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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach is taking the lead on an environmental effort to “rise above plastic.” Town Council will discuss a possible ordinance against plastic bags tonight.

Sometimes known as the modern day tumble weed. It’s that plastic bag blowin’ in the wind.

A common site that’s becoming a common problem for our oceans. That’s why The Cape Fear Surfrider Foundation is pushing for laws to reduce the demand for plastic and Carolina Beach is taking the lead.

“It’s an opportunity for other New Hanover municipalities to see how it rolls out in that community and then hoping we can take that ordinance and get it implemented countywide.”

They want to come up with an ordinance that will suit everyone.

“This is not a new concept in North Carolina,” Crouch said. The Outer Banks is closing in on the fifth year with an ordinance against plastic bags.

Some in the Cape Fear would like to see such a ban here.

“I definitely support this ban 100% we of anybody should pay special attention,” said Pleasure Island sea turtle project volunteer coordinator Nancy Busovne.

Busovne says she’s seen the impact plastic bags have had first hand.

“We have done necropsies on turtles that have swallowed plastic bags,” Busovne said.

Sea turtles commonly mistake floating plastic bags in the ocean for their favorite food; jelly fish, causing thousands of deaths annually.

Carolina Beach store owner Amy Sawyer says she’s been ready for this for a while.

“I’ve been open a little over two years and from the get go I always went with paper,” Sawyer said.

Crouch hopes his presentation at the Carolina Beach Town Council meeting will be the turning point.

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