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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Dosher Memorial Hospital might soon go through some big changes which has some employees worried about their jobs.

“It was pretty somber, I guess,” hospital worker Amy Bullard said. “That’s one way to put it. I think a lot of people are scared.”

Scared because their jobs might be in jeopardy.

Dosher Memorial Hospital employees say at staff meetings Tuesday they were told due to financial reasons some workers might be laid off.

Hospital spokesman Kirk Singer says the downturn in the economy, diminishing reimbursements and rising costs are to blame.

“Things presently being considered by the hospital include the reduction of part-time staff and contract labor, and offering early retirement to qualified employees,” Singer said in a statement. “If further action is required, the hospital is also considering some level of staff layoff.”

“They haven’t discussed it enough to really know,” Bullard said. “I guess it’s a consideration at this point, but they haven’t hammered out details yet.”

Bullard works in the lab and says her job might be on the chopping block.

“Being PRN myself, it’s a little scary, because that’s on the first round of layoffs that are expected to happen, so my job is in jeopardy,” she said.

Another employee, who did not want to go on camera, questioned if it was wise to spend millions on renovations if the hospital is in this financial situation, but Bullard says the renovations are necessary to update the facility.

Singer says no decisions have been made yet and hospital leaders are looking at all options to improve their current financial situation.

Bullard says the hospital’s Board of Trustees meets Monday evening to discuss the possible layoffs.

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  • 2 stars at best

    As a wrongfully fired employee of this new administration, I can safely say they get rid of you so they do not have to do you annual evaluation and raise. Long term employees are let go to keep the overhead down so they can make the Studer trip each month. Why does the Administrator have to go with every group that goes to Chicago? Is he given some sort of reward every time he brings a new group up there. This administration has absolutely ruined Dosher Hospital beyond repair. You can’t hire your friends that were a failure at another hospital and bring them here and hope for better results. He wasn’t the boards first choice but took him because he promised the world and delivered empty space. Sorry to see such a good hospital being taken down by someone’s big ego………..

  • idk

    Why is Tom Seiners so worried about what people think about him, He was seen asking volunteers and staff at the hospital last week, if they had heard anyone saying anything about him. What are you hiding and worried about Mr. Seiners?

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