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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — 25 years ago two fisherman, 45 year-old Morris Triplett and 21 year-old Larry Johnson, left from the Snows Cut boating access for a day on the water and were never heard from again.

Their strange disappearance in Carolina Beach is now the focus of a special article by star news reporter Julian March. He's talking to the loved ones left behind, taking a deeper look into this unsolved mystery.

"It was really poignant to me to because anyone who's lost someone knows how hard that is and these people have had an added layer onto that because for 25 years they didn't know what had happened to their loved ones," March said.

You can find the in-depth article in the Sunday edition of The Star News and Star News Online.

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  • Jame M. Dagenhart

    I get my news from WWAY because I refuse to pay for Star News on-line. Star-News on-line was free for years, then suddenly they wanted a fee. Now my new news source runs a teaser that directs me to Star News on-line? What’s up with that? I am not happy.

  • hanna frammie

    your browser has a private mode – use it to view Star News Online content without interruption.


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