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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — According to a City of Wilmington spokesman, both City Manager Sterling Cheatham and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous got a 1.5% increase for fiscal year 2014-15.

Cheatham went from a salary of $178.932 to $181,636.

Evangelous was bumped from $144,950 to $147,134.

The raises went into effect July 14.

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  • bob e B

    So…will the Officers,Firemen and City Workers on the street that are actually doing the real work get a raise…?

  • SurfCityTom

    on the budget a few weeks ago, you would know the new fiscal budget included raises.

  • guesty

    Both are incompetent at their jobs so both should get a raise.

  • portcity

    That’s a nice salary for a police chief. I guess with a rise in crime we should raise their salaries. Maybe it’s incentive to actually get something done.They don’t deserve what they get already….We have firefighters that need raises also!!!!

  • beach guy

    I’ll Do The Job for 100K

  • Guest-o-matic

    …and run for either position in the upcoming elections. Attempt to surpass Justin LaNasa in the preliminaries and go from there.

    Tip: Having the ability to recite, “Paper of plastic, sir?” or “Would you like to super-size those fries?” probably won’t garner much support for you.

  • Guest190

    All City of Wilmington employees will get this same 1.5% across-the-board increase, not just these two employees. Very misleading to only say these two will get this raise.

  • Wilmmmmy

    That is not true. They approved the 1.54% across the board but have loopholes to get around this, not many got 1.5% at all (the ones who have been on 6+ years) while all the new employees got more than the 1.5… They said- you should be making XXXXX and we are going to do small increases over the next few years to get you there, well by then it will be even more. They are doing this all wrong….There are people who have been working at the department with a clean back ground, clean employee folder for 9 years making less than 40k a year and got a .25 raise… that’s an insult when you give a new guy starting of 40 a year AND a raise

  • kzpony

    Sign me up!!!!!

  • Heimie Schmelter

    …and go for it!

  • Guest-o-matic

    …so if people want to spout off and express desire to accept a public office AND take a 80K drop in pay to do it, show us your cards! “All fact, no brag.” applies here. It’s doubtful they could manage a flea circus, much less perform as a town manager or a Police Chief. Regardless of the opinions of these positions and the people that are in those roles, they are very important and crucial to the city of Wilmington, not a joke left for the inept.

    I am very “careful”, am not “little” by any means and am not “angry” at all. I just don’t pull any punches. You don’t like to read my posts? You have choices…utilize them.

  • Albert Scrimshaw

    Neither of those positions are elected, they are appointed, and Justin LaNasa lost in the primaries.

    Plastic is fine.

  • A-knowing-us

    Seems like you just can’t help yourself. Always putting other people down for no good reason. Can’t even recall how many times you’ve inferred that others either work in basic fast food jobs or are on public assistance. That kind of stuff can get old real fast.

    Be careful, angry little man. There are those who can attest that you didn’t have such a world-beating career yourself. Words can cut both ways.

  • Mark G

    This event is proof of what I’ve said for two years now. The government, at all levels, has negatively evolved from on designed to serve and protect its citizens into one that serves and protects itself.

    Most real-life jobs come with raises based on merit. Government jobs come with raises based on position and who you know.

  • theo

    With the rate inflation coming to us and The Fed printing more money, the raises don’t amount to much for city employees. Pennies on the dollar.

    My sweetie is an ER nurse at New Hanover and she doesn’t get raises because she’s hit her salary ceiling, but she still has to deal with the rabble with sniffles and drug-seeking scumbags daily. How come nobody wants to fight for her raise?

    Having lived in DC, Richmond and Raleigh prior to here, I think our police department does a good job overall, especially with the corrupt and “good ole boys” attitude of management. The firemen are basically paid to watch television and wash trucks.

  • Oh really?

    Really, watch TV and wash trucks? While your sweetie was inside working last night I was in the storm, crawling through attics of houses to make sure the homes were safe and the fire was out. I was running medical calls in the storm, risking my life to save another. Yea I washed a truck, and then it ran calls all day, every day. I watched TV for maybe an hour. I trained all day between calls. I haven’t been home in 72 hrs because I’m working a triple. How’s your bed feel every night? I’ve slept in my bed once in the past 7 days. I have alot of friends in PD. They work 12 hours a day, and rarely is it anything good. It’s all BS calls. What’s your job my friend? Do you take risk? Would you risk your life and take zero regard for your own so that another may live? What’s your salary? Because I make mid 30’s on my salary. I do this because I love to help people. It’s not about money. Come ride with us one day full 24hr shift. Once you realize that we aren’t like what you see on “Rescue Me” you’ll understand why your comment is absurd. I’d love to work indoors with AC and comfort and safety. But I love this job and do it to help others. Hopefully if you ever need us…”chicago fire” isn’t back on tv, we may be to busy watching to come help. Better hope the cop knows cpr and has an extinguisher!

  • Guest2020

    Some people are so clueless, aren’t they? I have a lot of respect for what you do and I appreciate y’all. My family lost our home to a fire when I was ten. I had a car fire in my mid-twenties. It wasn’t the armchair fireman up there that came to help. It was the men from the Castle Hayne Fire Department, then the Myrtle Grove Fire Department that came to help. Y’all even came to help when I had a minor car accident.

    I know a fireman who was a volunteer when Hurricanes Bertha and Fran came through in 1996. He was telling us about some of the rescues that happened during the storms. Mr. armchair fireman wasn’t out there risking his life in those storms to help save people.

    Thank you and your colleagues for your service.


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