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NC gay marriage ban faces uncertain future


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- North Carolina's attorney general has decided to stop fighting for the state's gay marriage ban. This comes after a federal appeals court ruled that Virginia's same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.

The North Carolina attorney general says there's no argument left to be made. Roy Cooper has been an avid opponent of North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban, but as attorney general has defended it.

"Our attorneys have vigorously defended North Carolina's marriage law, which is their job, but today we know our law almost surely will be overturned as well," Cooper said Monday. "Simply put, it's time to stop making arguments we will lose, and instead move forward, knowing that the ultimate resolution will likely come from the United States Supreme Court."

Activists here in Wilmington say they are thrilled.

"Ecstatic at the speed with which the tide has been turning," said Ryan Burris, President of Cape Fear Equality, "not only regionally, or here in North Carolina, but nationally as well."

The North Carolina Values Coalition responded to the decision today.

"It is outrageous that federal judges put themselves in the place of God by seeking to redefine the very institution that He created," said Tami Fitzgerald, North Carolina Values Coalition Executive Director. "Two judges sitting in Richmond have erroneously found a 'fundamental right' to same-sex marriage, thus overriding the will of the people of Virginia, who voted to pass their marriage amendment by 57 percent to 43 percent."

As it stands North Carolina's ban remains the same.

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I just want share my story.

I just want share my story. I was a practicing homosexual for 28 years. There are many glamorous sides that people only see that makes the scene look good but there is a dark side that no one speaks of and never mentions. I use to be on the side chanting gay marriage and equality however after my relationship ended with my last boyfriend I concluded that gay relationships just don't work no matter how many times I've lied to myself and tried to make it work, none of them lasted, all have cheated and all have lied. It wasn't about the relationship, it was about the sex and the lust. Drug fueled parties and drinking to runaway from the guilt and shame . Domestic violence and fights. For some reason I kept telling myself i'd meet the right guy only to see the same routine with every single guy I've partnered with.

After I walked away from the gay lifestyle and have gone back to church , God has opened my eyes to see that I was living a very sinful life of sexual immorality and drug addiction. I had suicidal moments but my entire life has now been changed.

I live a much happier life than ever and without God & Jesus Christ I would still be stuck in that loop of going out to the gay bars every night looking for a hookup and partying in the scene.

I've cleaned my life with God and Jesus Christ and now I also was able to see things from a different point of view. God is merciful and forgiving and that lifestyle was disastrous and a cursed life preying on men night after night chasing a hopeless lie.

God loves the sinner, hates the sin. Maybe you won't believe but maybe in time you will see the same thing I see now after living through that experience. That's my story.

Save Marriage

The best way to save marriage is to put a law in place that outlaws divorce. Gays don't pose a threat to your "Christian marriage." You as adults who can't get along pose the only threat to your marriage or the "disintegration of the family unit."
The divorce rate in the church at large is equal to that of "the world" as many Christians wish to refer to it.

The corrupt state senators Tom Tillis and Thom Goolsby introduced Amendment One to North Carolina's ballot during a Republican primary in 2012. It was to bring out the Republican vote and to secure their majority as Republicans in the state senate. They knew they could win this because white Christian voters would come out in droves and vote for them and for Amendment One. The strategy worked. It was also a strategy which would later be used to suppress black voters in shutting down polling places in rural black communities and by cutting back the hours at voting polls wherein blacks cast their vote.
Many of these Republicans are nothing but anti-black, anti-individual, and want to create a state religion. Someone had to do the right thing. I applaud the judges for their common sense approach and interpreting the constitution in the manner in which they did.
Please remember that in the last few hundred years Christians used the bible to state that it was right to own slaves. There was also a day and time wherein many Christians said that a black person was not a whole person. We really want these people making decisions for the Americans ? Not I said the wolf.

Wrong Side of History.

NC should definitely stop fighting this. People who want to deny minority groups the same basic rights that they enjoy, always...and I repeat ALWAYS, end up on the wrong side of history.

Anti-gay rhetoric

Ever notice the people that spend the most time thinking and visualizing what the gay community does in their bedrooms are those that are most against it? Ted Haggard is a prime example....just saying.

Look Here

I'm not even religouse myself and I am heterosexual but I say most of the gay population doesn't even want to get married really, I think they just want to stir up trouble and have something to cry abot, like how their "rights" are getting busted up because they want to cause some drama b/c they are "drama queen's", and furthermore you could give them all the rights in the world and they would still be crying abot how we do not have a lesbion president and whatever else they could think of in their degenerate minds to be a victim, b/c u know that no one really gives a rip if there are homosexuals running around doing whatever they do as long as they dont get up in normal ppls face with it and keep it in there bedrooms, most everyone is fine with that but then they have them discusting gay pride parades wherein they run down the street half naked and have discusting parade floats showing male genitillia's and such just because they want to flaunt their sexuality and be a special little snowflake and cause a scene and make normal ppl uncomfortable, but i dont mind that they made gays in the military legal, they need to let them go to war and get blown up and shot for a change and let the heterosexual folk sit around and do nothing like they did for so long!!!


Straight and gay service men and service women have been serving in the United States military, side by side, with the same level of duty and honor for an untold number of years. The repeal of DADT didn't usher in a new era of gay recruits. So, gay service men and women HAVE been serving in war zones and HAVE lost their lives protecting the freedoms that every American citizen enjoys. Your last portion of your run on sentence is completely disrespectful to service members, straight and gay, and to the families who have lost love ones.


I can never tell if you're really as stupid as you seem or if it's all a very clever act. Oh, well. Either way, you certainly are a "special" individual.

Cooper is demonstrating a

Cooper is demonstrating a trait he has in common with homosexuals. He is too girly to put up a fight.

yeah ok

Apparently you do not know many gay people. I know lesbians and gay men who could kill you barehanded.

NC voted on this once

NC voted on this once already and the decision is final!


Want to bet?

Will someone please answer my question rationally

I have a lot of family and friends who are not only opposed to gay marriage but find gays reprehensible in general, and it is always due to religious beliefs. So I guess my question is this; if you hold true to the values that homosexuality is a sin and they are therefore damned to eternal hell then fine, but really why do you care? It's not like it affects your own chances of getting into heaven, am I wrong? Seriously if someone can please explain the mentality I would appreciate it, because it seems to me like hating someone else for eating a piece of cake with the rationality that it's wrong since you are on a diet.

No surprise

This is the same reply I get from my religious friends and family when I pose the same logical question...nada

Rog B.

Pretty simple actually. The gay folk believe getting "married" is obviously some sort of inalienable right or they are beating that drum.

Fact is, getting "married" is a privilege, as an institution under God, for holy matrimony between a woman and a man. So yes, gay folk should be denied the privilege of holy matrimony.

The gay folk are just devaluing a sacred tradition. Nothing more.

RE: To Sheriff

Ok sheriff, I can understand your rationality there. But based on that argument shouldn't it also be illegal for a male and a female who are both atheists to get married? I mean if they don't even believe in god why are Christian's not rallying to neglect them of this "privilege of holy matrimony" as well?

question....answers and opinions welcomed

I'm a 30 year old bisexual woman living in nc. I've had serious long term relationships with both men and women at different times in my life. Should that mean that if the person I decide to marry is another woman we have to move out of state? If that person turns out to be a man I guess we could stay. I'm sure others are in this predicament--the thought of having to choose between leaving the home I love and the person I love is unfair......

Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage was already voted on by North Carolinias and 64% majority voted in opposition of same sex marriage.

Thus meaning, regardless of what some court may rule in favor of or against, they don't want same sex marriage in their state.

Majority rule.

Re: re

Should it be illegal for atheist to get married? In the eyes of Our Lord, yes. They should be denied that same privilege for their non-belief.

I can't answer way all Christians are not rallying against atheist denying them the same privilege but I would cast my vote supporting that just the same as I did against same sex marriage.

I am curious as to what gay folk really think they are missing out on? Because respect can't be legislated or conferred as a court ruling?

Personally, I hope states give some consideration into doing away with all perks or benefits into getting married and make getting married like climbing Mount Everest...i.e. damn near impossible. That way the divorce rates would drop by making couples take a good hard look at their relationship and ask themselves are they as committed as they think they are or is it just an impulse?

It's like a mental freaking block...

Christians did not invent, nor do they own, the concept of marriage. How do you people still not get that? If your argument regarding state law comes from the bible (or any other religious text), YOU HAVE NO ARGUMENT.

Re:mental giant

Since you didn't enter any evidence supporting your allegation or claims, my guess Is YOU HAVE NO ARGUMENT other than some baseless opinion against ions and centuries of recorded events, traditions and or accepted customs.


That's the argument you're going with? That Christians own marriage and no one else is allowed to play? Look it up, Oh Wise One: marriage predates Christianity by thousands of years. But the truth is it doesn't matter, as we have this nifty thing here called the separation of church and state. But let me guess, you think that's totally archaic, irrelevant, and due for abolition?


Why not?

They freed the slaves and gave amnesty to millions of illegals.

Why can't each and every amendment be undone?

Our founding fathers were smart enough to know and understand that if we made mistakes, we can always undo them.

Same sex marriage has zero to do with love has everything to do with wanting to feel validated like some high school girl on her first prom date.

So I will ask again, what do the gay folks really think they are missing out on?

The only way to make it fair and even across the board for everyone is to take away all benefits and perks of being married.

Another indicator

that he is planning a run for Governor in 2016.

gay marriage

Don't let a bunch of queer's ruin every one's day. All they are doing is fishing in the waters to see what legal fool they can catch. Let them go on and make a darn fool of themselves. They're queer and will always be queer. I wouldn't waste the time of day on them.

Ben, are you a Baptist

Ben, are you a Baptist minister or just a deacon?


Maybe a just a redneck bitter old guy.

Why is it OK to use the word

Why is it OK to use the word redneck and it not be derogatory?.....

One of the ......

toughest parts of this argument is two fold actually.
America was founded on the concept of freedoms - of speech, press, religion and other types of freedom, and equality for all. We welcome all who attempt to come here.
As a Christian I understand that God defined marriage for me as between me and my wife. I adhere to the concepts and enjoy it tremendously. As an American I do have to understand that others may think differently, and that they have every right to American equality as I do, whether I believe in what they're doing, or not. And while I may be against gay marriage as a Christian I CAN NOT deny that freedom to others, Why? Make the assumption that the majority of NC voters is NOT Christian and you'll see why. What about denying Christians their rights? Put the shoe on the other foot.
This republic has survived as blacks got their rights, and as women got theirs as well, and, although we Christians may blanche at the thought of gay marriage, we also have to recognize the rights of others, whether we agree with them or not. Many people came here to escape oppression, yet we try to to oppress a segment of society under the guise of religion, which is the antithesis of why the country was founded, which was freedom of oppression, of any kind.
Since this argument includes Federal recognition (for tax purposes) it does have a federal slant to it, so I am not sure if in fact this is truly and exclusively a state's rights argument.
It is a very unsettling subject but one that shows that our founding fathers did understand that we needed a third party to help us through some tough arguments. Voters can be wrong and as far as this goes we can be wrong about legal opinion and the guarantees granted by our constitution.
While I don't agree with the court's ruling, I can see why Cooper does not want to pursue this.
And I thank God I live in this country, where this can happen.


Please read....

...regarding deleted posts. For the few people who don't see their comments, please know that a couple of them had great comments/thoughts for debate and ruined it with profanity. A constructive comment with a word that rhymes with luck or spit(and you know the words I'm referencing) will have to be deleted.
We really appreciate y'all commenting. Just keep it clean.
Thank you.

No matter the subject

No matter the subject .....the unconstitutional thing is a panel of judges over ruling the will of the majority of North Carolinians ....that's what the problem should be....imagine if the vote had turned out pro gay marriage and a minority of anti gay marriage people had that would not be fair......the state should place a time frame in its constitution for a revote(ie..7years)..that seems fair to both sides and maybe the monarchy of the USA would have a harder time ruling against the states wishes .....I could care less what someone else does with their life as long as it doesn't affect my life and I'm able to voice my opinion without retribution...its a libertarian view....middle of the row opinion just trying to be fair to each other.