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Lee not clear on whether he would accept Senate seat before election


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A state senate candidate is being less than clear about whether he will accept an appointment to the now open seat he seeks.

After Sen. Thom Goolsby announced his resignation last night, he said he wants fellow Republican Michael Lee "to have a running start" as he seeks goolsby's old seat representing the 9th District.

Lee won May's Republican primary for after Goolsby announced earlier this year he would not seek reelection. The question now is if Lee will go into November's race against Democrat Elizabeth Redenbaugh as the incumbent.

The New Hanover County Republican Party Executive Committee gets to select Goolsby's replacement, and that very well could be Lee.

"Michael wants to be the next state senator from New Hanover County," Lee's campaign spokesman Robert Andrews told WWAY via text today when we asked if Lee wants the nomination for Goolsby's seat. "That is why he is running. He will participate in the process, whatever that entails."

Lee was out of town with his family today and not available for an interview, but he did issue a statement.

"No matter what happens over the coming weeks, there will still be an election on Nov. 4, and I look forward to speaking with the voters of the 9th District about strengthening the film tax credit, improving education, investing in infrastructure and bringing jobs to New Hanover County," he said.

The New Hanover GOP Executive Committee will meet next Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. to discuss Goolsby's replacement. County party chair Sam Ibrahim says Lee will be among the names considered.

New Hanover County Republicans have filled an empty seat with a candidate before. In 2012, Republicans appointed Ted Davis, the a New Hanover County Commissioner and Republican nominee for the seat, to fill out the final months of Danny McComas's final term in the House. Davis then won his race for the seat by 20 points in November over Democrat Emilie Swearingen.

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Hate being gamed...and it's only August!

I look forward to speaking with the voters of the 9th District about strengthening the film tax credit, improving education, investing in infrastructure and bringing jobs to New Hanover County," he said.

So...nothing but a 4-point spending plan. Crap.

Lee is a good man and will

Lee is a good man and will represent us well.

Fools of a feather. . .

0fcourse Lee is going to accept the seat. He would be a fool not to and WE WOULD BE FOOLS to think Lee wasn't aware of Goolsby's plan way in advance. Please folks, this is a perfect picture of sour politics. I might have considered him for the office in Nov. but not now. This is playing politics at it's best and there's too much of that going on already. Time to take a closer look at Redenbaugh.

that is a text book move

that is a text book move right from Page 1 of the Demorats own book, how do yaw like a taste of your own medicene, ask a couple sheriffs how that works

re: Fools of a feather...

While I have not always agreed with Goolsby and the way he voted, Redenbaugh has shown her color...a tax & spend liberal who wholeheartedly supports increasing government spending programs.


. . . . and Goolsby has shown his true colors by underhandedly "retiring" so that party can get who they want in office. It's all a bunch of *&%$#@#!!! on both sides and you know it. I will vote and I will not go for the person who continues to pull this political garbage. I'm not as dumb as Goolsby obviously thinks John Q Public is. I am done with it. Surely you don't agree with what Goolsby is trying to pull, do you?? I mean REALLY????

Then do what the people in the city of Wilmington do...

...keep your whiney butt at home and don't vote at all! That always gets results.


I am not whining. I am stating a fact that anyone with an ounce of common sense would know to be true. It's all a game for these elected officials. They really don't give two hoots or a tinkers damn about anyone but themselves. That's why nothing is ever done, nothing is ever accomplished... it's all about the game. I will vote because it's my duty to do so and I haven't missed an election in years. Why don't you stay home? Surely there's something on tv you can watch.