old ppl and little kids there,you know. its just sick what they be doing to make an arrest! any girl who really ran in there topless/naked with real seimon on her is stupid. but they r promised a lot of money todo this strange task! bc there is a lot of strange guys who like weriod things. but it shows how low down dirty the Raleigh police can get! bc when I walked thru th lobby to go to the rm # I was given,the guy at the desk looked at me funny,like “well shes not naked or anything crazy like that,but she fits the description I was given.hmmm idk”) I left just fine. but u see theres no telling what all happened with those 2 girls! just bc u post on Raleigh backpage doesn’t mean ur a prostitute! escort means time/companionship/adult entertainment. all girls dnt have sex for money! just bc you look good, don’t mean u up to no good!the cops just see an easy target,but some girls,like me have business smarts to,an I know my legal rights/terms,and I don’t do anything illegal anyways,but that’s not the point,u got to watch out for the tricks of the cops. they talk so nasty they try to get u to say anything they can use against u,so to all ladies reading this, beware of the xtra dirty talkin men! if they say something nasty,just say,ha ha ha, hunny youll b well taken care of,& youll have a great time w me! if they don’t like that,then let them hang up. all u got to do is watch ur wording,bc that’s wut can put u way and ruin ur record! even if u don’t have sex,if u say something the cops can manipulate,they will use that! so just beware ladies,and beware of that hotel! laquinta! & Americas best value inn! both on that same street. summit park dr! and boooo to those Raleigh cops who do things unfair & dirty! thumbs up to the cops who actually get out there and get real criminals,like rapists and child melesters, etc. maybe when the twins get out the real story will come out, but im sure that’s what happend. they were part of an entrapment scheme these cops do! I know how to handle them(cops posing as nasty clients),but other girls don’t,and its sad. innocent girls go down bc cops r lazy n bored. but there r alot of girls who ‘are’ very nasty themselves,but they arent bothering anyone!they be very private about it(not on the street or anything,at their own home or hotel rm that they live out of!)! cops know they will never stop some of these woman having sex with men of their own choice. if those men want to tip them or what ever,thats their business! but like I said,the cops call girls and say the most nastiest things u can imagine! well thank you for reading my true blog about this case/this whole situation about how cops entrap girls to make an arrest b/c theyre to lazy to get real criminals! its very sad!but vey real! I hope the twins get a good lawyer! now u all have a better idea about this story! :there 2 sides to every 1:

  • guesty

    …it isn’t too late to get one.


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