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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — There’s conflict in the New Hanover County commission yet again.

The clerk of the board, Sheila Schult, put in her resignation Monday after she says commissioners requested it.

The board released an announcement saying they have received Schult’s resignation after “a majority had concerns with the clerk’s ability to serve the board.”

But, Schult said she has not been given any information about these concerns.

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12 Comments on "New Hanover County clerk resigns"

2015 years 10 months ago

The terms of Schult’s contract call for her to stay on the county’s pay roll for the next six months while collecting her annual salary of $76,741. In addition, Schult will also continue to collect her yearly in county auto allowance of $2,700 a year. Sounds like she got the better deal. Free vacation.

A clerk making over $76k with a car allowance? That’s more than most employees make including police and fire!

2015 years 10 months ago

Everyone needs to check the other media outlets. They are reporting that since her contract was ended, we the taxpayers will continue to pay her an outrageous salary and car allowance. I was surprised that a clerk would make so much and then be subject to a severance package. No disrespect to her, but our county connivers have screwed us all once again!

2015 years 10 months ago


the other media outlet, you’ll note the manner in which she was encouraged to resign allowed her to trigger the terminated employee clause in her contract.

That entitles her to 6 months severance pay, 6 months of cell phone, and 6 months of auto allowance for a total of $39,000 roughly. Not in a lump sum but through the payroll system in place. She is entitled to continuance of health insurance and pension fund crediting as well as well as payment for unused leave.

All together, that brings the total to just north of $60,000.

Makes you wonder if Woodrow, Barfield and Company even were aware of that provision. If they were’nt that’s just another indicator on their level of competence and forces 1 to ask if they consulted the County Attorney or County Manager before putting her on the plank.

Well, at least Barfield is out of office in December; Woodrow in 2 years.

Based upon his most recent campaign report, Barfield barely has sufficient funds in his camapign coffers to rent a couple of billboards; and has been a non-entity in the more populated portions of the 7th Congressional District.

Woodrow, hopefully a new Chairperson will be selected after the new Council Members are sworn in; and you can quietly contemplate a return to private life in 2 years.

2015 years 10 months ago

She deserves to know what “concerns” the folks that ask for her resignation had with her. I don’t care if she served at the pleasure of the board,they can still show some honesty and integrity.

Chester moyle
2015 years 10 months ago

They should but the luck we have had on a local and national level Just who is going to explain these two qualities to the Politicians. I think this election New Hanover residents should do a clean sweep and get rid of all the commissioners. Start over and then there is a faint chance of them remembering the term Public servants. Our main power over politicians is our vote and we need to start using it like the power it is.

Christine Neal
2015 years 10 months ago

Sheila is a wonderful professional woman and this is complete BS….something screams of Board/Management issues that Sheila probably expressed her distain to and thus they forced her out. Sheila is a good woman and I congratulate her on getting out of the nut house

Something smells
2015 years 10 months ago

Sooo so much has been said around the County offices about poor Shelia, a great person BTW! Woody has been PO’d at her over her Brian Berger testimony and the fact she wouldn’t carry the banner for him during his failed election run. She also failed to be Barfield’s personal assistant and election worker and do every other ridiculous personal request he dumps on that office. And let us not forget the Lil’ Hitler down the hall! Chris has had a hit list since he took office and Shelia was at the top, mostly because he and Barfield are buds and when Johnnie says jump, Chris moves at the speed of light since Barfield got him his job.

2015 years 10 months ago

she is likely an employee at will, I hope she calls the Department of Labor with a complaint.

Rick Wilson
2015 years 10 months ago

King White strikes again………….hopefully after the next election he will be removed as chairman so he will not wield so much power in his personal vendettas.

2015 years 10 months ago

And it isn’t Mrs. Schult’s ability to do her job. This situation smacks of backroom deals, behind-the-scenes manipulation, and cover-ups. If one of the commissioners didn’t even KNOW they were asking her to resign, doesn’t that mean this is another case of NHC commissioners’ good ol’ boys club? And they didn’t address the woman they essentially fired to give her a chance to improve her job performance? And why has she had 10 years of glowing reviews– some given by these very commissioners– if she can’t do her job effectively? This is dirty politics at its finest. Wouldn’t the saddest thing of all be if Brian Berger was actually right about something concerning the secrecy and underhandedness of NHC government?

Please don’t drop this story, WWAY. Jonathan Barfield, Woody White, and Tom Wolfe are hiding something. Dig in and find out.

2015 years 10 months ago

Sadly, she served at the pleasure of the board, and they don’t have to offer any rhyme or reason as to her dismissal. Proving if you’re not on board with their tactics, you’re walking the plank. If she wanted to tell her side of the story, she could – we’ll see.

Heimie Schmelter
2015 years 10 months ago

A blanket statement about “concerns with her abilities to serve the board”? That’s about as full of hogwash as a pig waste lagoon! So they give her a choice to resign or get fired, what is one to do? They bullied Berger around like red-headed step child. Woody spent hundreds of thousands of TAXPAYER dollars to illegally oust him at his own whim and against the voice of the citizens.

That board is made up of bullies and has been for a long time. They answer to nobody and exhibit extreme arrogance. I hope this additional action will finally prove to the people of this county just how important it is to vote these crumbs out and get people in office that really care about the people of this county, instead of themselves!


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