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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office set out early this morning on Operation Summer Heat with a list of 54 names.

“Everybody we go after today are all related with drugs in some form or fashion, whether they’re using or selling,” Lt. Steve Lanier said.

The first house of the morning was a success. Kent Obrian Daniels faces charges on trafficking cocaine.

“Got me out my bed,” Daniels said as he was led away in shackles.

But the people on this list are wanted for a slew of drug charges ranging from cocaine, marijuana and the most common one right now: heroin.

Lt. Lanier says they start off on drug charges but it usually leads to more.

“Anything from malnourished dogs to kids who are not being taken care of and very extreme unhealthy living conditions,” he said.

But at the end of the day they have one goal in mind.

“To make sure that we do the best job we possibly can to effectively get these people off the street that are poisoning our streets,” Lanier said.

Investigators say the people they do not find during these operations eventually either turn themselves in or run away.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said so far they have arrested 26 people from their list during Operation Summer Heat.

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  • infiniti.hb

    This is such a waste of time.
    Obviously the users are still going to use and the dealers are still going to deal.
    Same people, different day.
    Its not up to the law to decide what we put into our bodies, be it vitamins or drugs. If BrunsCo has a place to treat people instead of provide a bond you might see change.
    This is the same stuff that was happening ten years ago…..get some real news.

  • zenobia

    These people need medical help, not jail. Quit treating addiction as a moral problem.
    How about finding the abused children and malnourished dogs without a drug warrant-its called community policing and it does a lot less to destroy the fabric of society like the War on Drugs.

  • isis

    Let’s see if they target the drug peddlers who ride by my home around midnight on an almost nightly basis. BCSO has been informed. Let’s just see if the pedal men are missing for more than a night or 2. This is for show. It will take more than arresting small time users and dealers to convince me differently.


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