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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The North Carolina House has rejected a Senate version of a bill creating new regulations for mopeds.

The House voted 51-54 Thursday against concurring on a bill that would have required insurance and registration with the state for mopeds.

The insurance requirement has been a sticking point between the two chambers. The House version only mandates that mopeds be registered.

Onslow County Republican Rep. Philip Shepard said moped drivers should take responsibility for their vehicles, adding that insurance was necessary so innocent drivers don’t have to pay for damages in accidents.

But other lawmakers said the insurance provision would hurt low-income workers and could prevent them from getting to work.

The bill will now go to a conference committee for a compromise.

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  • Heimie Schmelter

    So a bill introduced to force responsibility on scooter riders that populate AND endanger the general public will “hurt low income workers”? I’ve never heard such a bootfull of horse-discharge in my life! These drunk bikes are running around with bad brakes, no lights and bald tires. So, let make sure I’m clear here. Just because the majority of these scooter riders can’t control their drinking problem, us law abiding, taxpaying hard-working citizens have to take the brunt of their accidents when they slam their junk into the back or side of my automobile?
    The common sense of our government has gone completely out the window! The NC House HAS to be filled to the brim with stinking democrats to result in a vote like this over an issue of this magnitude! You make me absolutely sick and appear to do everything in your power to rob the people of this state of ANY confidence in the intent of your efforts. ANYTHING for a freaking vote I suppose!

  • bob

    you are spot on heimie . i could not have said it better myself ! i guess democrats think we cannot see through the motivations for their idiotic actions ….VOTES !!!! i have seen a couple of these clowns driving between cars on two lane roads weaving back and forth like they are drunker than cooter brown . carrying beer and talking on their cell phones . just asking to be killed, and when the inevitable happens the po po wants to charge the CAR driver ! pure idiocy !!!!

  • bob

    that makes absolutely no sense ! low income workers have to maintain insurance on their cars ! since when does being “low income” absolve you from responsibility for your vehicle ???


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