EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Turning mold into a gold-en idea

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Submitted: Thu, 08/07/2014 - 1:33am
Updated: Thu, 08/07/2014 - 3:44am

OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY)– Here in the south, we all know humidity can wreak havoc in many, many ways. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week developed a new way keep indoor humidity from creating mold. Set it and forget it! He turned mold into a gold-en idea….

It can get quite hot and humid on this stretch of Highway 17 in Ocean Isle Beach and the sign says so!
It can get kind of steamy in this warehouse…too. Perfect place for a biology expert, right?

“Mom and Dad weren’t too happy when I deviated from my degree in biology,” Brian Smith said. “So it’s kind of neat that full circle I get to use my biology degree and figure out why mold grows in an apartment.”

Mold is making Brian Smith a very popular man in the apartment construction industry.
From builders, to even homeowners from across the country, he has found a way to improve mold’s arch enemy…the dehumidifier.

“This one is going to California, to a single family homeowner,” Brian explained as he spoke of the spawning business.

In his Ocean Isle warehouse are boxes of his Innovative Dehumidifier soon to be shipped out.
“Architects and engineers have caught on as well,” he said. “We presented in Chicago, at the AIA, wich is the national architects show(2014 American Institute of Achitects)”

His new dehumidifier took home top prize this year. The problem with the traditional dehumidifiers, Brian says, is that people in mold prone apartments weren’t using them properly when given to them as the mold remedy. “If it’s noisy, people aren’t going to use it,” he said. “If it’s in the way, people aren’t gonna use it. If they have to continuously drain a tub or pan, they are less likely to use it.”

So, put it in a wall, make it self-sufficient, and make it bring humidity levels down without people knowing it. It is that ‘set it and forget it’ concept that’s now spreading, but unlike mold…it’s a welcome sight.

“One, or 1000, is not an uncommon order for us,” Brian said of the wide range of folks interested in the product.

A new way to deal with an old, mold, problem, Brian? Well…that’s extraordinary!

For more information on Brian’s Innovative Dehumidifier, check out his website.


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