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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After 16 years helping southeastern North Carolina through hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, droughts, floods and so much more, Jerry Jackson is heading up the coast.

Jerry has accepted a new job as chief meteorologist at WNCT-TV in Greenville.

“My decision to move to a larger television market was difficult,” Jerry said. “Our viewers have been so supportive through the years, and the staff of WWAY are my friends. However, the position at WNCT will allow my family to move closer to home. My wife recently accepted a full-time position as biology instructor with a nearby university. After much prayer and consideration, this is the right move for us.”

Jerry started at WWAY in 1998 after graduating from NC State. He became morning meteorologist in 2006 and was promoted to chief meteorologist in 2010.

“I could fill five pages with WWAY memories, many of them quite humorous,” Jerry said. “I once covered a snowstorm at the Wilmington airport, and the antenna mast froze on our live truck. We had to use a broom handle to knock it back into place. Of course, I remember the darker moments, including the unprecedented flooding of Hurricane Floyd. But most memories are pleasant. I particularly enjoy meeting with college graduates who once toured our WWAY studios in kindergarten.”

Colleagues say Jerry has been a tremendous asset to the WWAY team.

“Jerry’s been on air longer than almost everyone in the station’s 50-year history,” said WWAY interim news director Kevin Wuzzardo, who shared the Good Morning Carolina anchor desk with Jerry for more than three years. “I think most of us here, like many of our viewers, thought Jerry would always be here, because he’s become so much a part of us. But life is all about timing, and when you look at the opportunity for Jerry to move to a bigger market and be closer to family, all you can do is wish your friend the best. For those of us here and at home watching, Jerry has been a tremendous friend. He’s so much more than just a meteorologist, and we will all miss him dearly.”

Jerry’s last day on air at WWAY will be Aug. 15. The station hopes to name his replacement very soon.

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  • Melissa

    Mr. Jerry, I hate to see you leave, but Good Luck with your position. I only watch tv 3 for the weather report, to me it’s the only channel that has the accurate weather report. Maybe the gentleman that is coming in willbe ok,but will never fill your shoe. God bless you and your family!!!!

  • ireckon

    Greenville Jerry! Holy carp! Why, why, why? Now we are stuck with “Howard Cosell” on channel 6! Geez! Seriously, good luck Jerry! I too will miss that drawl. Don’t ever change it, I don’t care who says so!

  • Donna Shawver

    Geez, Jerry, guess I’ll be looking for you and your mosaic when I visit family in Greenville. Wish you and yours all the best!

  • Theresa Ring

    Say it is not so! We will miss you greatly! We have watched you grow up! Thank you for the years of dedicated service. Wishing you the very best! Charlie and Theresa Ring, Wilmington, NC

  • taxpayer

    reminds of the weather report in the movie Doc Hollywood…smooth with a Southern drawl…very nice.

  • Sue Beaman

    We are proud of your many accomplishments and wish you the best in Greenville. So glad you and your family are coming home!!!

    Aunt Sue, Gary, Kristen, Heather, Bradley, Maysa

  • Jerry Jackson

    I want to thank all of you for the kind words. Your support through the years meant so much, and I will miss my extended broadcast family.


    Jerry Jackson

  • Sue Beaman

    Hey Shannon

    We are so proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best on your next journey. Your family is very glad you, Sharon and Connor are coming home!!.

    Aunt Sue, Gary, Kristen, Heather, Bradley and Maysa

  • Hosea Williamson

    Jerry, We will sure miss you. you always did a good job.

  • Robin

    I don’t want to miss this opportunity to say thank you. You have served tirelessly for many years. I remember when you first came on air…the most thorough forecast EVER! I recall how you explained “why” things were happening and not just “saying” the weather forecast. I must say that there have been two sad days for me regarding the weather; the first being when Kim Downing passed (another great weatherman/guy) and your leaving is the second. Wishing you well in your new job and God bless you and yours always.

  • Guest3130

    When our family first moved to Wilmington, WWAYTV-3 in the morning with Marcy, Kevin & Jerry made us feel at home – my grandson went on a field trip to the station to learn about meteorology and now he very much wants to be a meteorologist. Thanks, Jerry, for that and everything else! We will sorely miss you!

  • SurfCityTom

    from Roy and Dale, “Happy Trails To You”

    I’d be careful sporting a State sticker on your vehicle around Greenville.

  • USMC

    Jerry: Really sad to see you go, but career advancement is what we all want. Thanks for 16 great years keeping us informed and hope you have many successful years before you. Good Luck!

  • Taxpayer II

    I must say that in my 50+ years, you are the best on television of all
    the stations I have watched. Good luck!!!!

  • David Davis

    I will miss you Jerry. You were so nice to me when we visited the newsroom a few years ago. The storm fests will not be the same anymore for me. The atmosphere academy helped me learn a lot. The Hurricane Hazel special was fantastic. You will be GREATLY missed. Goof Luck, Your Friend,Davis

  • clinton smith

    I just wont be the same withou you
    You will be deeply missed good luck to you and you familiarize

  • Rusty

    Best of Luck to you Sir :)

  • Brian Fairbanks

    Sorry too hear that you are leaving WWAY. You will surely be missed by us all. Good luck!

  • we will miss you jerry. not only on wway but in the town if wallace, we have enjoyed you on the air and as a citizen in wallace. we thank you again for your refresher on hurricane preparednes at the wallace fire department. we wish you well in your move.

  • guest45

    Jerry you brought a lot of class to the newsroom, will miss you, but I too look forward to getting out of this town, lucky you!

  • g proctor

    Short and sweet,,,
    You will be greatly missed…..

    Good luck!

  • Martyn hawkins

    You will be deeply missed. You have a very gentle personality, are extremely knowledgeable, and I wish you every happiness with your new employer. I hope they realize what a gem they have in you.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    When Jerry Jackson’s forecast varied from the NWS forecast, put your money on Jerry.

    You will be sorely missed, sir!

  • Christopher Jackson

    Daddy and I are very proud of you…we know you will be successful no matter what. We will miss seeing you on Channel 3, and will miss as well the many good folks that you worked with there. God bless/best wishes to you, and likewise to all of the staff at WWAYTV3. Thank you for giving Jerry his start! Christopher and Jerry Jackson (Sr.)

  • Linda Ferrell

    Such a class act. The Cape Fear region was blessed to have you all these years.

  • Ann Hartis-Lennon

    Just want to wish you the BEST of the BEST with your future, and to thank you for your service to the general public. Your informative forecasts helped myself and my family plan for the bad AND the good weather. You will be missed, but you will definately be a huge asset to the new station that you will be working for. Thanks again !!! and Good Luck !!!

  • Heather Ratliff

    A wonderful person, great friend, and number one meteorologist… That is you Jerry! Matt and I want to wish you the best at your new job in Greenville. My most wonderful memories of you at WWAY though are: you taking the time out to come to Wallace Elementary to educate our kids about weather, teaching my scout den about what it is like to be a meteorologist, and let’s not forget, you having to turn my students and I away from our field trip at the station due to close by tornadoes! ;). Boy, you hated having to do that, but you wanted to keep us safe. Thank you for your hard work at WWAY both in the station and out! May God continue to bless you, Sharon and Connor!


    Heather Ratliff

  • Peggy

    We are going to miss you Jerry. Your weather presentation style is the best! You are precise and easy to understand. Best wishes!

  • Dale Robbins

    Well we didnt cry the day Kaitlynn spilled her milk on yall new set ,so we cant cry today.You will be missed but we really enjoyed working and knowing you BEST OF LUCK to you and your family.The Robbins family Stormtracoker Southport ,NC

  • Faye Irving

    Jerry, will miss seeing you on WWAY3! I will get to see you for a little longer cause I now live in Jacksonville NC & I can watch you on WNCT for a few months!! Going back to Wilmington first of year!!!! That’s our home !!! Wish you all the best in Greenville!

  • Sandra B. Fox

    I have loved your weather forecasts, Mr. Jackson.
    You are the best weatherman ever!

    Best wishes in Greenville. Our family enjoyed the Look Back
    that Marcy Cuevas put together.

    Thank you for 16 years of excellence in weather!!

    Sandy Fox and Family

  • charles&Norma Reaves

    Jerry we have really enjoyed the 16 years with you on wwaytv3 you will really be missed god bless you with your new job love you friend

  • Brenda Hogan

    We have watched you for over 10yrs.. Share posts on Facebook!! We wi truly miss you here in BSL but very happy for you and your family!!!

  • D


  • Stephen

    I just wanted to say goodbye to Jerry. I’ve watch you come up the ranks and you are a genuin person with humble attributes. There have been times I thought you got the short end of the stick at WWAY, yet you were always humble and kept giving your best. I wish you well and God’s blessings to you and your family.

  • John Gibson

    I only started watching your station just a few months ago and it was because of Jerry Jackson. I liked his style and how he presented the weather news. I miss him and wish him well.
    I must admit I don’t accept change very well, but will try my best to adjust to Scott Dean who appears to be doing a good job.

  • smith

    I know why and fully understand your decision but I sure hate to see you go Good Luck

  • Martyn Hawkins

    Just spoke to your family and they didn’t really want to tell you they hate your guts and don’t want you back. They want you to stay in WILM until you retire.
    WWAY has put together an exceptional team.
    The truth is you are magnificent. It is a delight to even listen to your gentle NC drawl. You are very special. Never change!

  • Pam Price

    Sure hate to see you leave, Jerry. Your dedication to providing viewers with the most up to date forecasts has been obvious from day one. Best wishes.

  • Jaxon

    What in the world are they going to do with out you. You are what is holding sway together. Will miss you. Have a wonderful new time in your new quest

  • fanofjerry

    Thank you, Mr. Jackson, for serving Wilmington with your expertise and terrific communication skills for these16 years. Greenville is blessed to have you! You will be missed by many here in southeast NC for sure. S

  • Guest2020

    I am so happy for your opportunities. I don’t recall any meteorologist being more accurate in their forecasting than you have been all these years. You will be missed.

  • Phillip

    Jerry I came to Southport in 05/98 and have enjoyed you ever since – especially your trips to Southport to be part of our Home Tour and Winter Festival. Good luck in Greenville!

  • William Jackson

    Jerry, congratulations on your move up to Greenville to work for a television station that late last year celebrated 60 years on the air, and grew up watching them in Northeastern North Carolina, i will get to see you when i visit family up there, i wish you all the best!.

  • Rick Cashwell

    Jerry, I want to say a heartfelt “thank you” for all those late night news weather forecasts you gave us by starting out with “Thank you for staying up late with us tonight”. The first time I ever heard those words come out of your mouth, I must confess and say that I really wondered about this “hayseed”, and wonder how long he’s going to stick around this community of mostly transplanted “yankees”. I’ve often found myself joking with my wife and family, friends, etc., by speaking those same words (albeit it good natured humor, and not mocking). I no longer live in Wilmington, but visit relatives frequently, and can’t tell you how much we look forward to coming in, and turning on the news just for the purpose of hopefully hearing you give the forecast. You no longer say those words (at least when we see you), and I can see the immense growth in you and your delivery (sure do miss you giving that missive, however). You are a fine young man, and a class act, and we are so going to miss you. (I have no doubt that my wife would probably run your fan club if you had one). Blessings to you, and your family and much success is our wish for you. It will be nice for you to be able to be closer to “home”, but rest assured that Wilmington’s loss will be Greenville’s HUGE gain!

  • Karen Ladley

    I wish you all of the best and know you will be incredible in any market. I enjoyed working with you so many years ago. You are one of the few people I have worked who has stayed in the business and I so happy for you.

    All the best to you and Sharon.

    Karen Schradin Ladley

  • T & M Ciotti

    Just wanted to say to Jerry, you are an outstanding meteorologist and congratulations on your new position. We rate you right up there along with the likes of Sam Champion and Ginger Zee. You are definitely the very best in this area and we want to thank you for sharing your weather knowledge with us and wish you and your family all the best in your future. You will be sorely missed!!!!

  • Jen Bundgaard

    We are losing the best local weather person hands down! What a professional and likable person Jerry Jackson is.
    All the best to you and your family!

  • The Millers

    Jerry we have trusted you since day one! We will miss you and only hope the very best for you and your family!

  • Elizabeth Massimino

    Dear Shannon (Jerry): You have meant so much to my family, we cannot say good-bye. Thanking you for all you’ve done, would take days. We so appreciate the hours of your time that you selflessly sacrificed to teach Steven. We also always appreciated each and every accurate weather forecast – outdoing all other sources (in Shannon we trust). We wish you, Sharon and your family happiness and success in your new city- they don’t yet know how lucky they are to have you. Wilmington’s loss is Greenville’s gain.The Dilley and Roemer families.


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