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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are looking for a man wanted for armed robbery at the Belk in Independence Mall after allegedly trying to attack an employee with a knife.

Last night investigators say employees saw a man police later identified as Cedric Reynard Smith stealing merchandise. When a security guard confronted him in the parking lot, police say Smith pulled out a knife and tried to cut an employee.

Investigators say Smith, 48, got into a red car and took off.

Police have warrants for him for armed robbery.

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  • Reggie Delft

    Cederic has an 18-page criminal record — theft, drugs, driving crazy, etc. What happened to three strikes and you’re out? Old Cederic has 50+ strikes and he’s still very much in the criminal game. Will Ben David and our judges please lock this man up for life.

  • CCW2626

    The Mall is a “No Gun Zone” so this doesn’t surprise me at all. Sheep in a corral will always be easy prey for wolves. A well trained person could have ended this situation for good.

    Rule #1: Never bring a knife to a gun fight.


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