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By Caitlin Dineen

Charter Day School Inc. said Monday it needs more time “to determine the scope of response required” to requests from the StarNews for public information.

The nonprofit, which oversees four charter schools in Southeastern North Carolina, had previously agreed to respond to the StarNews’ requests on or before Monday, July 28. In a letter sent Monday afternoon, Mark Dudeck, authorized officer for Charter Day School Inc., said the StarNews will receive a response on or before Aug. 8.

Since early May, the newspaper has asked for salaries and bonuses, as well as financial information related to the schools’ operations. Among the items requested are records of payments and contracts related to expenses on school budgets, including rent and debt, management fees, and contracted services.

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  • concerned

    Taxpayer, you should pay attention to the details as well! By solely focusing on one aspect, results, we are opening the system up for massive fraud. Remember the same people that are hiding certain business expenses and turning six to seven figure profits are the ones administering the tests that your “results” are based on. I could imaging all sorts of schemes that could arise when full disclosure isn’t a requirement and investors are trying to increase their profit margins. What makes it even worse is fraud in the education system not only robs the taxpayers of their money but robs kids of there future and robs the country of productive citizens. I for one want to know that my tax dollars that are being used in the education system are not being directed to “investors” at the expense of teachers and their students. I think charter schools could really be the future of education. However we need to make sure that their focus remains on educating the youth in order to build a stronger nation in the future and not looked at as a business deal or investment.

  • Guest000000

    Results that are much easier to attain when you are basically a tax payer funded private school who: 1)can cherry pick your students and
    2)send the poor performers and behavioral problems back to the public school system.

    They are hiding something either unethical or illegal. Keep hounding them until the facts and figures are released.

  • portcity

    How did they get these numbers if they dont release all financial info. Is that including just how much it cost taxpayers or how much it cost in total for one student to attend a charter? These charter schools are stealing money from hard working individuals..You can not believe everything you read in the media.Obvously charter schools should do better. Less students more teachers and better resources. As a tax payer all students should have equal rights to the funding i provide. Not just selected students.

  • taxpayer
  • Southern Child

    All that is needed for good test scores is someone in the office who has both an eraser and powerful motivation. The state cannot prove that the students did not correct their answers during the course of the test. A system in which folks are set to make millions is certainly powerful motivation. The traditional schools, whose folks are salaried by a state salary scale, are much less likely to commit this type of malfeasance.

  • portcity

    Roger Bacon is running a monopoly with the funds he receives from taxpayers. He pays himself through the businesses he creates and contracts work through the schools. He owns the buildings that he pays himself rent, He owns the maintenance companies that work on schools, he choses who to pay so that he gets kickbacks from government tax paying money. How much does he charge and is it a fair price? Is it a smart plan or illegal? I don’t know but it sure seems like more students could be getting this type of education if owners were not pocketing most of funds. Private organizations like this care less about these students than the all mighty dollar. These schools wouldn’t even have teachers if our public education system paid more and cared more about the staff that educate our general public. Charter Schools are becoming more popular just like private prisons for one reason, Profit from taxpayer money!!!

  • Bennie Lee

    It’s simple, If you get tax dollars, you have to report where you spend the tax dollars.
    Little known as I understand it, there are half a dozen “student” meeting in home basements under the curtain of “charter school” and the home owner is getting state tax money.

  • Shaun ORourke

    They don’t want figures out because the public will be outraged to see what they do with the funds. One example is how they charge rental fees to the state for desks that are paid for. Almost anything used in the classroom is charged a rental fee. Fraud.

  • xyz123

    Really? I don’t think so. Not even going to be a blip on the radar. Where’s all the public outrage over the massive fraud involved with public schools? – crickets.

  • Guest000000

    Last time I checked, public schools were required to release how every dollar was spent, their board meetings are open to the public, and their emails are public record. Unlike the folks who run RBA, when an information request is lawfully requested, it’s provided in a timely manner. If you know something different Mr. 123, please do share. -crickets.

  • xyz123

    You said it’s provided in a timely manner, rotflmao. So, is what your saying that if they were as open as public schools then it wouldn’t be a big deal? I guess so, all one needs to do is go to google/bing and see the hundreds and thousands cases of fraud perpetrated by school unions, administrators, and staff. Where is all the outrage, I don’t see it.

  • Guest000000

    One of the reasons these cases you Googled were discovered was because of open records laws. But those saintly folks over at RBA would never do something like that, now would they? So you’re saying we should hold our public schools to a different standard than we hold these tax payer funded private schools? Now that’s where the outrage should be. Also, while you’re in a Googlin’ kinda’ mood, try putting “charter school fraud” in your search bar. I did, and got 10.9 million results. But that would never happen here, right?


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