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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s office has wrapped up its internal investigation into the death of former Brunswick County Sheriff Ronald Hewett.

In a press release, Sheriff Ed McMahon said they reviewed numerous documents, audio and video recordings, witness interviews, and other pieces of submitted evidence. He says that the personnel at the New Hanover County Detention Facility involved acted in accordance with their policies and procedures.

However, Hewett’s death is still being investigated separately by the State Bureau of Investigation. After completing its report, the SBI will forward it to the New Hanover County District Attorney’s Office for review.

Sheriff McMahon said it is his intention that, once the SBI report is finished and has been reviewed by the District Attorney, he can release all the information including video contained in the internal investigation, consistent with what North Carolina law allows and with respect for the wishes of Mr. Hewett’s family.

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  • PublicAvenger

    RIP Ronald Hewett. He was a good man. Who, like all of us, has made a few mistakes. He will go down as one of Southeastern NC’s best Sheriffs. The 90’s were his time. His name will forever be synonymous with Brunswick County.

    As a New Hanover County resident. I am proud of Sheriff McMahon, and his outstanding staff of deputies. Their great show of professionalism during this tragic time.

  • guesty

    Criminal acts are not mistakes.

  • portcity

    Man what is wrong with our community when a corrupt cop can be called best sheriff southeast NC has had. Guess that’s not saying much about all the other sheriffs. Get your facts right, He was a good man to you but if he didn’t like you or you tried to correct the department of all its wrong doing then he was not that good person that you knew. I meet the not so good Hewett when I complained about a deputy speeding in a neighborhood and losing control of his squad car that ended up in my yard about 10 feet from my children. I was threated with arrest until they realized I had a camera system. Then I was pulled over constantly and harassed until I installed a camera in my car. Then I was no longer bothered. Ron was a bully along with his deputies.

  • dickerson

    Good men dont do what he did. YOU have very low standards. He was a drug addict and alcoholic, abused his wife and threatened to kill his family, thats why the ATF got a warrant for his house.

  • Renfield

    Shazam! What a brown noser you are!

  • Guest2020

    Putting salt in your coffee instead of sugar is a mistake. Embezzlement is a choice. Obstructing justice is a choice. His criminal acts were all choices that he made. Not merely mistakes. You can sit there in your delusions that he will ever be remembered as one of the best, because I can assure you that police officers consider him nothing more than another dirty cop.

  • Charles Walters

    His name will forever be synonymous with corruption.

  • Patrick ODell

    I do not know where you are coming from. He was not a good man or a good sheriff. As a man he made personal decisions to hurt people, including his own family. As a sheriff he made legal and professional decisions that affected people’s lives and hurt them just to make himself look bigger and badder as a sheriff. He did not make mistakes. Mistakes do not come from thinking about a situation and making the wrong decision. I was fighting to see my children. I went to Rex Gore to get him to investigate the claims my wife made about me abusing her and my children. Rex Gore spoke to Ronald Hewett and I began getting arrested for stupid crap. I was assaulted (Beaten up) while in custody and when I tried to make a complaint Ronald told me that he was going to take me out and get away with it because he was the sheriff. He threatened his own people telling them to be vague about testimony and at one point even lie to make sure they did their job. He used everyone and did not care and he felt he was untouchable.

  • kzpony

    That was fast!!!!! Right….

  • NiteOwl

    Typical CYA investigation.

  • Unknown Deputy

    At least he’s not some washed out , husseling, paper waving, ambulance chasing, slick, lawyer. Hoping to scheme up a “better gig”.

  • PublicAvenger

    What an ambulance chaser you are. I don’t believe a few slick clever, lawyer tricks, are going to destroy the great men and women who serve, or their leader. But nice try, “Renfield”

  • Ranger

    The “good ol’ boy” network is alive and well at the NHCSD.

  • zenobia

    Has there been one single mention of Hewett’s death in the Whiteville paper? I keep remembering when Ron was a typical annoying 14 year old, before the mustache. There is no telling when we start out where we will end up.

  • lonetraveler

    A deaf and dumb mute could have predicted this outcome. Maybe the investigation team can help out Brunswick County with the investigation of their newest suicide in their jail. Maybe even just copy their report and just change the title, save some money and manpower that way.

  • guestwhat

    He could have said that after they killed him.

  • PublicAvenger

    I bet you also use tin foil. Wrapped around the edge of a baseball cap. To keep the Federal Government from trying to read your Brain Waves.

  • Parker

    This is a sad feed to read. A man has died here. He served his community In more of a positive position than bad. We all know that!!!! However he did make bad decisions. But how about you? Have you made a bad decision????? Now put put your decision under the public spotlight. He was a respectable man…. Let. him rest in peace. We are all sinners. Yea, you are too!! Yes you are and you cannot dispute that.

    So just pray for him and his family. Shame on you all for your negative comments. Be honest Brunswick County residents, he did a good job……

  • Charles Walters

    It still blows my mind that so many people defend the criminal, and accuse everyone else when something happens to them. Why do you automatically believe the jailers in New Hanover County did something heinous to shut Hollywood Hewett up. The article clearly says the video showing the conduct that got his fat a$$ tazed will be released soon. The deputies who tazed this bum may have done so a a bit quicker than they did another prisoner for a number of reasons. One being Hewett has training in close quarters combat he recieved when he was a cop. Don’t blame the ones who have to keep the peace in a place where the guest would just as soon cut their throats, and watch them bleed to death on the floor. It is Ron Hewett’s own fault he is dead plain and simple. Now shut-up and move along there is nothing to see here.

  • Charles Walters

    Hewett was a dirty cop, and a criminal. He got what he deserved and the world is better off now he is gone. The guy was useless and he caused many people a lot of trouble. He used his badge as a way to break the very law he swore to uphold. Get over it people, your great, grand, and glorious saviour of Brunswick County is gone, and he can’t do you any more favors. He is now just another blight that good cops have to explain when they actually try to do their jobs.

  • I have been saying the same thing for a week . THIS MAN WAS NO HERO!!!

  • Dixie

    No one “good cop- bad cop” as you called the deceased ” deserves” to die
    People like you only deserve one thing

  • Patrick ODell

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Charles. From what I have read they are saying that all the jailers did the right things and there were witnesses but they are not letting us hear what the witnesses would say. If it were anyone else they would run it in the freakin’ ground.
    As for SAD, you say no one deserves to die? We are all going to die sometime and in his case it was just better late than never. I think he killed himself. He was a criminal who used his badge to hurt innocent people who pissed him off or made one of his friends, Rex Gore, mad about something. It is good he is dead. He cannot ever hurt anyone ever again…He needs no prayer, he needs a key to hell…

  • Double Bass

    Salt in coffee………..sounds familiar..didn’t you reply to the story about the girl that hit the guy on the moped with almost the same words? Think up another one………

  • guesty

    Why think up another one? As long as people attempt to make excuses for criminal behavior the analogy is needed.

  • Guest2020

    The same comparison applies to both cases.

  • Sad

    I am amazed how easily people forget the good things a person does!!!! In the beginning of Ron’s downward spiral I bet he did no more than most people. Have any of you ever taken a paper clip, an ink pen, etc. from your employer? I realize these examples in comparison on a scale of 0-10 would be less than his mistakes! Yes, I said mistake. They all are examples of integrity and ethics. They are also subjective! He did many great things for Brunswick County over all! Have you ever thought about his reasons for the alcoholism and addiction? It’s called coping by a healthcare professionals. I disgusted with the fact that society believes every word stated by the media! People stop judging and let this deceased man have some dignity! Woe to you who are so narrow minded and love to kick a man when he is down!

  • Jason Coolidge

    So because Hitler gave to charity when he was younger it makes him a good guy? We shouldn’t forget? Are you serious???

  • Beachgirl

    I know, some of you may have disliked the actions that Mr. Hewett had made. But who are you to judge? Would you want someone to put all of the wrongful things you have done on a news website where everyone sees and ridicules you? I mean really? Come on. Grow up people. Yes He made some weong choices but Im sure in your life tkme you did some messed up things too. So quit trying tk judge and play God. Yes Mr. Hewett was a great man and yes He may have spiraled down hill but that doesn’t give you any right to judge him. And if you’re seriously that low in your self esteem to ridicule a man who had recently passed then you need to seriously check at your flaws and make sure your perfect. Cause last time I checked no one is perfect so unless you have aomething respectful enough to say to the Hewett family, then quit trying to play God behind a keyboard and walk away. We are all human and yes we all make bad choices and everyone knows when they choose right or wrong so back off and let it go and worry about your own flaws first. To the Hewett Family, On behalf of all these rude comments that have been made, I apologize for the way these people act. I hope and pray you all can find peace through this time.
    Rest In Peace Sheriff Hewett.

  • Guest2020

    We aren’t judging Hewett. We don’t have to, the Courts already that. It’s not judging if you are simply stating facts. Those of us stating the facts wouldn’t even feel the need to if people would quit holding a man up on a pedestal when his actions, his crimes, his conviction prove that he doesn’t belong on that pedestal.

  • Charles Walters

    Don’t apologize for me you twit, because I am not sorry for anything I have said or commented about concerning Ronald “Hollywood” Hewett. Maybe people feel the need to judge him is because being a law enforcement officer, and also the county sheriff, he was held to a much higher standard. He put his hand on the Bible and swore he would defend and protect all the citizens of Brunswick County. For a while maybe he did this, but Ron Hewett dropped his pants and took a great big crap on the people he swore to protect and serve. He is beyond being defended, but you and those like you have made Ron Hewett a saint. The burning question is why? It could be that he was doing you and others like you favors, and now that they have dried up it might be said you and others are just as corrupt as Hewett. It’s just a thought, but one that I’m sure law enforcement has, and is still looking into. You people should really stop calling him sheriff. He lost the right and privledge to be called that the very second he started to break both state and federal laws, and screwing over the people of Brunswick County and the State of North Carolina.

  • Patrick ODell

    Here is my deal with this. I think he took the easy way out because he knew his life was going to slam right in to all the crimes this man committed. This man, along with DA Rex Gore sent deputies to my home with false crimes to arrest me for so they could have me in handcuffs and assault me while in custody. When I went to the Sheriff’s department to make a formal complaint Ronald Hewett and Anthony Cummings took me outside of the building and Ronald said and I quote, “I am going to take you out and get away with it because I am the Sheriff!” Then he balled up my complaint. Later Anthony Cummings would be at the jail when one of the false arrest happened and Anthony Cummings assaulted me while I was handcuffed in the back of the cop car. None of this would have happened if Ronald Hewett had done what he promised, what he swore and I agree with those calling him a crook and for those telling us not to judge. I am not judging. Ronald being a crook, a liar, a thief, a criminal in general is a fact and he was judged and he was about to be judged again but he had to chicken out and do the only thing he could to get out of it. I was so hoping for my time to talk to the piece of crap and how he would feel about me being a part of his life now that he doesn’t have deputies he can get to make false arrests and assaults while in custody. We all know there is a special place in hell for him.


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