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Lee to take oath of office for NC Senate


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County's new state senator will be sworn in to office Tuesday.

Michael Lee will take the oath of office to serve in the 9th District NC Senate seat during a ceremony at 1:30 p.m. at Wilmington City Council Chambers. Court of Appeals Justice Bob Hunter will administer the oath.

"I am excited to represent the great people of this county over the coming months and will fight for the causes that I believe in: protecting the film incentive, reforming our education system, and promoting pro-growth economic policies," Lee said in a statement. "I also look forward to the campaign this fall where I hope to earn the trust and confidence of the voters in November."

Lee, a Republican is running against Democrat Elizabeth Redenbaugh for the seat in November.

Lee takes office to replace Sen. Thom Goolsby, who recently resigned. Goolsby had announced early this year he would not seek a third term. The New Hanover County Republican Party Executive Committee nominated Lee to fill the seat last week.

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Lee is a DIsaster

Part of the vulgar and vile old guard- do we really want to go back to the old crowd that has created a slime ball atmosphere of politics in our area- Lee is a part of that culture- I may not be thrilled with the democrat- but in this case this tactic says it all- we rejected Weasel White- lets do the same with Sleazy Lee!


Plans like these do not always work...........I recall that Woody White was appointed to the same seat only to have Julia Boseman defeat him in the election. The people will decide who represents them and I hope there is a large turnout to make the decision.


I look at Lee with total disgust! I will work hard to defeat him in Nov.

That's going to take a lot more than hard work!

You need a viable candidate with proven credentials instead of a side-lipped naysayer that has never accomplished anything to prove she has the makings of an effective Senator. Redenbaugh doesn't have a snowballs chance in a hot tub of winning that seat.

It needs to be remembered

that Redenbaugh courted the New Hanover GOP's support and vote when she ran for School Board in 2008. She spoke before the executive committee, joined the Lower Cape Fear Republican Women's Club and aggressively campaigned for the seat which she easily won. At the time she was solid GOP and for neighborhood schools.

As soon as she was elected she accused her fellow School Board members of racism, was appalled at a newspaper column by Walter E. Williams, a black economics professor at George Mason University and then switched to the democrat party. Poor Ms. Redenbaugh didn't realize that Walter Williams was black when she pitched her hissy fit. Now she spouts tired old democrat talking points. Who is the real Redenbaugh?

To my knowledge Michael Lee is a "what you see is what you get" candidate. Good luck to him!

And we will work even harder

And we will work even harder to keep a good sensible man in office. Good Luck.

and to you as well

And good luck to you as well.