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SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — Town workers were doing maintenance yards away from about a dozen mobile homes off hwy 50 last month.

Witnesses say 55-year-old Michael L. Jordan approached one of the workers, 61-year-old Randall Worthington while he was on-the-job.

Neighbors watching say Jordan had been drinking and was carrying a drink when he walked over to the site. Neighbors say the two men knew each other and even called them friends. They say it started as a joke, but turned serious.

Warrants say Jordan stepped on Worthington’s foot and raked dog feces off on Worthington’s shoe, that’s when neighbors say Worthington put Jordan in a choke hold causing serious bruising around his neck.
Worthington is charged with assault inflicting serious injury by breaking Jordan’s jaw and Jordan is charged with simple assault.

Deborah McCumbee says Jordan was staying with her at the time of the incident. McCumbee says he was living there for about three months, but she kicked him out after he became violent. Other neighbors also say he has a history of violence.

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  1. Matt

    Sounds just like surf city

  2. burgerboy

    I dont give a rip if some liberal rubs doggy doo doo on my shoe im going to whomp the donk out of their dumbocrat butt! that dingbat deserved it!

  3. Timekeeper

    Sounds like self defense to me.

  4. William Butler

    Wasn’t MJ involved in beating that woman with a hammer a few years back? Don’t tell me this crackhead is “A-OK” – Randall works for us,and yes your T_A_X dollars pay his salary- but Randall works hard every day,as do I,and if you think it’s a good practice to anoint us with dog s–t,bring it on.Besides with all the people that don’t pick up-I have a good supply-as I have to deal with it every day – nobody’s asking for anything extra,but perhaps a modicum of respect.(if possible)

  5. Casey

    The only truth to this article is that Michael Jordan’s neck was almost broken by Randall. I knew Michael and Randall for about the last 10 years when I lived on the island. I have never seen Michael Jordan violent like your article claims. Randall is the one with a history of anger and violence towards the locals especially the surfers and people who hung out around the Buddys Bar in downtown Surf City.

    What are you trying to insinuate by repeatedly reminding the reader “He was drinking and was carrying a drink”? That didn’t give Randall the right to nearly break Michael’s neck. Neither did “raking dog feces off on Worthington’s shoe”
    Michael Jordan is about 5’5 and 120 pounds putting Michael in a choke hold was unnecessary and excessive.

  6. Trash

    That proves a point. Don’t mess with a government worker unless you want a butt whipping.

  7. David Cavall

    No matter what Jordan supposedly did, Worthington should never have assaulted him, especially while employed by the Town of Surf City. The obviously slant in this article is that it was all Jordan’s fault. Talk about biased reporting!

  8. lonetraveler

    Actually it does matter what Jordan did. He is the one who approached the town employee and started the incident.

  9. Yes Sir

    You wipe dog crap on me. I’d break him down to.
    Keep your drunk self inside and don’t mess with a working man.

  10. lonetraveler

    Looks like Jordan wrote a check his butt couldn’t cash.

  11. SurfCityTom

    if you are in fact a Surf City employee, I’m pretty confident Mayor Guy will want to chat with you concerning anger management.

    It’s far better to remain silent and appear foolish than to speak and remove doubt.

    The Mayor is capable of making a public statement, on behalf of the town, should that be necessary.

  12. David Cavall

    He’s a town employee–he broke the guy’s jaw while on the job, that is OK? Whatever happened to calling the Police?

  13. David Cavall

    You are kidding of course. The Town employee was on the job when he broke Jordan’s jaw! He should have called the Police. That is only common sense. It doesn’t matter though—Randall will get away with it–this is Surf City and he’s a town employee.

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