Carolina Beach man confesses to sexually assaulting two young girls

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Submitted: Mon, 07/21/2014 - 7:20pm
Updated: Mon, 07/21/2014 - 7:26pm

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — David Vanarsdell confessed to Carolina Beach Police that he sexually assaulted a 10-year-old and 6-year-old girl.

He’s being held under a $400,000 bond.

The two girls live in New Hanover County.


  • NCNana says:

    As a mother of a little girl who was molested by one of these sickos when she was 9yrs old I can’t even tell you how disgusting the court system is, in my daughters case it seemed this animal had more rights than she did, the 1st court appearance I show up with my daughter who was all prepared to testify and this animal had the nerve to look at her and smirk,yes smirk, well I right then went to the DA’s table and told him that if he did it again I’d personally jump across the table and choke him…so next court appearance they failed to even notify me instead they gave him 6 months probation provided he get psychiatric help…now there’s our justice system at work and my daughter who is grown now was forever scarred from what he did but obviously that didn’t matter to the DA…I have ever since had a mistrust in the justice system…don’t think there is one JMO..I pray these children get justice but I wouldn’t bet on it!!!

  • David Gehrman says:

    Did you notice that he confessed? No smirks evident. What makes you think the process of ajuducation will mimic your experinece? Same Judge? Same county? Same state? Same DA? Same atorneys?

  • David Gehrman says:

    And prayer will accomplishe precisely what? How efective has that been with priest & pastor pedophiles?

  • Sober1 says:

    Please pray for these children who have been sexually assaulted.
    Please pray for all children who have been sexually assaulted.

  • David Gehrman says:

    Your comment is an arrogant supposition with no factual foundation. It might be revealed to be true but that has not been aleged or established. Maybe he was a loner, like many of todays’ assasins. You seem to be of the opinion that Judges who do not perform investigations, and prosecutors who are required by law to have a charge raised before doing anything and other law enforcement (police in towns, sheriffs in counties) have the training to “actively seek out” and identify persons who MIGHT commit such a crime. I am sure they would like to hear your expertise in the matter. You attack an individual as though he were one of a homogenous group. You also seem unaware that one parent often denies & covers up the abusive behaviors of the other affecting their own children. “These sick perverts” ARE sick, mentally. They include teachers, priests, pastors, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, legislators, parents, grandparents, aquaintences, AND law enforcement officers. Jeez Santa, where and how do you plan to start to “actively seek out” the next potential “pervert”?

  • Santa says:

    That he had everyone in his community snowed. “Awww he is just a sweet old man” or “Ohhh no not Mr.Vandarsdell he would never do that” im sick and tired of these sick perverts!! We need to stand together and hold our Judges, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors accountable to actively seek out these type of sub-humans and lock them up.

  • David Gehrman says:

    Fellow Father seems to be under the impression that the purpose of a defense attorney is to extricate someone who is in violation of a law to escape without penalty. The constitutional right to a defense attorney is to try to make certain that the legal process follows prescribed procedures, that the charge or charges are the correct ones and that prosecutors don’t withhold disculpatory evidence, which, by the way hapoens very frequently in our judicial sysytems. The purpose of a defense attorney is to make sure a citizen’s civil rights are protected, even thought there are “guns for hire” who pervert that system.

  • Fellow Father says:

    I can’t imagine ANY LOCAL ATTORNEY willing to represent this pedophile. However if there is a spineless local lawyer that will be representing this pervert. Would you please choose one of our local bridges and throw yourself over it.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Believe it or not, regardless of how disgusting a crime is, everyone has the right to representation by an attorney. Attorneys don’t take these cases because they promote the activities of these monsters, they do it because it is their job.

  • David Gehrman says:

    You are getting your knickers in knots over a non-issue in this case. Didn’t you read? He confessed. No one knows yet whether there will even be a trial. ANd you’re all worried that the he will get a “scum bag” attorney. He should have an attorney and that atorney should make sure the law is followed. Ever hear of a police officer inappropriately charging someone? Like maybe several times everyday across the country? You are a rush to judgement streotyper.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I am sorry for that little girl’s suffering and what her parents have had to go through. Every profession has bad apples, but that does’t preclude a person from having the right to legal representation. And that doesn’t mean that all lawyers are bad. Lawyers are bound by an ethical code to present the best case they can and to do everything withing the law to obtain the results their client wants.

    I don’t hate anyone. I just don’t have sympathy for anyone who makes choices that put other people in harm’s way. I believe this man should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if found guilty, he should be given the severest punishment allowed by law. Whatever that is, it isn’t severe enough.

  • sickofit says:

    Believe it or not, even though everyone has a right to a defense; there are scum bag defense attorneys who will go to ANY length to win a case. You can thank these type attorneys for the reputation they have gained. One of the most despicable cases was the Danielle van Dam/David Westerfield case. The defense attorneys lied and manipulated throughout the whole trial, putting the blame on the raped/dead girl’s parents and Westerfield’s son. After the trial we found out that the defense/prosecuting attorneys were moments away from making a plea deal. Westerfield had agreed to lead police to the little girl’s body, but search crews found her first so the deal was off the table. Had the jury been na├»ve enough to believe the defense attorneys; Westerfield would have been out on the streets to do it all over again! That makes these attorneys no better than the POS they defend, in my view point. You should take your hate filled comments from the moped/22 yr old dui article (not that I’m condoning what happened at all), and put them here!!

  • David Gehrman says:

    You should be more careful with your name calling. Can’t count the times those who speak loudest against the sins of others are later discovered to behave the same way themselves. This person is human, not subhuman. Your suggestion to “let the inmates teach him a lesson” presupposes that there is a “lesson” which he has not yet learned and that other people incarcerated for violence should unlearn their lessons or those not imprisioned for a violent crime should become violent and visit their violence on Mr. V.

  • Disgusted Father says:

    He needs to be in general population inside of the detention center let the inmates teach him a lesson. Only if the city of Wilmington would just follow it’s surrounding cities/counties and start holding these animals accoutable!

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