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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — NC Senate candidate Elizabeth Redenbaugh held a fundraiser at The River Room Saturday evening with former Gov. Jim Hunt.

Hunt spoke about how the North Carolina government would be better if Redenbaugh was in office compared to what Republicans have done with the budget and education.

Hunt, North Carolina’s longest serving governor, believes education is the root of our state, and that was being cut in the budget that was recently signed by Gov. Pat McCrory.

“This new budget has led to an increase in class size all over North Carolina including New Hanover County,” Hunt said. “It’s going to mean teacher assistants are going to be cut out. A lot of them were cut out last year. Even more will be cut out this year. It’s going to hurt North Carolina.”

Redenbaugh, a Democrat, is running for the 9th District Senate against Republican Michael Lee.

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  • Erlkoenig

    Keep in mind Democrats, this is the same Lady who stabbed her old party in the back for a moment of fleeting fame.

    Oh wait. That’s makes her a perfect Democrat.

  • deputy25

    dont forget that the dems had control for over 100 years and got us into this mess to start with.

  • C B Lewis

    Redenbaugh is who the Democrats needs as they got us in this mess and she will put us right back in. The Republicans are doing their best to get N C back on it feet and we all know what the Democrats will do as they have prove it over and over period. Redenbaugh is not a Republicans for sure so if you want what we have been having go with Redenbaugh.

  • beach guy

    Remember folks Big Jim is the one that started our race to the bottom for education! And Redenbaugh doesn’t know what party she belongs to as long as she can run for office I guess she cannot make a living honestly like the rest of us

  • molly

    They’ve done such wonderful job so far….fastest growing poverty rate in the nation!


    Those tax breaks for the wealthiest donors sure have helped in the “Carolina Comeback”! (hahahahaha!)

    The GOP can’t keep claiming the Democrats caused all state’s problems when they’ve controlled the General Assembly since 2010, and the following have only gotten worse for North Carolina: poverty, unemployment, health care, education and the environment.

  • beach guy

    The poverty level has been rising in the entire country since 2008 when your community organizer took over now he is bragging about our rapid return to prosperity he fails to mention that the average salaries in this country are down 12% the highest number of new jobs are in the service and hospitality sectors which pay far less than manufacturing and technology and would not exist except for the rich people spending their money
    and since you cannot count 2010 to 2014 is four years
    But why can’t we blame 148 years of bad government and excessive spending on the party that was in charge sooner or later you have to pay the bills that means you have to spend less
    Your guy has been blaming Bush and the Republicans since the day he was sworn in.
    The tired argument of tax breaks for the wealthiest is the biggest crock there is do you ever think for yourself or even own a calculator?
    and how has health care gotten worse you have your glorious Obama Care
    the environment for Pete’s sake how much either good or bad can you effect the environment in one state in four years.
    the unemployment rate it at it lowest point in over five years
    teachers just got a raise and and not from the democrats
    as far as test scores are concerned we are seeing improvement in the charter schools but not so much from the public schools

    If you have a Job other than spewing party rhetoric look at your payroll tax it has went down not up. that means more money in the pocket of everyone that has a job.
    also what percentage of the taxes in total do the wealthiest pay? The last number I heard was that the richest 1% pay 65% of the taxes in this country and 47% which I believe you a part of pay 0 as in nada zip zilch.
    So you tell me who is paying the bills?


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