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OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY)– A construction site threatens a family’s vacation on Oak Island.

They have been waking up to their vacation house shaking early in the morning. Not only is it ruining their vacation, but now they have concerns about safety.

“You can totally feel the house shake,” Jennifer Quade explained. “I could feel it on the porch. I could feel it in the house.”

Quade and her family have been vacationing on Oak Island for 9 years now to relax on the beach.
This year that is not happening.

“At 9:00 the house started shaking and I was like what was that?” Quade said.

It is piling for a new house being drilled into the ground just 8 feet from her bedroom window.

“It’s way too close,” she said. “I really didn’t expect the house to shake. I think that’s the icing on the cake for me.”

Now Quade is too nervous to leave any of her family members alone in the house.

“Today is the most nerve racking,” she said. “Yesterday we got out to the beach a lot. You can still hear it from the beach front. But today, with the work they’re doing, I haven’t gone out on the beach at all.”

Quade says she has tried talking to the property owner, Ken Kiser.

“I told him I thought they could wait a few weeks to get started, that we were paying a premium to be here at the beach,” she said.

She says she was confused by the response she got from him.

“He said it would take a day to a day and a half to get the work done and he assured me he wouldn’t be here after that,” Quade explained. “However, it’s the third day and they’re still here.”

Kiser told us he is following all of the building rules for this new property. These houses must be built year round, because they take at least four to five months to complete. Quade says she is now paranoid about her future vacations.

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42 Comments on "Construction site threatens family’s vacation on Oak Island"

2015 years 8 months ago

“Now Quade is too nervous to leave any of her family members alone in the house.”

I wonder if she is a relative of Laura “Scary police cars” Padgett…..

2015 years 8 months ago

I have no sympathy for these people. Should the company suspend their operations to appease a whiny vacationer? What about the next week and a new set of vacationers? Time is money. Carry on, Gentlemen.

A little research would have prevented this, but I’m guessing these vacationers are insufferable fuss-budgets who want everything “just so.” The fact wway would cover this is silly.

Things happen on family vacations, that’s what makes them funny at future holiday gatherings and weddings. Why does everyone have to get so angry at the littlest hitch in their utopia these days?

After sharing this article with my girlfriend we both started talking about the screwy things that happened during our youthful family vacations. It was funny to relive so many things that went wrong and how our parents handled them and how we adjusted to it all. It was part of growing up in a non-fussy world.

By the way, you can hit google earth and see that this property has been driving pilings for quite some time. Research, research, research. No whining!

2015 years 8 months ago

You know what lady let me tell ya something. Say we eliminate this noise and house shaking that is waking you up at 9am. You know whats gonna happen around here?

1. A sonic boom is gonna shake your pictures off the wall and rattle the pilings. ( us locals just replace them and go on)
2. A flock of gulls are gonna fly overhead and drop stinky little poop bombs on everything below including your head. ( Us locals cuss and go on)
3. The sand from the beach is gonna get right in the crack of you behind and make a nasty chaffing. ( Vaseline or end-it works well for that, your welcome)
4. The tide is gonna get low and that ” fish smell” is gonna ruin your plans for dinner. ( You’ll get used to it us locals did)
5. You are gonna pack a supper and head to the beach and this monster thunderstorm is gonna wash out your plan. ( Us locals call that Carolina weather, it changes by the minute)

I just do not understand how a house being built has ruined your vacation or how it’s front page news? Seriously put your big girl panties on! Get your lazy butt out of bed and spend that money in our town! Go shopping! Go to the beach! Ride the Ferry! The whole point of vacation is to get out with the family not sleep all day in the beach house. At least next year it will be built right!

Only in America would ya have tourists complaining that someone has the fortune of being able to get a house built! In the summer when the weather is good! What would you like ? How about:

* Diaper the gulls
* Stop all construction
* Free the roads for the Tourists
* Please don’t crowd Food Lion
* No lawn mowing
* No laughing and having fun outside, tourists don’t like noise
* Muzzle your dogs until noon the tourists should be awake then.
*Have the National Weather Service schedule sunny days and cool nights for the entire summer!

GET REAL LADY! The nerve of some people! Hammer away boys shake her lazy behind out that bed!( Just sayin)

Local gal
2015 years 8 months ago

Welcome! We are so glad you decided to vacation in the Brunswick Islands.
I live at Holden Beach – please consider us next year. We were voted Best Family Beach.
Enjoy your stay! Ya’ll come back now, ya here!

2015 years 8 months ago

Planes are disappearing-out of sight, out of mind. In India, women are being raped constantly, and children are starving in unreached areas of the world. All this woman wants to worry about is being woken up at 9 am by construction? Oh please. Give me a break. YOu need to get your priorities straight lady. Feel grateful that you even get a vacation at all. And WWAY, please find something of more value to report on.


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