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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s General Assembly is finalizing the annual spending plan for education, public health, transportation and other government services.

The state House on Saturday gave its final approval to a $21 billion budget that raises pay for public school teachers by an average of 7 percent. The spending plans cuts include trimming millions of dollars from programs including public health, childhood development and early education.

Gov. Pat McCrory says he’ll sign the budget into law.

Republican lawmakers who decided what programs get taxpayer money and what won’t claimed success.

Democrats blamed continuing belt-tightening despite the improving economy on the GOP decision last year to cut income and business taxes. Critics say the income tax cut worth more than $5 billion over five years disproportionately benefits the wealthy and companies.

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  • SurfCityTom

    what you read or heard. But the budget is set and the Governor has announced he will sign it.

    $10,000,000 is the magic number; grant based is the way it will work.

    Of course, there’s nothing to prevent NHC or the city from showing its support for Johnny and the Film Commission by issuing its own incentive program. But wait, the City supports the Film Commission with a grant which is about equal to Johnny’s compensation.

  • Vog46

    IT doesn’t look good for film incentives it’s not quite over yet from what I can gather. They may decide on tuesday(?).
    As I have said before nothing would surprise me with this Legislature.

    Politics in NC have taken a bizarre turn……


  • Vog46


    “Establish a $10 million grant fund to attract films, TV shows and commercials, replacing a tax credit that last year cost the state $61 million.”

    “But, but….Ted Davis said…….the film commission said, Susie Hamilton said, Sheila Brothers said………”

    C’mon Dittos aka Prestonsc – what happened?
    You WERE right about one thing you said in your hate filled diatribe yesterday:
    “Saner heads have prevailed in Raleigh” or something to that effect.


  • indiwindigoes

    The budget isn’t the only creepy thing the ‘Gold Over People’ Passed . HOUSE BILL 125 basically makes it possible for them to set up a secret email and record system that is forever hidden from public record. wonder why they thought they needed that ???

    ” Public Agency ‘Proprietary’ ( simply change the file .extension for non geeks) Computer Code. – Proprietary computer code written by and for use by an agency of North Carolina government or its subdivisions is not a public record as defined in G.S. 132-1.

    SECTION 2. This act is effective when it becomes law and applies to public records existing before, on, or after that date.

    say you re code you mail server to use mail.NC instead of the usual extension and bingo you have classified mail according to that law that was effective June 2013

    Guess who signed it, Daniel J. Forest, President of the Senate, Thom Tillis, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Pat McCrory,

  • craig

    From what I am hearing this teacher raise is not that good. Seems teachers with longevity will lose a lot while new inexperienced teachers should gain. It looks to me like election year politics. Some will make the headlines to get your vote. My mom who taught for 28 years would be shaking her head right now. It is a shame the legislature does not respect people like my mom. She was a role model and icon. She taught 1st grade and if you could not read after her she would not promote you to second grade. Parents loved and hated her but she stuck to her guns. No read……no go.

  • taxpayer


    How many raises did teachers get when Easley and Perdue were in office?

  • Vog46

    So if I read it right it would appear as though Davis voted FOR the budget, as did Iler. Did politics trump film? DO you give Davis and Iler a pass? Or do we vote them out of office? Only 3 GOP voted AGAINST the budget. To me this says Davis’ character can be called into question because he did NOT stand for his convictions.
    As you film guys have alluded to – film incentives costs account for about 0.016% of the total budget – so in Ted Davis mind it was MORE important for him to SUPPORT his GOP comrades and the Leadership than it was to stand up for film workers. Correct? You see – in the “political mind” its all about support – and damage control. Davis knew the amount of money spent on film was miniscule as far as the budget goes but he also knew, and knew for WEEKS that this issue was already settled and that he lost – so he had to save face so he got a vote of support KNOWING it would fail in the end then he totally capitulated and voted along the lines of his party.
    Do you support a man like this or no film supporters? The answer is you guys don’t have enough clout, plain and simple. Your support rally was pathetic and Rabon and Iler saw this first hand. They knew the votes they MAY lose weren’t something they were afraid of losing so they voted FOR the budget WITH the capped program in place, same with Davis. There were NO supporting industry folks at your rally, meaning they didn’t care. That sent a powerful message – one that you grossly underestimated. As I stated it was several HUNDRED at the rally. Voter turnout is usually 40%. Meaning that AT THE MOST they would lose maybe a couple of hundred votes
    So what does a politician have to lose by stabbing you guys in the back? NOTHING! Rabon and Iler were at your rally gauging the support – then Rabon turned around and proposed the capped program !!! Now, if I read it right Iler and Davis voted FOR the budget with this very same capped program.
    They followed their comrades, their party, over standing by the fim workers.
    Again I could be wrong but I thought I read that only 3 GOP reps voted against this budget.
    In the end the politicians determined it was more important to toe the party line rather than stand shoulder to shoulder with film supporters.
    Do you vote them out or not?


  • nhcscareerteacher

    although I can see how there are several (not the majority, mind you), veteran teachers who feel slighted. I am not qualified to speak on how this effects each situation, but I do know that many hate filled and misinformed articles and comments are out there.one thing that keeps coming up is this: NO TEACHER MAKES LESS THAN THEY DID LAST YEAR. according to 9.1 of the budget:
    SECTION 9.1.(e) A teacher compensated in accordance with this salary schedule shall receive an amount equal to the greater of (i) the applicable amount on the salary schedule or (ii) the sum of the teacher’s salary plus the annual longevity payment that was effective for the 2013-2014 school year. In addition, educators receiving compensation equal to the sum of the teacher’s salary plus the annual longevity payment that was effective for the 2013-2014 school year shall receive an annual bonus of one thousand dollars ($1,000), payable monthly.

    As far as how this truly effects each person with 10+ years experience, I am not qua’ified to comment on. But ot seems to me that although it is way from perfect, most teachrs I know appreciate it, yet cautiously..

  • Vog46

    From Wilmywood Daily:

    “FILM INCENTIVES UPDATE: It has been quite a roller coaster ride over the past week. And what’s been happening in the General Assembly is very confusing. I’ve tried to put out everything in the most simple form, but even then if you are not a political junky, it’s very hard to follow. As it stands at this moment. Film is very much alive.

    People are confused because the House passed the budget, but it has nothing to do with the resolutions on the table at the present moment. It’s complicated, but don’t let that confuse you. 763 is a Revenue Corrections Bill its not a part of the regular budget, therefore it can still be acted upon. It’s not over.

    At the moment, 763 is tucked into the adjournment resolution 881. Now, 763 has the Ted Davis’s amendment in it, which gives us a one year extension of a lower Tier 1(but still Tier 1) incentive, not the $10 million grant that will destroy us.

    We as a film community MUST have this pass, but we are not alone. Also included in 763, are things like JDIG, (Job Development Investment Grant). Without it, our entire economic development structure will shut down. And even more jobs will be at stake besides film.

    The Senate is supposed to convene Tuesday, 10am, however, there is nothing on the calendar, so they might just adjourn the moment they reconvene. Same goes for the House on Wednesday. This would mean we might not see any decisions made until mid August.

    If you see revenue laws or technical corrections on the calendar, that’s when we need to tune in and make those calls to the Senate and ask them to support the extension of the film incentives.”

    Who said ‘ol Vog doesn’t read opposing points of view?????


  • SurfCityTom

    the budget is a done deal with the Governor signing it this week.

    look at the source, “Wimywood”. I thought you knew better.

    What next? Do you read Mad Magazine for the latest happenings update in Wilmington?

    I guess somewhere, someone might report Berger’s re-election chances hinge on a strong write in ballot.

  • Vog46

    I openly stated that I read the opposition point of view. To NOT do so is to leave one’s self uneducated as to how their mind thinks (Or lack of thought……..).
    Mad Magazine? A fine publication and well before it’s time if you ask me ,but there is so little info in there about Wilmington!! For Wilmington info I turn to the U.S. Psychiatric Publications regarding mass hysteria, or the farmers publications regarding sheep herding. Both magazines have provided keen insights into the mind of film supporters.
    But the budget can be amended if I remember my NC Constitution correctly. The question is, will it? The Senate seems intent on adjourning without taking up any new business – and we know who wears the big boy pants in the legislature.
    We shall see


  • SurfCityTom

    The budget is a done deal to be signed into effect this week.

    The Senate had planned to return to session around 08/15 to overturn any vetos by the Governor.

    He’s already announced he’s signing it; no veto.

    With the revenue shortfall and the teachers screaming over the 7% raise as being an insult, I can not imagine they would be able to find the funds to increase the $10,000,000.

    Even if they can, it will remain a grant based incentive.

    If they were smart, the incentive supporters, led by Johnny, would be gearing up now for 2015. Will remain to be seen if they do.

  • Vog46

    The adjournment bill does contain language regarding some spending measures which is why the Senate refused to take it up today. No one is expecting McCrory to veto any of the 17 bills passed up till Saturday that are on his desk. The medicaid revamp and the coal ash regs can still be heard either next week or in November from what I’ve read.
    The Adjournment resolution will have to be agreed upon by both houses before they can actually adjourn
    We shall see – but the budget is NOT the final word on state spending


  • SurfCityTom

    Don’t fuel false hopes for all of those film incentive believers.

    Insofar as film incentives, the budget is $10,000,000.

    They’ve announced a stop in state funding for drivers ed. That could send shockwaves throughout the state when families have to pony up an extra $300 or so in order to allow the youngster to get the drivers license prior to age 18.

    Read your own earlier post.

    Between the 1200+ illegal children, revenue shortfalls, and Medicaid overage, there are no, nor will there be extra funds, available for increased film incentives.

  • Vog46

    Is facing a huge fiscal disaster.
    In his news conference today he is facing a state that is taking in more than 1200 illegal children from our southern borders. That number is expected to go much much higher as these kids are distributed to the states.
    This will put a HUGE fiscal burden on Medicaid and other social services.
    You witnessed the opening salvo of what may be a contentious political issue – as these children will need health care.
    And with revenues expected to run MUCH lower than anticipated this could be a disaster for ur budget that was JUST passed……..


  • Guest2020

    The governor should refuse to take in any illegal immigrants from the federal government.

  • Vog46

    To the Guv he doesn’t know when they come in or how many we’re getting. So how can he refuse ???
    The FEDs are keeping way too much stuff secret


  • Guest2020

    You said that he said that the state was taking on 1200. That indicates he knows something. Either way, the whole thing is outrageous. Washington is letting Americans down by not putting a stop to illegal immigration.


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