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Dad says son needs taste of jail, won't bail him out


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A man Wilmington Police say almost ran over two officer early yesterday morning will stay in jail for the time being, because his dad will not bail him out.

Pierce Lee Gaddy is charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer. Investigators say there may more charges filed.

A judge today raised Gaddy's bond from $35,000 to $100,000, but the judge said it did not matter in the long run, because Gaddy's father said he had no plans to post his son's bond until next week so the 26-year-old could get a taste of jail.

Police in Benson took Gaddy into custody yesterday afternoon hours after WPD says Gaddy almost hit two officers as he sped out of a hotel parking lot after officers tried to confront him about allegedly trying to open car doors.

Police brought Gaddy back to Wilmington last night, where detectives arrested him.

During his first appearance this afternoon, the judge said Gaddy had no criminal record until now.

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I find it SO funny that

I find it SO funny that Gaddy called his daddy. You're TWENTY-SIX years old dude - grow up!

he is lucky

He is lucky to be white or else the Police would have finished him off. If selling untaxed cigarettes/shoplifting cigars is punishable by death, I am sure checking car doors would qualify.

You're just like every other

You're just like every other moron who jumps to conclusions. It's all about race these days. How about until the true facts come out we all keep ours mouths shut. Oh, and before you respond to this, I am African-American too.


you sound like Al Sharpton. race baiter shake down artist. How do you know what happened in Ferguson Mo.? Were you there? were you in that police car? If that store owner had shot that boy while he was being robbed and assaulted would that have made it ok?

I guess it is ok to rob, loot and burn other businesses and put them out of business and do this to people who had no involvement in this matter.

If this cop killed this kid wrongfully he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent and sent to prison.

hey Barry

How about throwing out Rush Limbaugh into the mix. I think a hate baiter is about as low as they come. You want to point fingers at minority commentators take a look at some of the others.

Barry, Barry, Barry... If

Barry, Barry, Barry... If this cop killed this kid wrongfully he should be executed in town square. He took an oath to protect and serve. He was not Judge/Jury/Executioner....wait, maybe he was...but he shouldn't have been.... And to think, this p.o.s. is out an "paid administrative leave"! meaning tax payers are still paying for this murderer to take his family to a nice safe place. Unreal.

Danimal, Danimal. Danimal,,,

Why don't we see what the investigation reveals before the switch is pulled. As of tonight, I don't think the jury is in on this one.

It is called due process.

The taxpayers pay for

The taxpayers pay for CONVICTED murderers to sit on death row and file appeal after appeal after appeal, no matter how clear the evidence is that they are guilty. It is standard for a police officer to be on paid leave during the investigation of a shooting. He is innocent until proven guilty. Given the situation in Ferguson, can you really blame him for getting his family to safety?

Here is something you need to think about. Even if the police officer was wrong in shooting the thief, what he did, he did in a split second decision without premeditation. Can you say as much for the violent offenders out there looting and destroying those businesses? The incident that happened involving the police officer is not a valid excuse for the nonsense that is going on in Ferguson. Even if he wasn't justified in shooting that thief, there is no justification for what all those thugs are doing to that town. They are acting as judge, jury and executioner. The shame of it is that even if the officer is guilty of wrongdoing, those thugs are punishing the wrong people.

If, and should have

Danimal, When you have to use "if","should have" and "p.o.s" in your argument, you lose it automatically.

You sound just like "Danimals" in Ferguson that are jumping to conclusions as their excuse to loot, rob, pillage and party in the streets.

YOU are now playing "Judge/Jury/Executioner". Doesn't that make you the very same thing that you are accusing this cop of being, and before ALL of the facts come out?

If is the biggest little word in the dictionary. Should have is hind sight and "p.o.s." just shows your own ignorance.


Danimal must condone the looting and the burning of people's property who are innocent bystanders in all of this. Like I have said, let the investigation play out. Now you have protesters shooting one another. Who should investigate that Danimal?

By the time he's out...

...Ol' Chubby here will taste more than jail!

Why get him out?

Dad should leave him there until he goes to court. Get him out now, you will be getting him out the rest of his life. You are not teaching him a thing except that he gets in trouble, call Dad, he gets him out.

The dad is doing the right

The dad is doing the right thing.


Pillsbury lost their mascot.

Good for his Dad...probably

Good for his Dad...probably tired of all the trouble his kid has brought to the house....


Nothing more than an overweight punk.