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WPD: Man found badly beaten bites paramedic trying to treat him


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Police are investigating after they say a man who was found badly beaten in downtown Wilmington bit one of the paramedics working to treat him for his injuries.

Police say just before 2:30 a.m. Thursday, officers found an unresponsive man on the sidewalk near the intersection of S. Front and Quince streets. They say when the man, who was identified as Dennis Evans, 30, appeared to be having a seizure after taking a punch during a fight.

Officers say Evans had a laceration over his eye, along with a large contusion on his head. When help arrived on the scene, where police say there was lots of blood from his injuries, Evans then started to get combative with workers.

That's when police say Evans bit a paramedic trying to help him. Police say officers had to control a large crowd gathered around the scene, where they say friends of both sides of the fight claimed the other side started the altercation.

Police say Evans is not facing charges for biting the EMS worker at this time. Though police did not make any arrests, they say incident is still under investigation.

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The problem is alcohol and

The problem is alcohol and egos. Has anyone considered alcohol should be illegal? I personally don't drink by choice and more than likely I wouldn't have anything against drinkers IF they knew how to act under it's influence and didn't drink and drive but alcohol affects people differently and since I'm always the sober one I've had many opportunities to observe it's effects on all kinds of people from all walks of life. It is the root of all evil but yea yea I know it's not going away but hey here's a thought go drive your cars into other drunks and maybe that'll take two of you irresponsible jerks off the planet instead of some innocent biker and his son. R.I.P -Doolittles and all killed by impaired drivers whatever substance or phone you may be on.


Sure, that worked well in the 20's much like the war on drugs is such a success.

Sometimes you just got to wonder ...

According to this here report, a "large crowd" a friends of both a them fighters had to be controlled by the local police. You just got to wonder why so many a them people was out there at 2:30 in the morning an wasn't sleeping instead.

Aint none a them people got jobs that they're caring about going to in the morning? You still up at 2:30 in the morning an you probably aint up to something good.

not everyone works early in

not everyone works early in the morning. and What a broad generalization you've made.

Sure looks like your right about that.

With all a them people still up you got to guess most sure that not "everyone" works early. An maybe some a them aint working too much later on either.

Your sure right about that "broad generalization" thing too. I'm thinking you got to be talking about something like one a them "large crowds" if your gong to be doing one a them "broad generalization" things. Sure does look like them reporters mentioned something about one a them "large crowds" being in this here story. Go figure.

low life trash

What a bunch of thugs.