Rifle pointed at pizza delivery driver

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Submitted: Mon, 08/04/2014 - 3:12pm
Updated: Mon, 08/04/2014 - 11:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert Friday night when a Domino’s delivery driver drove up to a scene at 11th and Hall Streets, and said he had a rifle pointed at him.

The driver said the resident at 1520 Corbett St. pointed the gun at him, so officers cleared that home. While investigators were there, they noticed marijuana plants in plain sight and obtained a search warrant.

They confiscated several marijuana plants. They also arrested Jason Ray Oxendine Jr, 29, for assault by pointing a gun. Investigators say it does not appear Oxendine fired any shots, but a shell casing was found near 11th Street.


  • Guestfree4all says:

    Hes still a scumbag criminal druggie who sucks off the system.

  • Let the truth be known says:

    Love grove is a nice neighborhood, With a mix of all different ethnic groups. Young families who are starting out. As far as Jason is concerned, he has had a past but does not always define who you are as a person. Since his coma for a drug overdose, which by the way, left him having to relearn every basic skill such as walking, talking, & eating etc.., there have been some cognitive issues as well. However rest assure he is not walking around Nhc or Brunswick county as a top level priority career criminal. Although, I’m sure the pizza delivery guy did not think it was funny, Jason with his warped sense of humor was trying to be funny. And furthermore he was told by the owner of the registered shotgun that it was a airsoft gun….. Even the Wilmington police thought so.. I am appalled by the influx of people who for one do not have their facts straight, and make comments regarding situations… Jason doesn’t have over half of every charge being assaults do your homework sir its public record. The problem is that drug addiction, it is a real disease and this is why his criminal record reflects larcenies and burglaries… And the criminal justice system haha we all know what the problem is with that and BTW if one were to use court appointed attornies and if found guilty,one s required to pay the fees.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I agree with you that his prior convictions aren’t for violent crimes. I agree that his convictions are indicative of him being an adict. However, your statement that addiction is a disease is erroneous. Drug addiction comes about because of choices. It can likewise be overcome by making choices. If he still has problems with addiction, there are a good rehab programs out there that can help him overcome it.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    I hear BANJO music! And this dood’s playin’ it! Ruuuuuuuunnn!!!!

    Jason Ray here has 11 felony convictions and 16 misdemeanor convictions with the majority of them being violent robbery convictions and assaults with deadly weapons.

    WHY is this man still walking around in the public sector as a free man and allowed to commit exactly the same crimes he’s already been convicted of 27 times? 27!!! This person is a career criminal. Just imagine how many others just like him pass by you every day! Being at the wrong place at the wrong time definitely has highly increased odds these days.

    Just say a big ‘ol “THANK YOU” to you local judges and district attorneys! And…remember this well at your next election!

  • Guest2020 says:

    Here are his convictions:

    10 counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle;
    11 counts of larceny;
    1 count of identity theft/fraud;
    1 count of possession of a weapon on campus;
    1 count of conversion by bailee;
    1 count of obtaining property by false pretense; and
    1 count of attempted larceny.

    With the exception of the possession of a weapon on campus (I am not sure of the proper classification), these crimes are considered property crimes and not violent crimes.

    Regardless, it is still outrageous that he hasn’t served more time.

  • Wanda says:

    Its bc he tried a od a few year’s back and had the charges over looked. He spent months in rehabilitation, he had to leave everything again. He has a speach impediment from the damage done from the methadone he tried to od on. He was a problem bf the od and has continued to be. If god gave you a second Chance why not take it?

  • SurfCityTom says:

    your thank you is pointed in the wrong direction.

    Get your legislators to change sentencing laws so this kind of repeat criminal heads to Skull Island or whatever the NC penal colony is off the coast of Brunswick County.

  • Double Bass says:

    Simply because, he makes money for the system being turned loose, (court costs, lawyer fees, rehab?fees, fines.) If he is confined, he costs money. Pure economics.

  • suspicious 1 says:

    This is the newest, cutting edge technology Shot Spotter that City Council bought for the local cop shop. It senses the presence of a weapon and immediately sounds the alarm before any shot is fired.

  • SouthEastNC says:

    How did ShotSpotter detect him pulling a gun but not shooting it? That’s crazy technology.

  • Very interesting. Maybe it’s because shotspotter surveillance mics are on 24/7.


    Even though they won’t release their surveillance mics effective range. The company claims it cannot hear voices from more than 20 feet. Here I am recording from 150 ft


    Why don’t you call the station, or write the channel an email and ask. I bet you won’t get a straight answer. Or better yet. Call Ralph Clark and Shotspotter and ask if they can hear voices, or if their mics are on 24/7.

    Also ask them why they think it’s ok, to keep “data” the surveillance mics capture that doesn’t produce an alert.

    Come to my channel and after you do. Let me know what you find out.

  • Guesteasy says:

    This guys sister was Elisha Tucker, the prostitute killed by James Bradley and found while searching for Shannon Rippy.

  • SayWah? says:

    Sometimes, it just senses bad intensions and sounds the alarm.

  • HumTeeDumbTee says:

    I read on the internet that it’s so advanced it actually contacts the police telepathically to shorten response time. If you read it on the internet you just know that’s got to be true!

  • Guestofferson says:

    Violent criminals with extensive records like this set free to endanger the public and you call it “economics”. People like this don’t have any money for lawyers, they get them free. They don’t have money for fines, they go to jail for short periods of time. What sort of economics are you speaking of? This is nothing other that the revolving courtroom door putting the public in danger!
    Look at this guy. He looks like a cross between an Appalachian in-bred and Lurch from the Adams Family.

  • silly rabbit says:

    Believe it or not those lawyers aren’t working for free. Every time Jason goes to court an attorney is assigned to him and paid for by the public. While it may be free to Jason, it is not free. So not only are the lawyers getting paid, the lawyers are also the ones running for office, getting elected and continuing policies designed to keep there money machine running smoothly as planned. Moreal of the story: Think twice before you elect politicians that work as criminal justice attorneys.

  • Double Bass says:

    I have a friend that has no money, but she got into a jam and unless she paid so much a week for rehab, restitution and such, she would have violated her parole. The court has ways to extort money from the poorest offenders. As for the lawyer fees, no, I suppose he has no money to pay his court-appointed attorney. However, that lawyer will get a piece of the pie somewhere. As I say, he is worth more to the system being arrested over and over than being locked up. Do some research.

  • Double Bass says:

    Just like I said, a prisoner in jail costs money and an offender who keeps being turned loose over and over generates money for attorneys and others. Follow the money trail.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    You sound like a broken record with your silly concept of “economics”. If you had any sense at all and knew a pinto beans worth of facts about our court system, you wouldn’t make such asinine assumptions and absorb it as fact, much less try to convince others of such!

    The court system is slam packed to the brim with cases. Any good attorney in this town turns clients away every day by the droves. Economics is NOT the driver, especially in cases involving career criminals like this! Have you ever read an entire book other than “Dick, Jane and Spot” or the “Cat in the Hat”?

  • Guest2020 says:

    The judge has the option to order the defendant to reimburse the state for the attorney’s fees when the defendant is found guilty or enters a guilty plea. If they judges aren’t doing this, they should be.

  • guesty says:

    There is no expectation of privacy when one is in public.

  • guesty says:

    A second chance, fine. But 27 of them? Maybe we’ll get lucky and he will OD permanently soon.

  • Rusty says:

    It’s been 25+ years since I delivered for Domino’s but it’s high time they cut delivery to areas like this after normal family dinner time. (Or completely!) Same should hold for taxi service too; if the neighborhood isn’t safe for normal people then deal without and DO SOMETHING to clean it up.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    the NAACP will file a lawsuit claiming discrimination.

    In fact, they did in 2 other states.

    With Reverand Farmer it would be a given.

  • tweety12 says:

    He looks like you.

  • tweety13 says:

    My,My,My,the peanut gallery has nothing to say.

  • RickC says:

    I was just over there a few days ago to use the kayak launch. That end of the neighborhood has a number of newer well kept homes and developed lots ready for quite a few more. Even thought about buying one of those several years ago for myself.

    As for Domino’s pizza, you would have to pull a gun on me to get me to eat it. Not as good as it once was.

  • Guestofferson says:

    He hit the nail on the head. This is where the rubber hits the road and where criminals do or do not get a “get out of jail free” card. To see a criminal like this with 27 consistent, serious and violent convictions of this nature goes well too far beyond ANY “sentencing guideline” BS! That sounds all to familiar to a colloquial Clintonism, “Welllll, that depends on what the word sex means counselor.” Total horse-…stuff!!! Know what I mean?

    You and Vog must be from the same school…not knowing when, where or why to take a stand, just spout off a random opinion and try to convince people you know what you’re talking about.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Most of these people getting off easy aren’t due to the sentencing guidelines. It is due to the DAs and judges allowing the lesser pleas.

  • OhhLawd says:

    I am not surprised… I am wondering when the courts will start giving harsher sentences to scum like Jason. The system is greatly flawed.

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