Ex-wife: ‘How could you do this to our daughter?’

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Submitted: Wed, 08/06/2014 - 3:48am
Updated: Wed, 08/06/2014 - 4:25pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man accused of sexually exploiting children and performing sex acts on a dog is trying to have his charges thrown out.

Investigators received a cell phone anonymously earlier this year. The phone allegedly had pornographic pictures on it that ultimately led to the arrest of Derrick Price. Now his attorney is arguing that phone was not theirs to search, and therefore evidence found is unconstitutional.

Price is currently facing charges of sexually exploiting a child among others.

It wasn’t until after he’d been charged that Price’s ex-wife realized her daughters, one of them his child, were the ones police say were pictured in the pornographic images. We are not identifying the mother of the alleged victims in this case so as to not identify the victim.

“I really just, it felt like it was not true. I could not, I just, I couldn’t believe it,” the victims’ mother said. “I just could not believe this was happening. It seemed like this was a nightmare and that somebody would wake me up. ”

Price is currently in jail, but with his bond reduced by more than $1.5 million since his arrest.

Court documents show his lawyer argues that because his phone was searched unconstitutionally the images found on his computer and in his home after the fact are all inadmissible in court.

The mother says after she found out about the charges she confronted Price in jail.

“‘How could you do this to our daughter?'” she recalled asking him. “He said, ‘I didn’t do anything.’ I said, ‘Well you tell me how a 3-year-old can give such detail of sexual actions. How can a 3-year-old do this if she’s not been sexually assaulted?’ He told me, ‘One day she was taking a nap, and she came out of the bedroom, and I was watching pornography. So I guess that is what she saw, but I swear I didn’t touch our daughter.'”

We reached out to Price for comment. He declined our request for an interview in the New Hanover County Jail.

He’ll be in court tomorrow on an unrelated DWI charge and then back in court on these charges on Oct. 9.


  • Disgusted Father says:

    We as a community need to stand up for what’s right and wrong and speak up! These sick minded pedophiles and child abusers are not any better than the lawyer’s who defend them and the judges who CONTINUE TO FAIL OUR CHILDREN. WE NEED TO VOTE OUT THESE JUDGES who have this Good ol boy mentality. Wonder how they would like it if another judge let the pedophile go that sexually abused their child??

  • SurfCityTom says:

    a couple of points.

    It’s not just this community. It’s statewide.

    Just this week, a minister, who also worked @ a Boys & Girls Club was arrested on multiple charges. Kinston

    Update today from Charlotte. A Charlotte police officer and his wife have been charged with multiple counts. They were apparently tag teamng an 8 year old.

    Just this week, a man killed a victim and shot the family members when he became aware he was on the radar. Then killed himself. Happened in Fayetteville.

    Judges have no say on sentencing; and are limited on setting bail.

    Start with the legislature. Get stricter sentencing laws established. That’s where you begin. But it will require some effort; it needs to be a state wide effort.

    Then, force the DA to take these cases to trial. No plea bargain.

    If the suspect requires a public defender, get him the dumbest attorney walking with the worst defense rate.

    The judges are the last stop in the judicial process.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The judges have no say in sentencing, but they do have a say in whether or not a plea agreement is acceptable. Most of the time they just follow what the DA wants, but they do have a say in it. I do think that the responsibility for these plea deals ultimately rests with the DA.

  • Grave says:

    This is what is wrong with our justice system. Lawyers turn things around to make it out that he is the victim it doesn’t matter that the police have pictures of him doing this to his own child among other children it’s that they dident have probable cause to look at his phone that this idiot lost. Things like this just really get me mad.his lawyers want to say that he is sick this is not sick because when someone is sick you can treat or cure their sickness but this you can not treat or cure. I HOPE HIS LAWYER HAS CHILDREN AND HE HAS TO GO THROUGH SOMETHING LIKE THIS I WONDER IF HE WILL BE WILLING TO JUST SAY OH WELL THE HECK WITH THE PICTURES OF HIM ACTUALLY DOING THIS TO THESE CHILDREN OR WOULD HE WANT JUSTICE

  • Guest2020 says:

    Lawyers have an ethical responsibility to defend their clients to the best of their abilities. Anything less could result in sanctions, fines or loss of license. If this case were to be dismissed because of an improper search, then the responsibility would lie with the person(s) who conducted the improper search, not the attorney who is doing his job.

    Regardless of how you feel about an adult’s actions, it is rather despicable that you would wish this on any child.

  • wehaveseveraloftheseinmyfamily says:

    We need to return to a system with long term psychiatric commitment so these people are truly kept away from children forever, not for whatever the plea bargain is for.
    There is currently no treatment, and they do not ever reform.

  • Sober1 says:

    Please pray for all the young children that this monster has harmed.
    Please pray for the children and their mother to receive the love and support they need and to attend counseling to start to begin the healing process. They have every right to a beautiful life.

    While his actions may be inadmissible in court, they won’t be in GOD’s court.

  • burgerboy says:

    Well looky here another “free love” libberal democrat Obama voter trashbag prevert criminal off the streets and in the thug jug where it belongs, I bet any thing this degenerate votes yes for all the gay marriage stuff, knowing that it’s a slippering slope to making pedophillia legal, they should put this discusting bag of trash UNDER the jail and throw away the key too!!!

  • SouthEastNC says:

    Dude – I usually like your baiting posts, and always chuckle when people bite…. but this situation might be one to leave alone.

  • getagrip says:

    All it says is the guy’s lawyer filed a motion. It doesn’t say he WON that motion. It doesn’t even assess how likely he is to win it.

    It doesn’t say “he’s going to go free.”

    It doesn’t say he’s going to win the trial.

    It’s comments like these two hyperventilating screwballs have made that I’m glad we have a justice system, and not a “lynch mob”.

    Learn how to read, dummies. All it says was a motion was filed. Keep your pants on. Take more than 3 seconds to…. THINK…. about things. You might not flip out and have such stupid and disorganized thoughts all the time. You might even become successful in life, over time, if you practice it long enough…

  • Guest2020 says:

    What we need to have is a system that gives harsher sentences for people who choose to commit crimes against children. Save the therapy for the victims.

  • guesty says:

    Scum, don’t mess with children.

  • Chester says:

    In all fairness a lawyer has to do the best job possible for his client. His personal feelings have to be ignored. If other people you dealt with had a sense of ethics like this it would be better. I do not want to see this guy get set free. But he does have the right to a lawyer who does his job.

  • Disgusted Father says:

    If your a PEDOPHILE or ABUSE children you are more than welcome here in New Hanover County. Even if you admit your ABUSE on the stand and evidence to prove it. Guess what it’s still ok because our justice system is not in our children’s favor. In fact if your a PEDOPHILE here in Wilmington you have a green light to continue to do as you please. I have totally lost faith and trust in our justice system here in New Hanover County.

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