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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Downtown crime continues to decrease.

Wilmington’s police chief says over the past few years they have seen a 68 percent decline.

Chief Ralph Evangelous credits that to the city’s ABC Review Policy. A committee decides whether existing alcohol licenses can continue for businesses that apply. Evangelous says they have successfully gotten rid of the problems bars.

“That has had kind of a cause and effect,” Evangelous said. “A lot of our proprietors down there are more responsible, and they’re running good businesses. They work well with us. We work well with them. I just think it’s a good environment right now.”

City Council will discuss whether to keep the ABC policy at their next meeting in September.

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1 Comment on "WPD credits ABC Review Policy for drop in downtown crime"

Renee Dunn
2015 years 10 months ago

The WPD want us to believe crime is Down in Wilmington Please let me tell you my story about crime being down. Lets talk about the crime in the WPD office.In piticuar there handeling of an informant Shelby Reid Lentz also a Gang Member now the proud owner of a tear drop Tattoo. DO the good citizens of Wilminington know what this means in the Gang World. Mr Lentz is proud of taking the life of my son.While in custody he was initiated higher in the gang he is associated with.On 12/16/13 WPD caught Mr Lentz With 1.4 grams of MDMA 1/2 to 1 oz of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, When the WPD caught MR Lentz and called in his ID not License he had a out standing warrent for credit card fraud (FELONY) took him to station questioned him and took him back to my sons CAR which my son had no ideal he was driving because he was working in Washington DC Then Gave him back my sons keys which I am sure they called in the tag and knew he did not own.My son worked out of town and only came home on weekends 2 weekends in a row he called WPD to have MR Lentz removed from his home .Then we were off for Christmas.My Husband and son went back to Washington DC with our crew of men came home on 1/3/14 and was Murdered MR Lentz has a 17 page police record he is 19 years old many were FELONIES dropped to misdemeanors by the DA of New Hanover and Pender county 1 in particular stands out in my mind the assault on a handicapped person I have asked many questions about this and have been told this was a autistic CHILD.Mr Lentz’s record is public anyone can access it Shelby Reid Lentz DOB 12/26/94 white male.In the month of July the DA dropped a Felony charge on Mr Lentz for credi card fraud which His Grandmother accused him of I was told that she changed her mind after he murdered my son. MY question to you MR Ben David did you arrest her for filing a false police report, that is a crime.To this news station the DA,WPD and he citizens of Pender county New Hanover County and Wilmington I say on September 2 in court room 403 MR Selby Reid Lentz is suppose to be tried for a FELONY I was told this to would be dropped also by the DAs office. We all will see what happens now. I was told keep quit. Dont talk to the press.I did what I was Told,Not anymore I AM THE VOICE OF MY CHILD I WILL BE HEARD.DETECTIVE LONNIE WADDELL OFFICER BRITTANY WADDELL WHY DID’NT YOU LOCK HIM UP ON 12/16/13? To your supervisors Baughman Why won’t
you return my calls Cadet Hutchin’s you told me you have been hand delivering my messages are you lying? To all of you I am taking notes.


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