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ONLY ON 3: Deputy's wife sues another deputy for alienation of affection


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon demoted two deputies last month for conduct unbecoming. Because it's personnel, the Sheriff's Office won't say what happened.

Today we found the wife of one of the deputies has filed an alienation of affection lawsuit against a New Hanover County detective.

In the lawsuit filed last week, Cheryl Jones says New Hanover County Sheriff's Det. Gina Turner "woo(ed) and seduce(d)" her husband Dep. Sean Jones. She claims the two had a sexual relationship, even though Turner knew Jones was married.

In another document, Turner's husband, who lives in Michigan, said he found out Turner was in a relationship with Jones, who was her supervisor at the Sheriff's Office.

Turner's husband said his wife would leave their diabetic son at home up to four nights a week to stay with Sean Jones; one time leaving both of their minor children in the middle of the night Dec. 21 and not returning until the early morning hours of Dec. 23.

It's unclear whether the lawsuit and Jones's demotion are connected.

On top of losing rank, Jones had his hourly pay docked. A day later, Turner was also disciplined. She was suspended for 40 hours for violating the Sheriff's Office's policies on truthfulness and conduct unbecoming.

We reached out to Turner this afternoon for comment. She has not yet returned our calls.

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Not so

It is rumored Jones and Jones will be in court next wks. How do we find out? This seems odd,this cop going to court already deemed with untruthfulness.* Seems pointless to me. Who's going to believeanything he says.Whatever happened to suit filed against Turner.

What's up!

There are not many cases like this where a woman is sued by a ex. The ex must have some damming info on these two.Not good for a preacher!.would not want to be a part of his flock. Turner,if you did it,go ahead and pay the woman,if not,face her in the courtroom and stand your ground. Good. Luck!

It Happens

This man Jones is a preacher!Surely he has heard of a woman scorned! I'm sure if he doesn't know,he going to find out! I have been there. Not good!You can't go around treating someone wrong even if you are a cop,and surely not a preacher.

Come on now,really?

Turner was at a in service class at work telling people not to believe what they hear about her. Are you serious?Most people who work here know this is not her first tryst with a employee. The only one fooled by this is Jones. He rightly deserves this. Seems to me,if you are not guilty,one wouldn't have to say so or use their child to defend themselves. Did you forget your husband who you wronged,said you did do it. I hope both exes prevail in this.

Are you kidding!

Here is one you should think about,Turner. This preacher couldn't be true to God,what makes you think he is true to you.

Truth or dare?

To Turner and Jones,1st Timothy, Chapter 1, VERSES 8 through 10. Sound familiar!


I totally agree with all the comments about this Preacher! Where I come from,that is called a false prophet,Jones. A preacher having relations with a woman who is a adulterous,with any woman for that matter. I'm not going to call you,preacher,you don't deserve that title now.

someone needs to say it!

I decided to respond to 18 yr old adult 's. Bell in reference to the comment she made to the people at Lifepoint. I am one of those who wrote a comment and I have every right to my opinion as she does. I don't appreciate a minister and his paramour bringing their mess to this church. We teach here to follow God,not do what you want. A person of the clergy is supposed to be true and honest. How can one come sit in church knowing they are doing wrong. Many of us here learned of. Minister Jones through,the news and internet. How can he teach or offer any advice to anyone as a Man of God,if he is not.What is his purpose here,to hide thinking no one would know. When you continue to do wrong,expect people to talk and not like it here. Maybe he should stop thinking of himself,and think what God would want him to do.We didn't have this kind of talk here before. God exposed you for a reason. Everyone is not happy you come here. I know that sounds harsh,but we some of us are entitled to our opinions.

Good for you

I don't know any of the parties involved here. But I will say this, Ms. Jones, be glad you are alone if you are. This person is not who he say he is. I don't know how long you were married. You are extremely lucky you found out! If a preacher can't be true,who can you trust. God will take care of him. I don't know how he holds up his head in town much less somebody's church while he doing wrong. Sometimes we do put our trust in the wrong people. I'm sure you are not blameless in all of this because we are all human. But your name and face is not protruding all over tv and internet.Be blessed!

What is more important

All these comments about Jones is irrelevant. This man is a ordained Rev who seemed and got a divorce. He knows what the Bible says about that and he pursued it. That's choosing to go against God. He is also choosing to continue to go against Him by his own choice. He needs prayer,not to be ridiculed online. His life can't be right going against God. I am a minister and chose to go against Him and greatly paid the price,but God gave me the chance to get it right. I never want to experience his Wrath again not even a little bit. Mr Jones.listen to God,not her,not other people. She is not Godly or she wouldn't be seeing a divorced preacher. I'm sure you still know God. because you are still here. Don't take Him for granted. I'm reading you have a son. Be a Godly dad for him. God loves you!

What is the worst that could happen?

Sean Jones has a ruined reputation,nobody respects him as a man or as a minister,he was demoted,his name shunned all over town,they put him in the back of the sheriff's office out of sight,and he with a woman with a rotten reputation.What a way to go! Hasn't he suffered enough? Stop talking about him,give the man a break! We all need one sometime.

the 64 dollar question?

Here is a question for our so called FAIR sheriff in this town. Though I don't agree with any kind of affairs,why did. Turner not get demoted like. Jones They were both in this together. They both knew what they were doing. What's good for the goose is good for the gander or was it because she was Caucasian and he was Black.Seems to me,Mr Jones you got more than the short end of the deal.

What in the world!.?

!Is it just me or am I the only,one who realizes this is a preacher having relations with a woman. What church do they attend that the pastor doesn't know he is a preacher. A practicing one, I hope not. Does anyone respect the Lord anyone? It's bad when the clergy doesn't. This man has a son who's leading church services. What is he teaching this kid. Lets hope in this case the child doesn't take after his dad. Kudous to the young man! Dad get yourself together,if not for God or yourself,for your kid.

The right one!

In reading these blogs, I realized the attorney Lady Jones has in her corner. Melodi Hayes is a excellent lawyer. She is a bulldog in the courtroom which is excellent for her. She will eat them like a crocodile has fish for dinner
Some yrs ago she represented a friend of mine and she walked away with half of everything he had. I would recommend her to anyone in this situation. You go,Mrs Jones. I'm rooting for you. You deserve it!


I had the privilege of seeing Rev Jones son presiding the service at Macedoina Baptist Church on yesterday,where his dad started his ministry. It was amazing to see this young man speak so eloquently as he did.I am so glad to see he is prospering so well amongst his father's actions.You should be proud Rev Jones as I'm sure you are. However it is sad to see the son I doing better than his dad who despite everything is still a minister. You should get a copy and watch your son. He is a exceptional young man. This should inspire you to do the right thing. This is not to embarrass you or bash you. We all make bad choices,you have a chance to get it right.God bless you!


Mr. Jones, May the wrath of God,bring you down!

Slow News Day???

Slow News Day???

As a tax payer in this

As a tax payer in this state, if the officials we employ are running around having affairs at the office on my dime its a news story I want to hear. And I want to know how much of our money they wasted conducting this affair, and if I paid for as much as one text message between these two lovebirds.

"Slow news day?" Not nearly as "Slow" as you.

They have to keep it "slow" for dwindling, burnt out has-beens like you that have nothing better to do than post to constant complaints here. Go back to your crack pipe and relaaaaaax....

Funny...this article aired 7/28/14 and you're just now getting to it? Slow? Dehhhh, yep!

No satisfaction here

I can certainly share her pain, but this suit will be an expensive and totally unsatisfying nonstarter. Courts don't get involved in this stuff any more.

More News

As I was reading the previous blogs,I have a better understanding of some of this.Someone wrote Turner has been to this woman's house being friendly with her. That is a low down snake belly thing to do to anybody.And Mr. Jones you allowed this to happen.She is your co worker and you end up with her.You are a preacher! What is this woman suppose to think. Do either of you have any morals? Both of you need to do soul searching.Would you want someone to do this to you? You both need Jesus.Be careful how you treat others! The unjust doesn't prosper,you should know this Preacher Jones.


Why do these men do dumb stuff,get caught and want to blame someone else.They need to man up! should do the right thing. You say you are a preacher. Don't you know God know what you Did and know what you doing now. Your life will never be right until you do what God called you to do.Ms Turner,you are dead wrong. You went in this woman's house,smiling at her and being her friend. God has a place for you,too. Ms. Jones,Hold your head up,my husband of 28 yrs decided the babysitter would be his new wife. After sulking two months, I got wise. I got his pension,his 401k,alimony for 15 yrs. Claim it in Jesus name. It is yours. Now he calling me wanting to borrow money. Be glad you are RID of the bogus preacher but pray for him.

First of all how cowardly

First of all how cowardly you can't even say your own name. The group of adults above have ridiculous and immature and if I were your children I would be so ashamed.To all the people that don't have anything better to do than stick their large noses into drama shame on you. I am an 18 year old adult and look if you read my comment in going to use my real name because im not a coward or ashamed! It hurts me to see my loving mother be ridiculed for false accusations. Matt Turner is my step father and I love him very much but the woman that caused all this is Sean Jones wife. She wanted someone to blame for her dead marriage so she's pointing every finger at everyone but herself. If you look at the paperwork Sean and his wife had been divorced for two years prior to these acqusations. If the pathetic adults on here are going to make such henious and childish acqusations at least don't be stupid enough to look only at the narrow mind media a story. Seriously don't half the adults on here have something better to do? And to ALL the people from churches that have commented on here and yes I am talking to the woman from life point and the people from New beginnings church, shame on you. It's people like you that corrupt Christianity for people trying to seek Gods love, we are all imperfect and sinful in Gods eyes. So the people speaking slander and saying they don't deserve Gods love, your commuting just as much as a sin as a murderer or adulteress. You should be welcoming people with loving arms because that's what Christianity is all about... Love for God and others through him. I guess it comes to show that it's people like you that make people stay away from churches and make a bad name for Christianity.


What kind
of a mom is this?First you leave your sick child in the house for days to go spend the night with a preacher.Then you get your 18 yr old to bad mouth someone who you befriended and now is accusing of lying. How is anyone supposed to believe you. Now you want to act like the wounded one.I'm so glad. I don't know you. And then you are a cop. Lady,you have some nerve. Throw stones when you don't have any in your back yard!


AS I read the comment you submitted,I begin to wonder if their was anything to what you were saying. T agree that people should use their real names,thats why I decided to use mine. You stated a lady started all of these rumors about your mom. I was with you until I decided to check this out for myself. I feel people shouldn't make false accusations. I found out information in the clerks office is public info. You can also purchase it,$2 for first page and .25 for each additional sheet.I got the Jones divorce as well as your parents. Its seems you have some wrong info,Sean has NOT been divorced 2 yrs as you stated,if this is correct it hasn't been a year. You should also know it takes two in marriages no matter who is at fault.I saw mothimg in the Jones divorce of anyone saying anything about adultery. However, Matthew Turner stated his wife had a affair with Sean and two other men.Is there ant truth in that? He did make this statement under oath. Wasn't that childish or just the truth? Perhaps you are pointing fingers at the wrong persom.I also read the article on the two of them being guilty of UNTRUTHFULNESS amd CONDUCT UNBECOMING OF OFFICERS at the Sheriffs Office, So have you aked,what did they lie about? You also stated the people in churches should not be talking. Im sure you kmow now this man is a minister if you didn't before. Or is it okay because your mom is with him. Maybe you shouls ask a real pastor about what mimisters should and shouldn't do or be involved in. Nobody doubts you love your family,but you should learn the facts before you speak since you say you are a adult,however you are not 21.God does love and forgive us all,thats why he gives us chances to do right. If one choses to continue to go against Him,thats on them. Maybe you should wait until all the facts are in before you point a finger.Be careful on opening a can of worms,that seem to be adult affairs, You may not like the worm that comes out! GOOD LUCK

Real names or not, adults or not...

...both of you above can't spell, punctuate or otherwise write a comprehensible sentence, making it difficult at best for anyone to understand what you're attempting to convey.

I've read and re-read and still struggle to gain your points. I recommend that you both stick to anonymity, so that nobody knows who you are! This sort of writing will follow you around for a while!


I too agree many misspellings but that doesn't matter,I understand what each is saying, Sounds like they just in a hurry to type.People,should not make comments,if they don't want responses,teenagers or not. There is some lies somewhere. And if you can't understand them, you have the option to ignore!


I too agree many misspellings but that doesn't matter,I understand what each is saying, Sounds like they just in a hurry to type.People,should not make comments,if they don't want responses,teenagers or not. There is some lies somewhere. And if you can't understand them, you have the option to ignore!

Like your comment

Ignore like I should have done with your comment? Try posting again once you sober up.


Seems to me the adults in this matter should fight their own battles and leave teenager out of it. Shame on you!(