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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Get ready to see the Carolina Beach Boardwalk under construction.

The town council this week approved a contract for its Boardwalk Revitalization Project. They also hope to extend the Boardwalk north, but some folks are not happy about it.

Carolina Beach resident Mark Richard says he’s excited about the $1.6 million revitalization project, but that’s just the first half.

“To extend the boardwalk, it’s gonna interfere with the 76 people that live here full time,” Richard said of his condo complex along the boardwalk.

The second stage of the project has not been approved. It would include adding on to the boardwalk, Town Manager Michael Cramer says, eventually connecting the downtown business area to the marina.

“I think it’ll add a pedestrian flavor to the area that’s really been constrained up until now,” Cramer said.

Vacationer Al Wooldridge says an extension would be a great idea.

“I see commerce benefiting from it; probably would broaden the tax base for the city residents,” he said.

But he says because he’s a renter, it’s a different situation completely.

“My opinion doesn’t count as much as the local residents,” Woolridge said.

Residents like Richard, who’s not a fan of the extension.

“People could hop the boardwalk and have access to our condo unit,” Richard said.

Living on the first floor of the condo, Richard worries about safety and losing his view.

Project Manager Gary Haire says an extension would actually allow crews to rebuild dunes on the ocean side leaving it better than when they found it, but some visitors, like Debbie Little, are still skeptical. She said she would not stay there if the boardwalk was right in front.

The project should take around five months. Construction should start after Labor Day.

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  • Cathy Lane

    ” . . .some visitors, like Debbie Little, are still skeptical. She said she would not stay there if the boardwalk was right in front.” Tourist attraction? There you have it, a tourist that says she would not stay in a property where the view was blocked/interfered with by the boardwalk. This is who you are trying to attract. Obviously, your plan has flaws.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    The boardwalk revitalization AND extension is a well designed and thought out plan and will be a major improvement to Carolina Beach. The extension will allow much easier access for the handicapped and elderly.
    With ANY project, no matter how well designed, well planned and well executed, you’re always going to have those that just don’t want it to happen. People hate change of any kind. This boardwalk extension is a very positive improvement and is a giant facelift for Carolina Beach. While I understand the condo owners concerns, they aren’t realistic and are very self-centered. Nothing will block anyone’s “view”, “access” or “trash their yards”. As a matter of fact, having something nice and new may just inspire them the clean that complex up, spread a little fresh paint and get some of that messy junk off their balconies.

    The bottom line is that Carolina Beach is cleaning up and clearing out the rubbish. Its becoming more and more popular. The trashy bars are disappearing, the junky 1960’s trailers are going away and it’s turning into a very nice, family friendly vacation spot. I say “Keep up the good work and continue to move forward!”

  • disgusted

    It just doesn’t get any more elitist and less empathic than that. Looks like, as long as you get what you want, anyone opposed, even if someone is forcing a boardwalk into their back yard, can go screw themselves. and then you actually had the nerve to call others self-centered? Wow.

    Willard Killough III, Managing Editor of the “Island Gazette”; a person infinitely more plugged into the island than yourself, disagrees. While you resort to calling those effected unrealistic and self-centered, Willard actually explains his position point by point. I’ll take his reasoned opinion over your arrogant elitism every time.

    Link to Willard’s editorial : http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/opinion/opinion-section/editorials/22373-editorial-boardwalk-extension-variance


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