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WPD: Man facing several charges after using stolen gun to shoot at teen


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Police arrested a Wilmington man who, witnesses said, was firing a gun at a teenage girl early Monday morning.

The calls came in just before 9 a.m., when dispatchers got reports of a female being beaten in the 2000 block of Colwell Avenue. That's where officers said they found out Diquelle Jashaun Sweet, 19, was spotted firing shots at a 17-year-old girl with a stolen gun.

Police said Sweet and the teenage victim took off running on a city bike path before they finally found the two walking off of Wrightsville Avenue. Officers said, after a short struggle, they arrested Sweet, then took the girl back to the police station for questioning.

Sweet faces several charges including assault on a female, communicating threats, possession of a stolen firearm, and resisting, delaying and obstructing officers during an arrest.

He is behind bars under a $50,000 secured bond, which police said does not include any amount for the assault charges he now faces.

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First of all he was not

First of all he was not shooting at anyone to be exact so this is a bogus ass story. Because he is black of course media is going to try to make him look bad. So if you all wasn't there you should not speak on hear say.

Wow....wonder who raised

Wow....wonder who raised these kids. This is a complete lack of morals and direction that could have been prevented with good parents. A kid that shoots at a female because she probably did something dumb to make him mad. And a young female that doesnt know how wrong it is to stay around when someone is completely ignorant and dangerous. Here is what i saw last week in creekwood as i was working on an apartment. I see a 3 year old running up and down the street. He comes from across the street to the next door apartment with some kind of candy that an older lady gave him across the street. He starts to bang on door and yelling "momma im ready to come in. She opens the door and proceeds to yell at elder lady across the street because she gave young boy food and shut the door with kid outside. The young boy then proceeds across street to go hang out with teenagers on block....This young kid was outside for at least an hour alone running yard to yard and across a pretty busy street. This is a great example of why you grow up and go to jail or get killed. They let yhe streets raise their kids because they have better things to do. True story!!!

Possession of a firearm by a minor?

This punk thug is 19 yrs old. Why is he charged with possession of a firearm by a minor? Why not attempted murder since he was actually firing a weapon at the girl? Let me guess here; she most likely would not say anything against her honey.

I didn't see that charge

I didn't see that charge listed in this article, so I checked out an alternate news source. According to them the charge is possession of a concealed weapon by a minor. In North Carolina, you have to be 21 to obtain a conceal and carry permit, so where this charge is concerned he would be considered a minor.

but Y'all don't know the real story

You people act like the police are always right, I'm pretty sure that If he was really shooting at that young lady she would have ran away or something... the articles doesnt even give you the accurate information because on here it's says the female was"7" but on starnews it says that the female was "19" .. so if they could get a simple age wrong what else up here is not true?maybe you need .tp be

Will the Feds be pounding

Will the Feds be pounding down on this one hard ? Like they did, Ron Hewitt. I doubt it.

Because you have to be 21 to

Because you have to be 21 to possess a hand gun genius!

You can possess a handgun in

You can possess a handgun in NC at the age of 18. You have to be 21 to obtain a conceal and carry permit.

Sorry, you have it wrong

I don't see anything in the story about possession of a firearm by a minor. In any event, possession is legal in NC for 18 years and up. It doesn't mean you can commit crimes with it like this thug.

See page 32:

Everybody knows you must be

Everybody knows you must be 21 to possess a handgun. This is not the point the poster is making. He means the guy is 19 and can be prosecuted as an adult regardless of what he has done. If further explanation is necessary, feel free to ask.

He was shooting at her and

He was shooting at her and later they were found walking together. These "people" need to be put in cages.

shut up


Our courts cuddle punk,

Our courts cuddle punk, thug, criminals, like him. Ron Hewitt died over the stress of a 10 year weapons charge, he was facing. This monster will probably have it all consolidated with a "guilty" plea to "Simple Assault". And be right back out, committing crimes, in less then two weeks.

Leastwise, this here story aint all bad news for a change.

It's looking like them million dollar bike paths is finally getting some use an that's good because then they aint a total waste a all them taxpayer dollars.

Too bad they're getting to be used by them criminals folks for getting away though.