FIRST ON 3: Two officers suspended; Leland PD asks SBI to probe missing evidence

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Submitted: Thu, 08/14/2014 - 3:07am
Updated: Thu, 08/14/2014 - 3:50pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland police have asked the State Bureau of Investigation to look into one of their own.

The SBI says agents are now investigating an issue involving missing evidence. But that’s not the only issue within the department.

Town Manager David Hollis says two officers involved in two separate investigations are each suspended without pay pending the outcome.

Det. Davis Patrick McGowan is suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation regarding missing evidence. Hollis would not say how the department learned of the issue with evidence, but he did say they had asked the SBI to investigate the issue farther.

“If we came to a point where we couldn’t determine what the incident result was, you know how it occurred, or there is no conclusion, that’s when we would ask for assistance,” Hollis said.

According to his Linked In page, McGowan has been with the department for seven years and was previously a Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputy.

Also suspended without pay is Ryan O’Connor. You may recall he was cited for DWI in Pender County last fall. Hollis says this is a totally separate investigation and would not give us any more details citing the investigation.


  • Mr Wong says:

    I have heard of other police departments being shut down or otherwise being taken over by other agencies before. Maybe its time for the Leland PD to be taken over, problems just never seem to end with them. I have lived here most of my life and honestly all I ever see the Leland PD do is sit at gas stations (maybe they get free coffee and doughnuts?). Just last evening….I saw one of the officers sitting in the empty lot across from Waterford in that very nice Dodge SUV…Durango I think it is…an hour later I pass by again…Durango still there…only now he has company…another LPD officer in his charger pulled up and they appeared to just be talking. I wonder what that hour costs the tax payers here? Gas…wear and tear on the cars (the never shut them off)…the officers salaries…Isn’t this a manner of stealing? I wonder how many crimes were committed last night while these two were working? Its just shameful I think…. Perhaps the Navassa police could take over for Leland? Its time for a change folks

  • Jennifer Willetts says:

    This is so true. That Durango is always there. For hours must be noce while the working pays for their gas for them to sit in the car and do nothing.

  • beach here says:

    theres something in the water on that side of the river

  • Amy Veader says:

    Leland Police dept has been corrupt for years!
    Its no surprise to the residents of Leland anymore.

    Dirty cops are hired regardless of backround.

    Mayor BOZOman is never seen or heared, but I am sure she is cashing the paycheck without any guilt.

    The police force and city hall needs to be cleaned out and a whole new
    police dept and city hall staff need to be brought in.

  • guest123123 says:

    The sheriffs department could be contracted to handle the entire town. Would probably save the town a bunch of money also.

  • leland resident says:

    Someone please tell me how do you hire a police officer that has already been fired from another department for DWI. A number of Leland officers have been fired from other departments.

  • Kyle Irving says:

    Leland residents,

    Remember, the next time you vote that Mayor Bozeman has known about the problems in the Leland Department for years. To “fix the problem” she hires family friend David Hollis. And Mr. Clean, Mike James to run the disgraced department.

    Mayor Pro Tem, Pat Battleman has known about the problems for years.
    District Attorney, Jon David has known about the problems for years.
    Sheriff Ingram has known about these problems for years.
    The State Attorney General/SBI has known about these problems for years.

    All of these are elected officials and at any time could pick up the phone and ask the US Justice Department to take a look at what is going on. Certainly, the Justice Department would want to look at a department, the size of Leland, and wonder why only 3 ranking members have been employed with the department for more than 4 years. One of those, ranking members, was suspended for 30 days for wrongfully arresting someone recording him. Another, investigated for series of felonies. Out those fired, how many quit in order to have the criminal charges about to be filed against them dropped?

    In conclusion, the voters North Carolina,Brunswick County, and Leland put these people into office.

    Time to vote them out.


  • Mrs. T says:

    That’s what we say about y’all…

  • theo30 says:

    Everytime I think this police force can’t be more corrupt, they manage to lower the a little more.

    It’s long past time for the Governor and Attorney General to step in and appoint special investigators and interim chief and start over from scratch. The inherent corrupt atmosphere can only be eradicated by totally cleaning house and starting over.

  • Another guest says:

    Seriously though, isn’t this just the norm for the past 8 or so years with Leland PD? They tried promoting a chief from outside the agency, he got railroaded out by interoffice and town politics (aside from that, he DID have his own issues). Now they are on an internal hire for chief that most of the officers at the PD were excited about, wonder why? Why is the town manager making the comments and not the chief, does he have no control over there?

    Seems there needs to be a real house cleaning over there, but it is nearly impossible to do and maintain service.

  • portcity says:

    This isnt even news anymore just the norm for our reckless area law enforcement. Pretty sad…..

  • Renfield says:

    Public Avenger will spank you!

  • pathetic says:

    The law area here can’t clean up the streets or even the their own departments. Time for some major changes starting with those in charge.

  • guest45 says:

    Some things never change, was cruising up 17 this morning to Wilmington, running about the speedlimit, when lo and behold a plain crown vic blew by me running no less than 25 faster than me, only caught a glimpse of a head top, appeared female, but was so short it may have been on autopilot, but it was law enforcement vehicle, so why is an unmarked car with no lights on(obviously not on an emergency call) allowed to drive any speed they feel like and put the public in harms way, because they have no supervision, no accountability.

  • deputy25 says:

    Just clarifying a little known law. An officer en route to an EMERGENCY/ URGENT call doesn’t have to use emergency lights/ siren. It should be done anyway and should be any depts policy. Not taking the officers side at all. Just info for public. I agree that officers these days have holier than thou attitude. I would suspend/ fire not allow yo resign any officer for driving like a fool with or without lights/ siren on. No good if you don’t get there or hurt kill someone.officers should act their age and obey the laws and set the example!

  • mary t says:

    This isnt the 1st time i use to live there and i had Leland Police come to my home and told me i was going into my next door neighbors house wired, they wanted more info on a charge he was out on bail for.. I told Leland Police to be REAL MEN and do thier own jobs!!! 15 minutes later i had a warrent for my arrest on a misd. worthless check charge outta florida, i wouldnt sign the extradition papers and they got the Govenors Warrent on me..Brunswick County held me for the 90 day courtesey hold and on the 90th day the Govs Warrent came to me.. Crap will never change there, they crooked in Leland

  • I Care Why says:

    Wouldn’t have happened if you wouldn’t write hot checks.

  • don wrong says:

    You go Mr. Hollis, cleaning up Leland one bad cop at a time!

  • maryt says:

    yea it would of they would of trumped up fake charges.. i know and who are you to say .. have u been involved with LPD..???so bark up another tree lil one

  • maryt says:

    and besides it costed them way more than a 7.50 check.. get a life lil one you know nothing bout me so why comment on something u know nothing about.. jus to get a rise outta someone, well heres ur lesson.. keep ur nose to yaself.. and that was soooo many yrs ago im not ashamed of where i was or been.. im grateful where im at now tho… NEXT!!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    “keep ur nose to yaself” You’re the one that aired your dirty laundry in public. If you want others to keep their noses out of it, then don’t put it up under their noses.

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