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By Gareth McGrath

The NC House defeated on Tuesday a bill that would have provided incentives to lure Continental Tire to Brunswick County, leaving the fate of the project up in the air.

Continental Tire wants to come to Brunswick County, and local officials certainly want the more than 1,000 jobs the company would bring to the economically-struggling northwest corner of the county.

But whether the German company – which was named for the first time on the N.C. House floor Tuesday, previously having gone by the moniker “Project Diamond” – sets up shop at the Mid-Atlantic Industrial Rail Park on US 74-76 near the Brunswick-Columbus county line remains tied up in Raleigh.

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  • Mr.T

    Lets get together for sake of jobs in Wilmington. I’ll go for my family getting a high paying manufacturing position and yours can stay with changing beds at a local motel, you idiot!

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Someone doesn’t want your part of the world to have progress…like cutting out film. Maybe if you are all lucky…they will increase your taxes and insurance rates. That would at least be something making progress.

  • beach guy

    DUH! to you all over reactive mud slinging posters!
    They turned down the incentive bill the first one this does not mean the deal is dead just that the house did not like what the foreign company was offering.
    Remember folks the profits from this company will go to Germany so you have to be careful of how much and what kind of incentive is offered, so RDR and MT Please stop using every decision the state makes as your next anti republican sounding drum at least until the facts are known it makes you look petty and uninformed and mostly desperate to bend the facts to suit your ideology.
    The only poster with a legitimate question was SCT and he is right South Carolina could not cut a deal with these guys either, Maybe the deal they are offering is no deal at all.
    If we all want true Change we need to work towards common goals that we can agree upon and debate the others in a reasonable and logical manner and be honest with ourselves as to our party affiliation.
    Are we mimics for the machine or free thinking individuals?

  • beach here

    we dont need that company here get a life go to tenn or some other place u be welcome you not wanted in nc

  • guesty

    Get one.

  • Mr.T

    At least I hope that’s the outcome for Republicans. This is the third time that Republicans have blocked projects that would have secured up to 3600 good paying jobs with excellent benefits for our local workers. The loss to the local economy is $150,000,000.00 per year in saleries. The investment by these companies was to be in the hundreds of millions. The tax base loss to Brunswick County exceeds a billion dollars. Why haven’t Iler and Rabon and other leaders in Southeast NC gone to their local election board and changed parties? In fact why don’t all reasonable, moderate Republicans change parties.
    Republicans are taking NC in a backward direction and causing NC to become the laughing stock of the South if not the entire country.

    Democrats, Independents and Moderate Republicans must get together.

  • v

    They got a second chance to get it recently.

  • SurfCityTom

    didn’nt the project go to SC in 2012?

    did that deal fall through?

  • Guest7969

    The government needs to stay OUT of the incentives business. First, government shouldn’t be propping up certain businesses. Second, corporate taxes are nothing but hidden double taxation on citizens. Corporations DON’T PAY TAXES, consumers do! Do away with corporate taxes…and businesses will come.

  • guest45

    What the House and everybody else better be concentrating on is a way to keep the citizens of Brunswick County living there, sure the rich Yankees can come here and afford it, and so can most of the other misfits, namely the contractors, plumbers, and etc that were not capable of doing a good enough job to stay where they were from, someday even they will run out of people to bushwhack and that’s when the hiccup will start.

  • v

    Wow. Red carpet for the movie industry. Real jobs get the axe by politician’s. Guess nobody wants to get the autograph of a tire exec.

  • A real GOPer

    I can’t belief my party. The dems run off the jobs with higher taxes but when mcrory does what Perdue sure couldn’t our own party fails us. We are the jobs party. Sure lets get rid of corporate taxes but when other states are offering incentives we are going to have to do the same. I know it is extortion but it is the game now. If we don’t play we lose the jobs that people who actually work for a living need.

  • Mr. T

    Your post was well pointed. I appreciate your candor and I couldn’t agree more. Contrary to what most readers think, I have many friends that are Republican and those in the extreme corner suffer from my wrath. However most of my friends that are Republican are moderate and sensible people.I find myself confused by the extreme element of your party. They scream the loudest when we offer medicare-medicaid-and social services to the unemployed and then turn around and support us losing great job opportunities. Consider a change in party. The extremist are ruining your Grand Old Party.


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