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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory has signed into law a North Carolina state government budget bill that raises teacher and state employee salaries significantly for the first time in years.

McCrory signed the measure during an Executive Mansion ceremony Thursday morning.

The Republican governor announced his intention to sign the bill last week. The $21.1 billion bill adjusts the second year of the two-year budget law approved last summer.

The measure gives $1,000 raises to most state workers and an average 7 percent increase for teachers.

Democrats and other critics say veteran teachers are getting very small raises and losing separate longevity salary supplements. McCrory says naysayers failed to offer alternative plans.

Republicans say current teacher assistant positions were preserved, even as funding for assistants fell $85 million compared to last year.

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10 Comments on "McCrory signs $21.1 billion budget into law"

2015 years 10 months ago

Somewhat better about tweaks to the budget – it appears as though there’s NO CHANCE for film incentives in August:

“Meanwhile, Senate leaders say they’re not coming back in August at all/”

And the November session seems to be concerned with Medicaid and nothing else:

“”With Gov. McCrory’s decision to sign the budget, the Senate has concluded its business until the previously agreed to session on Medicaid reform in November,” said Shelly Carver, spokeswoman for Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger.”

This makes me wonder if Iler and other “there’ still a chance” group are pandering and posturing to make it look like they’re trying, when in fact it appears to be over?

2015 years 10 months ago

the same when both houses adjourn.
Until then there remains the hope that budget tweaks can happen.

I agree that the Senate has no reason to reconvene, therefore they should adjourn, however the house adjournment resolution is not clear cut apparently.
The senate needs to explicitly tell the lower chamber that the business is finished in Raleigh.


2015 years 10 months ago

the Senate has no reason to return for a special session on 08/14.

Speaker Berger has announced the Senate will return in November as previously announced.

Those die hard proponents of film incentive increases; it’s not happening this year.

You can continue with the end of the world speachifying and wailing or start preparing your campaign for the 2015 legislative session.

You really should retain a competent lobbyist. And, you should develop 1 script, with real facts, from which you will all speak.

2015 years 10 months ago

you know where you heard it first. From a budget standpoint, the Senate effectively sets the tone.

It was over weeks ago.

Iler and his ilk must gain some gratification by fueling false hopes.

In the absence of an effective lobbyist, and preperation planning now for 2015, their only hope is not going to be much more than a fizzle for 2015.

2015 years 10 months ago

Thank you Governor and State Representatives for our raise and bonus leave. I am a state employee and have not seen any raise in years when the Dems were in control. It is much appreciated. That $60.00 extra every month will help with the next CPUA rate increase.

Long Time State Employee
2015 years 10 months ago

While I appreciate that we FINALLY received a pay raise after 6 years without one, the extra $60 a month does little to offset the cost of living for all the years we went without a pay raise. $60 a month equals only $15 a WEEK. $15 a week doesn’t even make a dent in what one has to spend on insurance, groceries, gas, providing for your family, a vehicle and putting a roof over your head. In my department, we risk our lives DAILY but are only worthy of $15 a week and teachers are worth 7% AND receive raises every year??? So unfair. VERY thankful for what we got, but disgruntled for the years we are forgotten about and deemed unworthy.

2015 years 10 months ago

I totally agree that all state employees deserve more money. But please don’t try to pit one group of public servants against another. Especially using incorrect information.

Teachers have had their pay frozen since 2008. We do not get raises every year. Nor did we get a 7% raise this year. That number was thrown out by the General Assembly in the hopes that people like you would believe it and vote for the education-friendly politicians. The AVERAGE 7% raise actually bumps up the lower end of the pay scale, the brand-new teachers coming out of college (yes, a four-year degree is required for our enormous salaries) so that NC doesn’t look as bad compared to other states. Meanwhile, the most experienced teachers get less than 1% increase in pay. Since teachers no longer receive longevity pay like you do, some teachers will actually make less with this new scale. Thankfully they will receive an add-on to bring them up a tad.

Also, please keep in mind that there is no upward mobility for teachers. Teachers cannot get promotions and raises outside of what is written in the schedule. We do not have a salary range, just a single set number. If we want to make more money we have to switch careers. Either get out of education outright or go into administration. Administration is not teaching – the jobs are radically different and have as much in common as a nurse and a hospital administrator.

2015 years 10 months ago

more folks need to beat that drum.

They did not get a raise during Smiley’s administration.

The Teachers’ Association did contribute a total of $2 million to her election campaign.

She sure took care of them.

I wonder if they’d support her for another 4 year term?

2015 years 10 months ago

“While I appreciate that we FINALLY received a pay raise after 6 years without one, the extra $60 a month does little to offset the cost of living for all the years we went without a pay raise. $60 a month equals only $15 a WEEK. $15 a week doesn’t even make a dent in what one has to spend on insurance, groceries, gas, providing for your family, a vehicle and putting a roof over your head.”

Were you this vocal about the issue when Easley and Perdue were in office? I certainly don’t remember any Moral Monday marches when they were in office. Although answered by another poster, teachers did not receive raises every year.

Be thankful for the raise you received. You didn’t get any when a Dem was governor.

Teacher's wife
2015 years 10 months ago

There is a good chance that your raise was actually bigger than a long-time teacher’s. Considering that he/she had his/her longevity check taken away and you did not. Your $1000 raise and the ability to continue longevity pay likely exceeds the raise that a teacher with the same amount of experience on the job will get. Plus, you get an extra five days of paid vacation that teachers do not.

Like another poster stated, you should not be so eager to complain about another public servant’s raise. You should be ready to fight for a sustainable increase in pay for all state employees.


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