Woman police say hit, killed 2-year-old arrested again for DWI

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Submitted: Mon, 07/28/2014 - 3:55am
Updated: Mon, 07/28/2014 - 3:09pm

PENDER CO., NC (WWAY) — Stevie Wallace, 28, the woman who police say hit and killed two-year-old Carter Gilson, has been arrested for her second DWI in five days.

Wallace was charged with reckless driving to endanger, failure to secure a passenger under 16 and DWI. She’s in Pender County jail under a $50,000 secured bond.

Today, family members learned she was arrested yet again. We spoke with Wallace’s husband just minutes after he found out. Todd Throckmorton learned she landed back in jail through a phone call from his father-in-law. He says after seven years together he’s fed up with her actions and that if she doesn’t go to prison, he’s lost all faith in the justice system.

“I mean she’s gonna kill somebody else. Someone like that has no business being out in society,” Throckmorton said. “Especially having kids with her. Lock her up and don’t let her out.”

Prosecutors say it does not look like any charges will be filed against Wallace for two-year-old Carter Gilson’s death. The accident was on private property and investigators say she was not obviously intoxicated. But her husband says, he looked through her text messages, and they tell a different story.

“I believe the text message was to the child’s father saying that she had two bottles of rum,” Throckmorton said.

He thinks the boy’s family might’ve been part of the party scene she had fallen into

“If she doesn’t go to prison I have no faith in the justice system at all,” he said.

Throckmorton hoped the justice system would change her after she spent three years she in prison for drug trafficking.

“She got home and she got off the crack but then she started abusing her prescriptions,” he said.

He says wallace had fallen into a party lifestyle, addicted to prescription pills like Klonopin.


  • 9743 says:

    The gal who killed the guy on the moped last week never had to breathe a sigh of relief because she knew from the very beginning nothing would happen except maybe a small fine and/or the cost of court….probably won’t even lose her driver’s license, the DA will make sure of that….just wait a few months and you’ll see or maybe wait a few years because it will probably be put off that long so people will forget about it, that’s how the justice system works in NC, especially in this district.

  • StreetSmartz says:

    I bet the gal who killed the guy on the moped last week is breathing a sigh of relief now that this lady is in the news. It has completely taken the spotlight off of her and onto this tragic woman. This entire area amazes me to how much a slap on the wrist a DUI/DWI can be. Can we even go a week at this point without some drunk person killing someone either in a driveway, crossing the street, or on the road?

  • Vog46 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong. There were no charges filed in the 2 year olds death. I would venture a guess that they did not suspect alcohol or drugs were involved in THAT particular incident.
    It would be interesting to see how they’d pursue that lawsuit


  • SurfCityTom says:

    for her husband and her family.

    If she was driving a vehicle titled in your name, get ready for a wrongful death lawsuit. And there’s a 3 year filing period from the date of the incident. And when a hudgement is awarded, hope you have adequate insurance. If not, a judgement good for 20 years can be filed. Then say goodbye to a portion of your pension or income. Still not satisfied after 20 years, it can be extended for another 20 years.

    If the car was solely in her name, but you cosigned a note or loaned her the money to buy, get ready for a lawsuit. Any reasonably intelligent attorney can use this to get at your assets. And if you think your personal auto insurance will cover you for this, afraid not.

    It’s truly sad a 2 year old lost his life due to her actions.

    Mr DA, if it happens again, and she injures or kills someone, you will likely see a lawsuit. Why not put the same amount of effort into prosecuting her, and keeping her permanently off the roads for life, as was recently expended to bring Brian Berger to the bar of justice? NO plea bargain.

    For that matter Mr. DA, WHEN will you be stepping before the cameras and media with Sheriff Smith?

  • typical says:

    This is typical police work for around here. If the police/courts think she is hot/loose she is not going to jail. The thugs we have running the police department whom by the way are quick to give out tickets to speeders, they like bringing in money for the courts, often throw a blind eye to other crimes. It was recently on the news that some one called the WPD about car break-ends in a Wilmington neighborhood and the officer didn’t want to write out a police report. The police in our area drive recklessly and use their guns thoughtlessly. I know of two incidences in the last month where the WPD was called about a squatter living in the woods near homes and the WPD said they could do nothing about it, and then there was a man exposing himself in front of a child, and the police chose to do nothing, they told all the nude man had condition and needed to relieve himself, he was allowed to go his merry way. The police are a major problem for society and it is spinning out of control. The WPD thought she was hot, so she got a break. The police are out of control, they are not too bright, they have a lot power, they are corrupt. Right now they seem to be teaching all of us not to call on them, they will either do nothing, or over react and hurt/kill unnecessarily. They just want to park some where and write out tickets.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    the placement of charges is not material to the pursuit of a civil action.

    The facts are the youngster perished from being hit by an automobile she was driving.

    OJ was found innocent of murder; yet a civil action awarded $33 million.

    If she has insurance, which is questionable given her history, it is likely for minimum limits.

    And the blood sucker will get 50% of the payout.

    This lawsuit is coming.

  • guesty says:

    “The WPD thought she was hot, so she got a break.”

    Last time I looked Wilmington isn’t in Pender County.

  • smythe says:

    Are you aware the police have no say in who stays in jail and who gets out? That is magistrates and judges, not police, who make those final decisions. Tell us, what is the charge for a man living in the woods? What did you want him arrested for, being homeless? And it’s called a “break-in”, not a “break end” as you described. Oh, and on my map Wilmington is not in Pender County. There are many other errors in your little rant but it would take too long to point them all out.

  • typical says:

    Right, I meant to include the entire southeast North Carolina, a dividing line on a map makes no difference. Out of control police is a reality for the entire country right now, but it is constantly showing it self in our area over and over again. The point remains if she looks hot, loose and nude, she will get better treatment. Typical police work for around here. The police are often getting themselves in trouble with minors and prostitutes. All you need to do is read the news.

  • guesty says:

    1 or 2 officers out of a department of 300 do something stupid and/or criminal doesn’t make the whole department criminal. Also, the police department doesn’t set the individuals bond amount or conditions of release, that is done by the magistrate and court.

  • typical says:

    They are all in it together, the corruption goes throughout the criminal justice system. This is the tip of the ice burg, the ones in the news are just the ones who are getting caught. The police are the new gang problem, it is a problem that is country wide. It is infesting all American cities. Be very careful when dealing with the police. They operate as state paid gang members. They have no respect for average citizens, they only answer to those in their inner circle. The news comes in daily about there bad behaviors, it is an on going problem. I wish what I was saying wasn’t true, as you can see they do not like being exposed.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …without having a clue as to what you’re talking about OR what you’re actually attempting to convey to others?

    The biggest “…major problem we for society…” are people like you that walk around freely with thoughts of paranoia and delusion.

    You really need to go get some medicine for that!

  • taxpayer says:

    she should also be charged with driving without a license. Unless I’m mistaken, is a driver’s license taken for 30 days on the first arrest for DWI?

  • Ardnan Faldmon says:

    She has a future in reality TV shows.

  • hi says:

    You better put her in jail before she kills someone else.

  • whatsamatta says:

    Why isn’t she wearing any cloths? I’ve seen some strange mug shots but never a nude

  • Guestnevernc says:

    What a lowlife piece of trash !! Just killed a baby and then drives her own babies around while drunk. When the blood tests come back from the night she killed the little boy (in a YEAR) wtg NC, I guarantee she was high. People like this do not go out without getting high or drunk. She has a felony record a mile long to boot !!!!

  • anne says:

    What will it take to get her off the road – another death? She is a time bomb just waiting to go off – get her off the streets now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 211 says:

    She should have been driving a moped.

  • Sick of this says:

    When can we say “enough is enough” and somebody actually do something about this female lunatic? Obviously she is “married” in name only….but she goes out and gets pregnant by other women’s husbands….more social service assistance perhaps? Trash is trash no matter how much you cover it up….it still stinks.

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