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DURHAM, NC (AP) — North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory attributes the omission of Duke Energy shares he previously owned from his annual disclosure form to a misinterpretation by his attorney.

But McCrory says he was trying to be transparent by leaving off company shares and announcing their sale this spring.

The governor explained to reporters Thursday why he filed an update this week to his disclosure form.

The statement he filed in April left off Duke Energy shares he owned at the end of 2013. McCrory says his legal counsel misread the instructions. The governor says he has not broken any rules and was upfront about selling the shares.

He worked for Duke for nearly 30 years. His administration is now working on a coal ash cleanup plan at Duke plants.

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  • taxpayer

    He didn’t make millions Concerned. Maybe you should get your news from somewhere other than the Democrat party.

  • Concerned

    So…..let me see if I’m reading this correctly, Mccrory makes millions from shares of Duke Power but conveniently ” forgets” to inform his accountant so he avoids taxes in 2013. This from a guv that says he is going to “reform” this state. The same guv that is going to single-handedly lift up NC to a higher level of transparency than previous administrations. Something really stinks about this whole ordeal. I’m thinking a FULL investigation of mccrory is not only warranted but should be mandatory! The sooner the better. This smells of SCANDAL!!!!

  • Concerned

    Hey taxpayer you must be a blind and ignorant moron like all the other Mccrory supporters. It just kills you to admit he’s a loser! Ha ha ha all the way to the pen. This scandal is far from over. We’ll let it play out, then see who’s laughing. It just takes time.

  • 9743

    It seems like you’re saying it’s OK for McCrory to do what he does because Perdue did it, it’s OK because Easley did it, then if that’s the case McCrory is no different from them, he’s just as slimy and just as sleazy….the only difference is he has an “R” stuck behind his name.

  • taxpayer
  • SurfCityTom

    was it ok for Smiley to forget free flights, during her campaign, provided by her first husband’s law partner among others?

    was it ok for Easley to forget free flights during his 8 years in office and reward the pilot with a cushy State appointment? Was it ok for Easley to persuade some people @ NC State to give his wife a cushy, paying job?

  • Guestman.

    Why don’t we try to stay in the present for a little while.
    None of the people you mentioned are in office right now. It appears that the fox is guarding the henhouse with this governor.

  • Guest2020

    Some people need to get a clue. I understand what you are saying. I know you are not saying that it is okay for McCrory to do that because the others did it. You are calling this fella out for putting down McCrory but not the sleazy democrat governors.

  • bigalilu

    GOP = Greedy Old People

  • guestwhat

    He’s a liar, plan and simple.

  • Vog46

    “McCrory says his legal counsel misread the instructions.”

    Methinks Gov McLiar needs new legal counsel.
    Like ex-Gov Sleasley using the helicopter for “campaign trips” to Southport.

    ‘Tis all “nondenominational” political shenanigans…….


  • Guesttoo

    Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. Pat knew this was going to come to light so he jumped first and tried to paint himself as “transparent”. Yeah, as clear as the water in the Dan River.

    Did Pat sign the financial disclosure form attesting to it’s accuracy under penalty of law?

    He needs to name this totally incompetent lawyer so no one else uses him (or her) and gets jammed up. Should be pretty easy to spot…with the tracks from the bus tires on his back.

    Had high hopes when I voted for this man. Like many, I was fooled.


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