New Hanover ranks in top 5 NC dangerous counties

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Submitted: Sat, 08/16/2014 - 3:11am
Updated: Sat, 08/16/2014 - 3:40am

NEW HANOVER, NC (WWAY)– Drivers watch out!

New hanover county ranks as the second most dangerous county in the state for crash. That’s according to a new study from AAA.

New Hanover county also landed in the number three spot for best chance to be in an accident that causes injury.

We hit the streets asking drivers what they think of the stats.


  • Anne says:

    I moved here in December 2013 from a rural part of SC. I had just paid my car off but after two months of driving here, I refused to take collision off my car insurance. I have never seen people fly so fast to get one car ahead and then meet them at the next red light. I’m an older driver and have no points against my license. I will ride in the right lane even if I want to go a little faster when I know I will soon be turning right. Not others. They will fly by in the left lane and then demand someone in the right let them over when they are ready to turn. It’s insane. I was rear ended over a year ago by a driver who wasn’t even looking at the stopped traffic in front of her and now I am very timid about people pulling up on my rear…if I can’t see your headlights in my mirror, you are too close! Keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you is was kept me from hitting the car in front of me when that chick barreled into me at 40 miles per hour.

  • lulz says:

    Just maybe, it’s because of so many people moving here from out of town. I’ve lived here all of my life, and it’s very rare that I meet someone that was born and raised here. The majority of responses I receive from people I meet is, “I just moved here about two years ago.”

  • Eric smith says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one with those same views. Hope your the Guy sitting behind me in traffic next week.

  • Vog46 says:

    A drunk and disorderly kicks out the windows of a LE car. Much to the entertainment of others there.
    Kenan fountain hit multiple times by people leaving down town.
    Bill Rabon does a hit and run after leaving a bar right after the film rally.

    Does any one else see a possible correlation here?
    Never mind the fact that we tend to drive fast ’round here……


  • taxpayer says:

    there’s any correlation between dangerous highways and the number of illegals in a county.

  • theo30 says:

    I grew up in NoVa outside of DC. The drivers here are fine. You should drive in the DCMetro for a day, it would make you appreciate our drivers. Here they are slow to react, slow to travel and generally plodding along.

    It’s funny to read the perspectives of folks who come from slower paced locales. I hate going back home to DC because driving is such a rodeo, and I’ve spent years getting used to “less urgent” drivers.

    Drivers here do something discourteous every now and then. Up there you not only have to anticipate it every second, it happens with equal frequency. Fun to read though.

    I think Wilmie’s traffic is fine.

  • Terry Bragg 410 says:

    I have absolutely no idea how we get county, city and law enforcement to deal with this problem. With the accident rates, number of deaths and negative publicity you would think we would get leadership to respond. There seems to be funding for new police cars, new technologies, etc. however every day we lose more to traffic than any other cause. I live downtown and the speeders, speeding buses and lack of enforcement have become the norm. I expect traffic but there is no excuse for 50 in a 25 mile speed zone. I will vote for enforcement , signage, bike lanes but not bicycle paths through the woods.

  • StreetSmartz says:

    Terry, I live in the heart of downtown. Part of the problem is the fact that we have sourced out what used to be city/county enforcement to systems like Park Wilmington or whoever is doing (or not doing) the parking enforcement. We’ve sold that 24 hour enforcement to a business which only works until roughly 630pm. If you live downtown, as soon as 630pm hits, there are cars parking anywhere along the street whether there is a lined parking space or not. There are cars parking in loading zones that aren’t doing anything, but sitting there while their owners are working inside the businesses around them (like at Mugsy’s or Dirty Harry’s) Also, as in the case of outside Dirty Harry’s, you will constantly see cars parked blocking the fire hydrant outside their window. When we start giving the duty to private businesses that don’t enforce after a certain period of time, people who frequent the area tend to notice and start to take advantage of the situation. Like I said, I live downtown and I try to defend it as much as I can, but the fact remains the police presence downtown would rather stand around and yell at someone who has a dog than actually walk the street and get write tickets. That’s why you can see most of the officers (both NHC and City) huddled around each other just being muscle trying to intimidate than walk some of the pounds from their waist and make the city some money. As far as speeders, I’d love to see them crack down on the people running the red lights and speeding on side streets between Water and 3rd Street. I’ve almost been hit three times this year crossing at the intersections (with the right of way) as creeps are speeding down the road forgetting there are traffic lights until it is almost too late. (I’d also vote for making downtown a no U-TURN area.) People are just as bad making U-turns into oncoming traffic just so they don’t have to go around the block. Of course, most of these people are the cab drivers who also make u-turns in the intersection to make the three other lanes stop all flow of traffic while they head back the way they just came. Anyway, just wanted to say that I agree. :)

  • new hanover county citizen says:

    Terry, it isn’t just an enforcement problem. The individual DRIVER must do their part to abide by speed and traffic laws. We live in a town where college kids, retired seniors, and others have to share the same roads. Each group has different driving issues. If the drivers were more careful, the problem would drastically reduce the wrecks. Deputies and City officers can’t be everywhere at all times. The citizen to patrol officer ratio makes it impossible to follow every speeder in town. They do the best they can. I do agree there is much waste in government, but officers need cars that aren’t breaking down in order to do their jobs. Do you know how many miles a patrol car has put on them everyday? I can assure you it’s hundreds because they are out there patrolling, doing the very thing they need to be doing. As a result, the cars wear out quicker than a family car, making it necessary to be replaced quicker. When repair cost from high mileage cost the taxpayers an excessive amount, then sometimes a new vehicle is the answer. I feel there is too little respect/courtesy shown by some drivers to others, with little concern for the safety of themselves or others. You can’t legislate or buy driving ethics. Each driver must do their part to ensure safety.

  • Guest2020 says:

    People complain when the police are harassing speeders. After all, they should be concentrating on real crime. People complain when nothing gets done about speeding. The police cannot win in this argument. They are darned if they do and darned if they don’t.

    There are probably spots in Wilmington that if the police sat there all day long, they could write enough tickets to solve all of Wilmington’s financial woes. It’s like that in North Myrtle Beach during tourist season. I know of three spots on my normal route that the police can write a lot of tickets. I never even see them in those areas. But they will sit in the turn lanes at 2:00 in the morning with their lights off, but I have never seen speeders there during that time.

  • suspicious 1 says:

    To make things safer for drivers would take too much money away from the bars and other alcohol outlets, as well as the cell phone companies. Big business profits will always trump public safety.

  • Anna says:

    I feel the same, I to was born and raised here and I think there is to many people here. the majority are moving here from out of town.

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