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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Early detection of breast cancer is a must. You’re about to meet a family who lost their matriarch to it. Their mission makes them our Extraordinary Person(s) of the Week.

The carolina blue skies over the entire Dosher medical family have reason to stay bright. This is a story of the ‘glasses’…half full.
It begins here at Dosher Medical Plaza with an Oak Island woman named ‘AMA’ and her girls.

“That’s just want the kids called here, and anybody who came in contact with her called her Ama,” said Jennifer Kanapaux, Ama’s daughter. In January, Ama passed away from breast cancer. The closure Ama’s girls would find would actually be the doors that opened at Dosher Memorial.

“I just wanted to do something…to honor her,” said Haley Kanapaux, a granddaughter.
“She didn’t want to give flowers, she didn’t want Ama’s death to be in vain,” said Haley’s mother, Jennifer, describing Haley’s idea to help fund a 3-D mammogram machine.
“I could tell from the very first conversation with Jennifer that there was passion and they really wanted to make a difference with others,” said Lynda Stanley, with the Dosher Memorial Hospital Foundation.

The ‘difference’ Lynda speaks of is called Ama’s Girls, a non-profit organization born two months ago with a first goal of helping Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport.

“I didn’t want it to be like, just another person who died, and not live on, because she was an amazing woman,” said Haley.
“We decided to start where Ama received her treatment, for breast cancer, and so I called Dosher and asked if they had a machine,” said Haley’s mother, Jennifer.
“I received a call from Jennifer, she said do you have a 3-D unit? I said no, but it’s on our radar,” said Lynda on behalf of the hospital.

On the ‘radar’ is the recently approved 3-D mammography machine that is making headlines across the country, and seen just a couple weeks ago on a WWAY Health Watch report.

“Here’s how it works. The 3-D mammogram takes multiple rapid fire pictures which allows doctors to focus on individual cross sections, kind of like turning the pages of a book,” described a doctor.

The technology isn’t available everywhere right now, but Ama’s Girls are hoping to change that. Right now, selling sunglasses. The first goal is a $100,000 to go directly to a new machine at Dosher Memorial. But they say any money raised is a success.

“I’m hoping to help other families get earlier detection and prevention so other families don’t have to lose a loved one,” said Haley.

Haley, your idea and all the Ama’s Girls support, has someone very proud right now(Ama). Y’alls mission….is extraordinary.

For more information on Ama’s Girls, or to donate/buy some sunglasses, click here….. www.amasgirlsltd.com

Donations may also be made to the Dosher Memorial Hospital foundation with a gift to fund 3-D mammography.
Let them know it’s through Ama’s Girls.

-Daniel Seamans

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