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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — A North Carolina judge is hearing arguments on whether it’s constitutional for tax money to be used to pay for tuition at private or religious schools. Wake County Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood hears arguments on the issue on Tuesday.

Taxpayer and teachers groups as well as many of the state’s 115 school boards are challenging whether the state can spend public money on K-12 tuition at private or religious schools.

Hobgood blocked the state voucher program in February until there could be a trial on the issue.

But the state Supreme Court reversed him in May and the first $730,000 in tuition money for more than 360 students is expected to be released on Tuesday.

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  • Heimie Schmelter

    YOUR tax money is being used to send YOUR kids to public school. They are giving vouchers that are only a small percentage of what the “rich people” (as you call them) pay in taxes BACK to them so they can use it for private education of THEIR children. If THEIR children aren’t in the public school system, why should they pay those taxes. Why don’t people that DO NOT have children get vouchers?

    You didn’t do so well in 3rd grade math did you? That may have a little something to do with that problem you have of not being able to afford putting food on the table.

  • Frustrated

    So, they are taking my tax money and giving it to rich people so they can send their kids to private school, and we can’t even afford to put food on the table. What could be wrong with that?

  • beach guy

    The tax money the private schools are getting is from tax money the state already takes. They are simply taking the number of students enrolled in private schools and multiplying by how much the public school systems get for each enrolled student and instead of the public school getting the money the private school gets it.
    Anyone can choose to enroll their child in private or Charter schools in fact some schools have a majority of underprivileged kids enrolled
    The squawking sound that is coming from the public education crowd is not about education it is about money (yours and mine) and who gets to spend it.
    You are paying for “rich peoples kids” going to school any way you look at it.
    But those mean old rich people pay taxes too so I guess the least we can do is treat them the same as we do everyone else.

  • guest45

    No frustrated, obviously you are lacking some reading or comprehension skills, this was not an act for the rich people or the poor people, it applied to everybody, that is what the Republican party is all about, they give everybody a chance, now what you are upset about is they did not provide a “FREE” way to send your kid’s to school, what it does is provide a way to send kid’s to school if “parents” are willing to work a little harder to help provide for their kids to get a good education, now if you are not willing to help your kids get an education, then neither am I, $7500. a year per child for education is more than enough for me to foot the bill for, seeing how I don’t have any kids, why should I pay for yours?

  • stephen kendall

    The poor people can also do the same. The state sent me info on the system and I am very poor. So poor that I can not afford the very small cost of sending my son, even with the state’s free voucher. We depend on a school bus coming to the house to pick up our son. It is ok. One day, we hope to home school our children anyway, so that they will get a better education (despite our poverty, both my wife and myself have a decent college education and give our children an outstanding chance at learning). I look forward to the day when I can provide excellent educational opportunities for my children. It would be fantastic to teach them and explore the world together. Have a great day.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    With the degrading shape of the public school system and role-changing going from teacher to babysitter, those responsible parents that are intent on a good education for their children should be able to use vouchers in private and religious institutions!

  • Guest2020

    You would think that public school teachers would be in favor of this, after all of the complaining they have done about overcrowded classrooms. You would also think that they would realize that if the public schools were doing a good job of educating our kids, then parents would be less likely to want to send their kids to a private or charter school.

  • WhooptyDoo

    Sometimes you make valid points and sometimes, like the rest of us, you don’t. The one thread that seems to run through your posts, regardless of whether you’re right or wrong, is that you so often reserve the last of your paragraphs to gratuitously insult someone.

    What is your problem? Is it really necessary to pleasure yourself by insulting others?

    If you’re experiencing some deep seated issues as a result of others picking on you, why don’t you just resolve them with a shrink instead of lashing out at everybody else?

    Your crap is getting really old.

  • Tim

    Providing vouchers for parents is one of the most noted educational reforms enacted by the legislature last year. It saves the state money and provides choice for parents in selecting their student’s schools. This reform was long overdue and I applaud the Republican legislature for giving parents this option. The Democrats controlled our failing schools for far too long. It’s good to see some changes coming. Let’s hope we see more!

  • Rusty

    We have no children.. can I get a voucher for cash back?

  • concerned

    Well actually I do not think anyone has a real grasp of this. It is for amilies below the poverty level this year and next year it will extend income limits, however it is certainly not available for every child. For a family of 3 next year you income level must be below approx 48,000. I have an issue with this because “us middle class” people still cannot to afford to pay for our kids to go to private school because we are to busy breaking our backs to pay taxes to support everyone else. It is just outrageous that this is not an equal opportunity for all children. Why are mine being discrimated against becuase I chose to get an education and go to work everyday? My husband did not go to college but works hard and has moved up the “ladder” by being a dedicated employee. I do not have issues with the program if it is offered for everyone. Again the middle class is being left behind. Do you not see what we are doing to our country. They no longer want a middle class just upper and lower so the upper can continue to control everyone. Wake up people..we talk about equal rights for everyone but then we give to some and not all.


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