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Wilmington businesses ready to hop on craft beer craze

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Great news!

Wilmington is sorely lacking in quality microbreweries and the addition of new ones will help the economy and local businesses. Those opposed to them have likely had their beer taste buds destroyed by their Bud Ice and the like. Sorry Sparky, this Vietnam Era Veteran is no hipster, I just enjoy beers with taste.

no thanks!

We don't need these hipsters coming down here trying to stir up beer trouble all these fansy pants out of towners come down here and do this weirdo nerd stuff and think there doing something for the community i say they should go back where they came from and i'll stick to drinking my BUSCH ICE which is much better than their overpriced pompous pretentiouse swill!!!

I think this is great news.

I think this is great news. Nothing I like better than a quality craft beer. You can have your crappy buds and millers. This is a great opportunity for the people of Wilmington to sample some really good beer.

Just askin'

Doesn't good beer require good water? (Looks like a darker/oranger version of Iron City is on the way.)

Just what downtown

Just what downtown Wilmington needs, more alcohol being served. At least, with one watering hole under the bridge, patrons can take a whiz in the river instead of one of the many alleys downtown. This should cut down on the odor somewhat.

I think is welcomed news to

I think is welcomed news to us beer enthusiasts. Hopefully Copeland can move out of town