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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Lightning is likely to blame for flames that sparked at a St. James Plantation home late last night, according to the fire marshal leading the investigation.

Brunswick County Fire Marshal Scott Garner says the fire started around 10:45 p.m. at the home at 4420 Midshipman Court, which is inside the gated community there. Dispatchers say the initial call came from a neighbor, who they say reported seeing a lightning strike just before flames started coming from the attic.

Garner says when firefighters first got to the scene, they spotted smoke coming from the roof. Dispatchers say several fire crews responded to the scene, including St. James, Sunny Point, Southport, Bolivia, and Oak Island fire departments.

Dispatchers say no one was hurt in the fire, and investigators do not believe anyone was home when the flames started. Garner says though it appears that lightning caused the fire, crews will be further investigating throughout the day today. He also says the home is likely a total loss.

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  • tseug

    You would have thought that all those smart powerful people in St. James would have made lightening strikes part of the “do nots” in the list of covenants there.

  • Mechanic

    They probably tried. One thing they did, in fact do, they tried to get Lowe’s Foods to open one day exclusively for them and not let anyone other than St. James residents shop there during certain hours of this day. I used to work there @ St. James.

  • Southport

    Let me ask again. If this rumor has been “verified”, what is the person’s name? Hearing and repeating rumors isn’t verification.

  • John

    Finally, someone who used to work in St. James and knows who asked Lowe’s to stay open one day just for them. Tell us the person’s name to end this rumor once for all! If you don’t know the person’s name, why are you spreading such a nasty rumor.

  • Guest2020

    I used to work at St. James and that rumor was verified numerous times. I even heard it from someone who worked in the POA office as well as a former homeowner.

  • Guest2020

    Like I am going to name the employee and get him/her in trouble. The homeowner who verified it to me is now dead. That doesn’t make it any less true. The attitudes of a majority of the people out there also give credence to stories like this.

  • Mr. T

    It seems that every time we go Yankee Bashing on this blog we end up on St. James Dr. We rarely see comments negative to Landfall, Brunswick Forrest, Ocean Ridge, or the many Myrtle Beach developments. Maybe someone can explain this phenom. My mother always told me ” Where there is smoke there is Fire”. Could it be that the St. James Marketing plan included every sewer in the the North East.

  • lynnie

    I guess some of these people from the northeast sewers are good enough to volunteer in your schools, hopital, community college, give scholarships to your students and help build in your community with Habitat for Humanity but still don’t get respect? One person is not “all” people!

  • Guest2020

    The attitude is not limited to one person. If that was the case there would be no discussion at all about this. The attitude does not extend to all of the people there, but almost all of the people I encountered there had the attitude that they were better than everyone else and didn’t want to have to be in the presence of us serfs. That attitude is the main reason that people don’t like St. James.


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