Educators, supporters protest along busy Wilmington road

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Submitted: Wed, 08/13/2014 - 8:22pm
Updated: Wed, 08/13/2014 - 11:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington area teachers and their supporters took a stand for education today.

Decked out in red, they stood along South College Road near UNCW at lunchtime to make a statement about what they call the disrespectful actions of the General Assembly toward students and educators.

“We’re dissatisfied with their budget,” media specialist and librarian Barbara Andersen said. “We feel that it is a disservice to our children, which is our future, and we’re tired of being disrespected and not taken seriously as a profession.”

Many educators are critical of the recently approved state budget and its funding for education, including teacher pay. They say now some veteran teachers will lose money and not see any raises.


  • dean bailey says:

    why dont you ever ask where is the ed. lottery going. so no more money for schools or teachers to you ask where is all that money going. i vote no

  • Lynn Shoemaker says:

    First, the education lottery is only a minute fraction of the education budget, so it’s unreasonable to rely on the lottery to support our education system. It isn’t the school system that ‘wins’ the lottery.
    Second, protesting is a First Amendment Right; there is only one thing wrong with teachers standing on a roadside with signs: that it is even necessary. If WE as a community, as a state, respected our licensed public school teachers as the professionals that they are, then they wouldn’t be on a street fighting for justice via a liveable salary and respectful work conditions. WE are the ones who should be ashamed for not demanding that our teachers have due respect!

  • suspicious 1 says:

    You would think teachers would have a little more dignity and class than to stand beside the road with signs. Not a very good way to be “taken seriously”. There are better ways to make a point, since those who pass by really have no power to change such matters.

  • Supporter says:

    Dignity? Where’s the dignity of having to work two or three jobs to support your family because you are a professionally trained public school teacher and the pay scale in NC is so embarrassingly low it does not allow you live with any dignity at all if all you do IS teach school…so dignity, yes, that is completely the point!!!! I voted for McCrory, and will not make the same mistake again. He doesn’t get it, and neither do you. Duh.

  • taxpayer says:

    “If WE as a community, as a state, respected our licensed public school teachers as the professionals that they are, then they wouldn’t be on a street fighting for justice via a liveable salary and respectful work conditions.”

    Their wages are higher now than they ever were when Easley and Perdue were in office. When the Democrats controlled the Legislature and the Governor’s office….where were the raises then?

  • A teacher says:

    Way to interject politics and disregard the content of the post…

  • trebor says:

    how is stating a fact disregarding the content of a post?

  • taxpayer says:

    It’s all political, A teacher. Where were the teachers and their protests during previous administrations? You weren’t…because the NEA didn’t tell you to.

  • A teacher says:

    I’m referring to the post you responded to, which had no reference of either political party or the NEA. Using a straw man argument to push your agenda isn’t fooling anyone, except maybe the guy below you who is ignorant enough to take your bait.

  • Erlkoenig says:

    I would think if pay was such an issue they could muster up more than 4 people and 1 leftover hippy. Especially since it’s summer when most teachers are not working. Next time offer free food. You will at least get more hippies.

  • chester says:

    I frankly do not think teachers deserve a raise. With and average pay of 45,00 I think they are paid fairly. Especially considering the quality of students they are turning out. I hear about the parents are not helping and the students are not trying. I understand this is a problem. But why are the passing the idiots. Flunk them, cold and simple. Paying bonus’s on the students passing is just plain stupid. This is encouraging teachers to pass students who are not qualified. Maybe they are not making the highest wages in the country. But they do not deserve them.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Teachers make more than the average salary in North Carolina. So try to imagine what kind of shape so many others are in. What kind of raises did teachers get in the years before McCrory took office?

  • USMC says:

    First off, they should have checked the pay scale in NC before deciding to become a teacher here (duh). Secondly, maybe they should learn to make their lifestyle fit their income instead of the other way around. They make more than enough considering they expect parents to do their jobs and load the kids with homework. This is what THEY are getting paid for.

  • NCTeach says:

    They DID check the pay scale before deciding to become teachers. And then the government changed the pay scale, costing teachers thousands of dollars.

    Do you honestly think that by helping your child with his homework you are doing the job of a teacher?

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    North Carolinas average salary is the peoples fault. NC was never a state of people sticking together for equality within the financial spectrum…and never will be. With high taxes and crappy roads…someones taking home all that bacon…and it ain’t Y’allzins!

  • The Sheriff says:

    Would somebody please call a whaaaaaambulance and order them up some french cries and wheineken’s?


  • Old Guy says:

    Yeah to the law makers in NC for doing the right thing by giving ALL State employees a raise. Those clerks in the courthouse and other State employees that have been working for the same wage for the past five years will finally get a deserved wage hike. Now as far as the teachers they are NOT the only State employees! There are other people that do just as much work if not more behind the scenes then the teachers will ever know. They are a bunch of selfish people thinking its all about them.

  • Guest2020 says:

    That’s not to mention all the state employees who have lost their jobs in recent years due to budget cuts. There is a lot of hardship going on and teachers are the only ones complaining.

  • The watcher says:

    These people were only out there for about 30-40 minutes. They called all the local media and after getting on camera, they all went home. It’s a sham.

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