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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Dosher Memorial Hospital might soon go through some big changes which has some employees worried about their jobs.

“It was pretty somber, I guess,” hospital worker Amy Bullard said. “That’s one way to put it. I think a lot of people are scared.”

Scared because their jobs might be in jeopardy.

Dosher Memorial Hospital employees say at staff meetings Tuesday they were told due to financial reasons some workers might be laid off.

Hospital spokesman Kirk Singer says the downturn in the economy, diminishing reimbursements and rising costs are to blame.

“Things presently being considered by the hospital include the reduction of part-time staff and contract labor, and offering early retirement to qualified employees,” Singer said in a statement. “If further action is required, the hospital is also considering some level of staff layoff.”

“They haven’t discussed it enough to really know,” Bullard said. “I guess it’s a consideration at this point, but they haven’t hammered out details yet.”

Bullard works in the lab and says her job might be on the chopping block.

“Being PRN myself, it’s a little scary, because that’s on the first round of layoffs that are expected to happen, so my job is in jeopardy,” she said.

Another employee, who did not want to go on camera, questioned if it was wise to spend millions on renovations if the hospital is in this financial situation, but Bullard says the renovations are necessary to update the facility.

Singer says no decisions have been made yet and hospital leaders are looking at all options to improve their current financial situation.

Bullard says the hospital’s Board of Trustees meets Monday evening to discuss the possible layoffs.

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  • 2 stars at best

    As a wrongfully fired employee of this new administration, I can safely say they get rid of you so they do not have to do you annual evaluation and raise. Long term employees are let go to keep the overhead down so they can make the Studer trip each month. Why does the Administrator have to go with every group that goes to Chicago? Is he given some sort of reward every time he brings a new group up there. This administration has absolutely ruined Dosher Hospital beyond repair. You can’t hire your friends that were a failure at another hospital and bring them here and hope for better results. He wasn’t the boards first choice but took him because he promised the world and delivered empty space. Sorry to see such a good hospital being taken down by someone’s big ego………..

  • idk

    Why is Tom Seiners so worried about what people think about him, He was seen asking volunteers and staff at the hospital last week, if they had heard anyone saying anything about him. What are you hiding and worried about Mr. Seiners?

  • Fredrick Durst

    So when the economy is bad, less people get sick?? Huh?? Are they too happy?? Uhmmmm
    Maybe they are just over budget on the huge whatever they are building. Hooray! Another company engrossed in greed. Yippie…

  • guest1264

    No – when the economy is bad, people still get sick. They just can’t pay the bill. Nobody is engrossed in greed – they just have to cut costs where they can, others will have to work more hours, etc. Find something else to complain about – people that are working may lose their job and then they won’t be able to pay their bills either.

  • sposey

    What is going on in our Dosher Hospital??? They have numerous PRN employees that have no benefits, job security, etc. Dosher is blessed to have these people who take care of us when we need them!!Again they are doing renovations that cost us money, but what you don’t know is that their staff have NO private facilities for breaks, bathrooms, etc, during this “new renovation” period…PRN or not, this staff attempts to do their best for patient care!! I have lived here for over 20 years and Dosher was where to go for excellent personal care. Sadly, it seems they are are becoming as greedy as the world outside our wonderful community! If you can’t afford MORE renovations, then don’t do it!!
    Amy, I hope and pray you keep your job, you sound like you are one of the few caring people left!!

  • John

    The Legislators in Raleigh did not except Medicaid
    Expansion which has cause a lot of small hospital
    to close thru out North Carolina and layoff workers.
    What the community need to do is Vote out the
    local legislators.
    One Republican Mayor just walk from North Carolina
    To Washington DC protesting North Carolina
    Legislators for not expanding Medicaid which cause
    his hospital to close.

  • Bobbie Rea

    Nothing is being said about all the employee’s that have already been unjustly fired and made to retire without packages, PDO and REFUSAL OF UNEMPLOYMENT. Employee’s are being setup by co-workers and managers to be fired. So many excellent employee’s have lost their jobs due to this being done. Employee’s are being let go, due to age and years of employment.
    Dosher decided to save money by taking water coolers and coffee machine’s out of departments. BUT, they could find $10,000,00 to pay for an EMPLOYEE CHRISTMAS PARTY, THAT EMPLOYEE’S HAD TO PAY TO ATTEND.
    Do you think the water, coffee, and the salaries of wronged employee’s are helping to fund the new renovations??
    The employee’s helping the managers to get rid of employee’s, are ones that are breaking the rules and doing so wrong and getting away with it. So much proof has been given to managers and all has gone unsaid and unreported.

  • knows to well

    Oh Dosher is all about partying. I remember several Christmas’s old Edgar the past CEO brought his infamous egg nog to the employees at Christmas time (yes it was infamous because it was spiked). Problem was you had your nursing staff testing it in the break room and it was ” ok ” to continue giving patient care because after all the CEO brought it to you right! Dosher has the means to be a wonderful hospital, it just needs good management! The stories one could tell!

  • Mechanic

    I guess Dosher is just trying to keep up with the Brunswick Hospital. They are going to be in a world of hurt when they have a facility like the Taj Mahal can’t staff it. Maybe they will resort to paid tours.

  • ireckon

    Cutbacks are just a sign of the time and Dosher is a victim.The Memorial Mission Hospital System in Asheville NC (10,600 employes)just announced today another budget reduction of $42 million. Last year they reduced spending by $26 million. They estimate and are planning for a loss of $500 million dollars over the next decade due to diminishing patient load, the affect of Obamacare, and reduction in Medicaid/Medicare revenue. 75% of Memorial Mission revenue intake is Medicaid/ Medicare based! Considering that over half of a hospital’s operating costs is labor, layoffs are inevitable. Dosher and most other hospitals are being affected and they have to react now!

  • Joe Weaver

    A combination of the arrival of a new CEO, Tom Siemers, who apparently has a heart of stone (who ultimately brought his own “yes men” team with him from Iowa to replace all the upper management), the NC state government leadership that decided to not accept the Obamacare extension of benefits for individuals (and hospitals, see http://wapo.st/UyjA7T), and bad timing (the expansion) have created a perfect storm for the hospital. It is now a perfect storm for all the employees. This same sort of scenario has occurred before during the previous expansion, but then Edgar Haywood tried to keep all the employees by reducing hours (not by secretly orchestrating senior personnel terminations and proposing layoffs).
    The firing under false, uninvestigated, circumstances has made the older employees virtually unemployable with the bad references that will be given by Dosher to any potential employers. Strangely, there are no more masters prepared nurses at Dosher and the experience level has dropped considerably since they have been trapped by supervisors and either been fired or convinced to resign/retire. Or Now they are talking about layoffs–that would cost them unemployment insurance expenses.
    Dosher used to be a good hospital for the limited tasks they attempted to do. That doesn’t seem to be true anymore. Nearly every mid-level supervisor has at least one group of employees about which they have very limited knowledge or experience. Do you feel comfortable going to a hospital that has one manager responsible for radiology and physical therapy? What is the elected Board doing???

  • john mills

    So the new CEO spent Dosher money to interview folks for key positions but hired his friends.Folks in keys positions were let go or like Lynda Stanley moved.they have used Doshers money to attend conferences that were not needed ..and used Dosher money to eat..drink alcohol..airfare and hotel rooms to live it up..they have their kitchen to order expensive items to serve them food daily…and have hired a doc that had a contract with another facility to do surgeries and got caughtthat doc was let our of his contract in Wilmington because of it..this administration is not honest and is possibly misusing funds and employees are losing their jobs because of it.. the Dosher board members need to look in to the over 1 million dollar loss since these folks have taken over and see where the money is really going..talk to the employees..they know and have their reservations where our money is going..BTW the promises this administration has made has been left by the wayside..in the Dosher newsletter Dec 2013 they promised no layoffs..

  • Margaret

    While some of you point blame at the executive team and others just bash the organization altogether, let me be the one to enlighten you. THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE INDUSTRY, PEEPS. If you read anything about healthcare today, you will see that nearly ALL of the hospitals in the state are going through the same thing. Smaller hospitals and even medium sized independent hospitals are merging with other larger systems. While local economics have something to do with the state of financial affairs for each facility, it’s the guys you elected at the state and federal level who are crushing the healthcare system. How do I know? I’m in healthcare PR and have been for over two decades. I subscribe to the NCHA newsletter and see DAILY reports of hospitals that have been merging, laying off staff, downsizing… all across the NATION. To blame Dosher’s executive team is basically you being uninformed. Maybe there are things they can do better. (Btw, EDGAR paid for the eggnog… and it was delicious). It’s a shame to see what our elected officials – both R&D have done to this industry. You want QUALITY healthcare and the BEST technology, but no one wants to pay for it. Yeah, that’s great. That’s the plan.

  • disgusted

    Why are you talking about the past when its the present that has brought us where we are – yes I’m referring to the past year and 1/2. Where did this come from? Maybe a “fan” or one of the new Administration or one of their patsy’s? As far as the egg nog, if it was brought to staff as gifts per request were they not smart enough not to do it at work? Sounds like you were there? Wasn’t that “their choice”?. Employees have worked over the past year and 1/2 to aide in cutting costs and the employees past and present do not understand the major money loss Dosher has encountered especially in 1 month alone. It has continually gotten worse and no explanations are given, that is -the real explanations. Let’s look at the real issues and not “partying assumptions” – that’s not where the money has gone.


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